Reminiscences of an Octogenarian of the City of New York (1816 to 1860)

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Harper & Brothers, 1896 - 581 pagine

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Pagina 311 - Thy holy cities are a wilderness, Zion is a wilderness, Jerusalem a desolation. Our holy and our beautiful house, where our fathers praised thee, is burned up with fire: and all our pleasant things are laid waste.
Pagina 360 - We have repeatedly said, and we once more insist, that the great principle embodied by Jefferson in the Declaration of American Independence, that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, is sound and just; and that if the slave States, the cotton States, or the gulf States only, choose to form an independent nation THEY HAVE A CLEAR MORAL RIGHT TO DO so.
Pagina 361 - The Tribune," as its name imports, will labor to advance the interests of the People, and to promote their Moral, Social and Political well-being. The immoral and degrading Police Reports, Advertisements and other matter which have been allowed to disgrace the columns of our leading Penny Papers will be carefully excluded from this, and no exertion spared to render it worthy of the hearty approval of the virtuous and refined, and a welcome visitant at the family fireside.
Pagina 360 - Southern people have become conclusively alienated from the Union, and anxious to escape from it, WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO FORWARD THEIR VIEWS.
Pagina 134 - ... interment being abandoned in favor of a new plot of ground bought for the purpose, bounded by Fortieth and Forty-second Streets, Fifth and Sixth avenues— now occupied by the Reservoir and Bryant Park. This plot, containing 128 building lots, was purchased for $8,449. In the matter of public groups, the necessities of the poor have greatly ministered to the advantage of their more fortunate brethren; Washington Square, Union Square, Madison Square, and Bryant Park, all owing their existence...
Pagina 388 - A Card: The widow, brother, and nephew Lorenzo, of the late much respected John Delmonico, tender their heartfelt thanks to the friends, Benevolent societies, and Northern Liberty Fire Engine Company, who accompanied his remains to his last home. The establishment will be reopened to-day, under the same firm of Delmonico Brothers, and no pains of the bereft family will be spared to give general satisfaction. Restaurant, bar-room, and private dinners, No. 2 South William Street; furnished rooms No....
Pagina 14 - ... little squads and take their ices between the acts. In front of the stage is a beautiful fountain which plays when the performers do not. The whole of this large area is surmounted by circular benches above and below, from every point of which the view is enchanting.
Pagina 354 - Clambering to the mephitic fourth tier, we watched, as long as untrained lungs could last in that atmosphere, the crowd of rough youth there compacted. Plenty of native sharpness was noticeable in speech and looks among those skyward seats, which doubtless contained also much native good, some of which would work itself clear in time and do something of account in the world; but the main expression of that crowd was of nursing vulgarity and vice, with an indescribable air of sordid ignorance and...
Pagina 263 - ... directions, the hair on the back of his head clipped close, while in front the temple locks were curled and greased ... a smooth face, a gaudy silk neckcloth, black frock-coat, full pantaloons, turned up at the bottom over heavy boots designed for service in slaughterhouses and at fires; and when thus equipped, with his girl hanging on his arm, it would have been very injudicious to offer him any obstruction or to utter an offensive remark.
Pagina 439 - negro songs " were sent out almost daily from the publishers' presses and were sung all over the land. I do not know whether Stephen C. Foster had yet begun to write his songs, but many of those then issued were of singular sweetness, and the use of them was almost universal. Households that had amused themselves with singing English opera (which had been greatly in fashion) and English glees and part-songs, turned to the new melodies. Besides the original compositions, a crowd of parodies appeared:...

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