The History of England, from the Earliest Period, to the Close of the Year 1812. ... With an Appendix; Being a Continuation to the Treaty of Paris. By an American Gentleman, Volume 1

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West & Richardson, 1815
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Pagina 386 - ... worsted, and general fraser was killed ; and the American generals, Lincoln and Arnold, were wounded. Burgoyne, after having made ineffectual attempts to retreat, finding his provisions nearly exhausted, his troops worn down with incessant toil, and his situation becoming every hour more critical, called a council of war, in which it was unanimously resolved to...
Pagina 83 - Of the Anglo-Saxon husbandry we may remark, that Domesday Survey gives us some indications that the cultivation of the church lands was much superior to that of any other order of society. They have much less wood upon them, and less common of pasture; and what they had appears often in smaller and more irregular pieces; while their meadow was more abundant, and in more numerous distributions.
Pagina 147 - These purposes he executed the moment he landed, notwithstanding the intreaties of the young king, who sent messengers to request him to forbear. Shortly afterwards, he solemnly excommunicated two of the king's immediate servants, as though determined to show...
Pagina 414 - This unexpected assault threw hit forces into such confusion, that in less than half an hour they were routed, and he himself was slain valiantly fighting hand to hand with his enemies. His second son, the Earl of Rutland, who was only twelve years of age, flying from the sanguinary scene...
Pagina 15 - Men claim for the ideal an actual existence also, but do not often expand the actual into the ideal. " If you do not believe me, go into Bretagne, and mention in the streets and villages that Arthur is really dead like other men. You will not escape with impunity. You will be either hooted with the curses of your hearers, or stoned to death.
Pagina 3 - In primis hoc volunt persuadere, non interire animas, sed ab aliis post mortem transire ad alios, atque hoc maxime ad virtutem excitari putant, metu mortis neglecto.
Pagina 352 - CnAF. 3. No servant shall depart from one hundred to another •without a testimonial under the King's seal, on pain of being set in the stocks.
Pagina 362 - Now, if it please God, I will help you to govern them better in future." "Fair cousin," replied the abject King, "since it pleaseth you, it pleaseth me mightily.
Pagina 276 - Jerusalem, with 30,0007. sterling, which he had provided for the support of the holy sepulchre.
Pagina 77 - ... and hanging." Nations not civilized have barbarous punishments. CHAPTER IX. The Trial by Jury. In considering the origin of the happy and wise institution of the ENGLISH JURY, which has contributed so much to the excellence of our national character, and to the support of our constitutional liberty, it is impossible not to feel considerable diffidence and difficulty. It is painful to decide upon a subject on which great men have previously differed. It is peculiarly desirable to trace...

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