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Και μοι δοκει μεγισην θεον τους ανθρωποις η φυσις αποδειξαν

την ΑΛΗΘΕΙΑΝ, και μεγισης αυτη προσθειναι δυναμιν.
παντων γουν αυτην καταγωνιζομενων, ενιοτε δε και σα-
σων των πιθανοτητων μετα του ψευδους τατήoμενων, ουκ
οι δ' δσως αυτη δι' αυτης εις τας ψυχας εισδυεται των
ανθρωπων και ποτέ μεν παραχρήμα δείκνυσι την αυτης
δυναμιν, ποτε δε πολυν χρονον επισκοτισθεισα, τελG».
αυτη δι' εαυτής επικρατει και καταγωνιζεται το ψευ.

Polybius, p. 973. Edit. Hanov. 1619.

Printed for T. BECKET and P. A. DE HONDT, in the

Strand; and J. JoHNSON and B. DAVENPORT,
No. 8, Pater-nofter Row. MDCCLXVII.

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HÉ greatest DivinITY, in my opinion

which NATURE ever discovered to mortals is Truth; and she appears to be endowed with the greatest power.

For notwithstanding all combine to overwhelm her, and every art and artifice are employed on the side of errour, to effect this conquest, yet I know not how it is that by her own native force, through all these difficulties, she makes her way into the human mind and sometimes she immediately displays her omnipotence, sometimes after having been enveloped in darkness for a long time, she at last, by her esfential energy bursts forth, surmounts every opposition, and triumphs over errour.

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P R E F A C E.

Deliver this work to the world with a

mind deeply penetrated with a conscious sense of human fallibility and imperfection. I can only say, it was fincerely intended to do good, that for this the application of some years hath been expended upon it, and that I have had nothing for my object, but the promotion of truth, liberty and righteoulness. The AGE, in which we live, is in a very eminent manner propitious to the study of Religion and Literature. The present Bishops and DIGNITARIES of the church of England are the distinguished patrons and ornaments of this facred CAUSE, and several of them have immortalized their names by learned and elaborate defences of our divine religion. The two UNIVERSITIES of Oxford and Cambridge are adorned with perfons who are not more illustrious for their fuperior knowledge and erudition, than they are for their amiable candour and moderation. The several UNIVERSITIES in Scotland can boast of gentlemen of the first distinction A 2


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