Real Revival

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AuthorHouse, 2001 - 312 pagine
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Thirteen year old Evie feels out of place as the only new student at Turnville School, but add to it the unusual ability to see a ghost, and she thinks she'll never fit in. Already trying to cope with the recent death of her grandfather, befriending a ghost is the last thing she wants to do. Yet, she's intrigued by the mystery surrounding David's death and is compelled to solve it.

Evie recruits help from Bliss, a free-thinking, artistic girl, and Johnny who is good-looking and clever. While investigating, she discovers that the lives of people in a small town are intricately intertwined and almost everyone has something to hide - including her new friends.

Evie snoops her way into a precarious position; she finds out who's responsible for David's death, but if she exposes who it is someone she cares about will be hurt. Faced with the difficult choice of either protecting the living or honoring the dead, Evie must confront David's father, Mr. Carter, who is an intimidating and bitter recluse.

When observing Mr. Carter's grief, Evie realizes she is unable to accept her own feelings of loss. Letting go of her grief and anger could be Evie's greatest challenge, but if she and Mr. Carter can find forgiveness, they might be able to pull a town together, and in the process find the true meaning of family, community and love.

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