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1 LET God the Father live
Forever on our tongues:
Sinners from his first love derive
The ground of all their songs.


2 Ye saints, employ your breath In honour to the Son,

Who bought your souls from hell and death By offering up his own.


HYMN 28. B. 3. 1st S. M.
Dover, Silver-Street.


Give to the Spirit praise
Of an immortal strain,

Whose light and power and grace conveys
Salvation down to men.

While God the Comforter
Reveals our pardon'd sin,

O may the blood and water bear
The same record within!

To the great One in Three,
That seal this grace in heaven,
The Father, Son, and Spirit, be
Eternal glory given.

673 HYMN 31. B. 3. 2d S. M.

1 LET God the Maker's name
Have honour, love and fear;

To God, the Saviour, pay the same,
And God the Comforter.

2 Father of Lights above,
Thy mercy we adore,
The Son of thine eternal love,
And Spirit of thy power.

674 HYMN 36. B. 3. 3d S. M.

YE angels round the throne,
And saints that dwell below,
Worship the Father, love the Son,
And bless the Spirit too.

675) HYMN 37. B. 3. S. M.

Or thus.

GIVE to the Father praise;
Give glory to the Son;
And to the Spirit of his grace
Be equal honour done.

676 The 5th at the end of the Psalms. P. M. →

NOW to the great and sacred Three,
The Father, Son, and Spirit, be

Eternal praise and glory given,

Thro' all the worlds where God is known, By all the angels near the throne,

And all the saints in earth and heaven.

HYMN 38. B. 3. H. M.
Bethesda, Portsmouth.



A song of praise to the blessed TRINITY.
I GIVE immortal praise
To God the Father's love,
For all my comforts here,
And better hopes above.
He sent his own
Eternal Son,

To die for sins
That man had done.

2 To God, the Son, belongs

Immortal glory too,

Who bought us with his blood
From everlasting wo:

And now he lives,
And now he reigns,


And sees the fruit
Of all his pains.

3 To God the Spirit's name
Immortal worship give,

Whose new-creating power
Makes the dead sinner live:

His work completes | And fills the soul
The great design, With joy divine.


Almighty God, to thee Be endless honours done, The undivided Three, And the mysterious One: Where reason fails There faith prevails, With all her powers, | And love adores.

HYMN 39. B. 3. H. M.


1 TO Him that chose us first, Before the world began;

To Him that bore the curse

To save rebellious man;

To Him that form'd And glory due.

Is endless praise

Our hearts anew,


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The Father's love shall run
Through our immortal songs;
We bring to God the Son
Hosannas on our tongues :
Our lips address
The Spirit's name


With equal praise,
And zeal the same.

3 Let every saint above,

And angel round the throne,
Forever bless and love

The sacred Three in One.

Thus heav'n shall raise | When earth and time His honours high,

and die.

679 HYMN 40. B. 3. H. M.

TO God the Father's throne
Perpetual honours raise;
Glory to God the Son,
To God the Spirit praise:
Our faith adores

And while our lips The name we sing.

Their tribute bring,

680} The 6th at the end of the Psalms. H. M. #

TO God the Father's throne
Perpetual honours raise;
Glory to God, the Son,
To God, the Spirit, praise:

With all our powers, | Thy name we sing,
Eternal King,
While faith adores.

681 HYMN 41. B. 3. H. M.

Or thus:

TO our eternal God,

The Father, and the Son,
And Spirit, all divine,
Three mysteries in one,
Salvation, power,
And praise be given,

By all on earth,
And all in heaven.



HYMN 42. B. 3. L. M.

1 HOSANNA to king David's Son,
Who reigns on a superior throne;
We bless the Prince of heavenly birth,
Who brings salvation down to earth.

2 Let every nation, every age,
In this delightful work engage;
Old men and babes in Sion sing
The growing glories of her King.


HYMN 43. B. 3. C. M.

1 HOSANNA to the Prince of Grace;
Sion, behold thy King;

Proclaim the Son of David's race,
And teach the babes to sing.

2 Hosanna to th' incarnate Word,
Who from the Father came;
Ascribe salvation to the Lord,
With blessings on his name.

HYMN 16. B. 1. C. M.
Bedford, Parma.

Hosanna to Christ.


1 HOSANNA to the royal Son Of David's ancient line;

His natures two, his person one,
Mysterious and divine.

2 The root of David here we find,
And offspring is the same;

Eternity and time are join'd
In our Immanuel's name.

3 Bless'd He that comes to wretched men With peaceful news from heaven; Hosannas of the highest strain

To Christ the Lord be given !

4 Let mortals ne'er refuse to take Th' hosanna on their tongues,

Lest rocks and stones should rise, and break Their silence into songs.

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