Works, Volum 23

Estes & Lauriat, 1890

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Pàgina 1 - Now, what I want, is Facts. Teach these boys and girls nothing but Facts. Facts alone are wanted in life. Plant nothing else, and root out everything / else.
Pàgina 28 - It had a black canal in it, and a river that ran purple with ill-smelling dye, and vast piles of building full of windows where there was a rattling and a trembling all day long, and where the piston of the steam-engine worked monotonously up and down, like the head of an elephant in a state of melancholy madness.
Pàgina 3 - Gradgrind. With a rule and a pair of scales, and the multiplication table always in his pocket, sir, ready to weigh and measure any parcel of human nature, and tell you exactly what it comes to.
Pàgina 73 - ... was as low down, in the school, as low could be ; that after eight weeks of induction into the elements of Political Economy, she had only yesterday been set right by a prattler three feet high, for returning to the question, " What is the first principle of this science ? " the absurd answer, " To do unto others as I would that they should do unto me.
Pàgina 75 - What did you say ?" asked Louisa. " Miss Louisa, I said I didn't know. I thought I couldn't know whether it was a prosperous nation or not, and whether I was in a thriving state or not, unless I knew who had got the money, and whether any of it was mine. But that had nothing to do with it. It was not in the figures at all,
Pàgina 83 - Nature was as strongly bricked out as killing airs and gases were bricked in; at the heart of the labyrinth of narrow courts upon courts, and close streets upon streets, which had come into existence piecemeal, every piece in a violent hurry for some one man's purpose, and the whole an unnatural family, shouldering, and trampling, and pressing one another to death...
Pàgina 110 - The rain falls very heavy, and the wind has risen." The wind? True. It was blowing hard. Hark to the thundering in the chimney, and the surging noise ! To have been out in such a wind, and not to have known it was blowing ! " I have been here once before to-day, Stephen. Landlady came round for me at dinner-time. There was some one here that needed looking to, she said. And 'deed she was right. All wandering and lost, Stephen. Wounded too, and bruised." He slowly moved to a chair and sat down, drooping...
Pàgina 29 - The M'Choakumchild school was all fact, and the school of design was all fact, and the relations between master and man were all fact, and everything was fact between the lying-in hospital and the cemetery, and what you couldn't state in figures, or show to be purchaseable in the cheapest market and saleable in the dearest, was not, and never should be, world without end, Amen.
Pàgina 7 - I'll explain to you, then," said the gentleman, after another and a dismal pause, "why you wouldn't paper a room with representations of horses. Do you ever see horses walking up and down the sides of rooms in reality — in fact? Do you?" "Yes, sir!" from one half. "No, sir!" from the other. "Of course, no," said the gentleman, with an indignant look at the wrong half.
Pàgina 6 - Quadruped. Graminivorous. Forty teeth, namely twenty-four grinders, four eye-teeth, and twelve incisive. Sheds coat in the spring; in marshy countries, sheds hoofs, too. Hoofs hard, but requiring to be shod with iron. Age known by marks in mouth. 1 Thus (and much more) Bitzer. 'Now girl number twenty,' said Mr. Gradgrind. 'You know what a horse is.

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