Pedagogy of Language Learning in Higher Education: An Introduction

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Gerd Br?uer
Greenwood Publishing Group, 2001 - 264 pagine

Fifteen authors from the United States, Australia, and Germany contribute articles on issues such as the political agenda of higher institutions, language across the curriculum, service learning, adult education, artistic and aesthetic practice, intercultural awareness through electronic media, extra-curricular consultation, and language learning outreach, related to Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, French, German, and English as a foreign and second language.

The second volume of the series Advances in Foreign and Second Language Pedagogy is an introduction to the pedagogy of language learning in higher education focusing on learner motivation, classroom environments, relationships for learning, and the future of language education. The book reveals numerous links to language education on the secondary level, appealing to a wide audience.


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Part II Classroom Environments
Part III Relationships for Learning
Part IV Preparing the Future of Language Education
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GERD BRÄUER is Assistant Professor, German Studies Department, Emory University.

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