Some Lessons in Metaphysics

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W.W. Norton, 01 feb 1971 - 158 pagine
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Ortega's entry into the writing world came by way of newspaper essays that are still read by generations seeking revelations and interpretations of the world. He wrote on varied subjects: love, bullfighting, hunting, education, and Don Quixote. His incessant search for knowledge led him into political theory and practice and metaphysics as well.

This present book represents Ortega's incursions into a field of thought along which anyone curious enough to travel will find leads him into a succession of ideas that extend his vision and his understanding of himself. If generations of men have puzzled over man's role in the universe and have tried to put it into words, Ortega's phrase "I am myself and my circumstances" is so simply and appealingly true that it may come as a great surprise to find it hailed as an important philosophic contribution. In this day of alienation, when the young have difficulty finding out who they are, Ortega's venture into metaphysics is a lit lamp in the first chapter, of the student's role will shed light on the reason for present student disorders.

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JosE Ortega y Gasset (1883-1955) was a philosopher and for many years held the chair of metaphysics at the University of Madrid. His other books include The Revolt of the Masses, Man and People, Meditations on Quixote, and What is Philosophy?

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