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Macmanus (Seumas). 1193.

A Lad of the O'Friels;—The Bewitched Fiddle. Together, 2 vols. 16mo and 12mo, cloth. New York, 1900-03

1194. MACNAMARA (GEORGE). Sketch of the Life of. Guide to Irish Dancing;-Public Libraries for Ireland;—Tara: Pagan and Christian; and other English and Gaelic booklets and pamphlets. 34 pieces.

V. s., v. d. 1195. MACNAMARA (N. C.). The Story of the Irish Sept: their Character and Struggle to Maintain their Lands in Clare. Portrait and illustrations. Svo, cloth, uncut. London, 1896

Contains the History of the Macnamara Family from the earliest times, also much interesting antiquarian information. 1196. MACNEILL (J. G. S.). Titled Corruption. The Sordid Origin of Some Irish Peerages. Small 8vo, cloth, uncut.

London, 1894 1197. MAC NEVIN (THOMAS). The Lives and Trials of Archibald Hamilton Rowan, the Rev. William Jackson, the Defenders, William Orr, Peter Finnerty and other Eminent Irishmen. 8vo, cloth.

Dublin, 1846 1198. The History of the Volunteers of 1782. 16mo, cloth.

Dublin, 1853 I199.

The Confiscation of Ulster in the Reign of James I. Commonly called the Ulster Plantation. 16mo, cloth.

Dublin, 1861 The History of the Volunteers of 1782. 16mo, cloth.

Dublin (1882) 1201. MacNEVEN (W. J.). Pieces of Irish History Illustrative of the Condition of the Catholics of Ireland. Of the Origin and Progress of the Political System of the United Irishmen and of their Transactions with the Anglo-Irish Government. 8vo, sheep.

New York, 1807 1202. MAELCHO (Lawless);-Grania (Lawless);-A Child in the Temple (Mathew);—At the Rising of the Moon (Mathew). Together 4 vols. 12mo, cloth. London and New York, 1892-97

1203. MADDEN (R. R.). The United Irishmen. Their Lives and Times. ist Series, 2 vols.; 2nd Series, 3 vols., and 3rd Series, 2 vols. Illustrated with steel portraits. Together, 7 vols. Smali 8vo, half morocco, gilt tops, uncut. Scarce set. Dublin, 1842-46 1204.

Historical Notice of Penal Laws Against Roman Catholics. (Of Penal Laws which Remain Unrepealed or have been Rendered More Stringent, etc.) Small 8vo, cloth, uncut.

London, 1865 1205. History of Irish Periodical Literature.

2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut (slightly worn).

London, 1867 1206. Literary Remains of the United Irishmen of 1798 and Selections from other Popular Lyrics of their Times. Collected and Edited by R. R. Madden. I6mo, cloth. Dublin, 1887

I 200.

1207. MADDEN (RICHARD R.- Colonial Secretary of Western Australia). R. R. Madden. “The Memoirs (chiefly autobiographical), from 1798-1886.” (With an Appendix of Genealogical and Historical Family Records.) Edited by T. M. Madden. Portrait. 8vo, cloth.

New York, 1892 1208. MADDEN (DR. SAMUEL). Reflections and Resolutions Proper for the Gentlemen of Ireland. 8vo, old calf. Dublin, 1816


1209. MAGAZINES. Miscellaneous Lot of Magazines on Ireland and the Irish. 26 pieces.

1210. (MAHONY (FRANCIS).] The Reliques of Father Prout. Illustrations by D. Maclise. 12mo, cloth, uncut.

London: Bohn, 1870 1211. MAGILL (T. R.). Poems. Including Poems by Rev. Robert Magill. Portrait. 12mo, cloth (margins foxed). N. Y., 1880

1212. MAGLONE. The Reliques of “ Barney Maglone” (R. A. Wilson). Edited by F. J. Bigger and John S. Crone. With Introductory Memoir by D. J. O'Donohue. 12mo, wrappers.

Belfast and Dublin, 1894 SCARCE, out of print. 1213. MAGUIRE (JAMES G.). Ireland and the Pope. Papal Intrigues against Irish Liberty, from Adrian IV to Leo XIII. 8vo, boards.

San Francisco, 1888 1214. MAHONEY (J. S.). Life of Charles Stewart Parnell. 12mo, wrappers.

New York, 1885 1215. MANGAN (JAMES CLARENCE). Poems. With biographical introduction by John Mitchel. 12mo, cloth, gilt edges.

New York, 1866 1216.

His Selected Poems. Edited by L. M. Guiney. Portrait, etc. 12mo, cloth, uncut.

London, 1897 1217.

Poems of James Clarence Mangan (many hitherto uncollected). Centenary Edition. Edited with Preface and Notes by D. J. O'Donohue. Introduction by John Mitchell. Portrait. Small 8vo, cloth, uncut.

Dublin, 1903 1218. MANSFIELD (B. F.) and BLANCHE McMANUS. Romantic Ireland. Profusely illustrated in half-tones from drawings by Blanche McManus. 2 vols. 16mo, cloth, uncut.

Bost., 1905 1219. MANT (RICHARD). History of the Church of Ireland, from the Reformation to the Revolution. With a Preliminary Survey from the Papal Usurpation in the Twelfth Century to its Legal Abolition in the Sixteenth. Illustrations. 2 vols. Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut (bindings worn).

London, 1841


Magnificent Reproduction in Colors of Irish National

Manuscripts. 1220. MANUSCRIPTS. Facsimiles of National MSS. of Ireland. Selected and edited under the direction of Sir Edward Sullivan, Master of the Rolls, and J. T. Gilbert. Photographed at the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton. 312 full-page and doublepage folio plates, many of which are finely colored and illumi. nated in gold, reproducing important documents, Royal Letters, Coats of Arms of Lord Mayors and others, pictorial addresses with allegorical designs, Illuminated Documents, including the Cromwellian Roll of Account of Money, the Charter Roll at Waterford, etc.; miniatures in gold and initial letters from Ancient Psalters; maps and plans of battles, ancient fortified towns and many other rare and important items, all of which have been faithfully reproduced from the originals. 4 vols. in 5 vols. Imperial folio, half leather (3 bindings broken and few pp. in vol. I slightly spotted at margins).

Southampton, 1874-84


Published by the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin, 1876-1896. Editions limited to 200 copies. A collection of the Oldest Irish Texts still extant, reproduced by Lithography or Photo-lithography from the original MSS. in the Libraries of Trinity College, Dublin, and the Royal Irish Academy. Printed on toned paper. Imperial folio, half leather binding. All out of print and scarce.

1221. THE BOOK OF LEINSTER — sometimes called The Book of Glendalough. A Collection of Pieces (Prose and Verse) in the Irish Language, compiled, in part, about the middle of the Twelfth Century. Now for the First Time published from the original Manuscript in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, by the Royal Irish Academy. With Introduction, Analysis of Contents and Index, by Robert Atkinson. Thick folio. Dublin, 1880


This work forms a comprehensive Palaeographic series for Ireland. It furnishes characteristic specimens of the documents, which come down from each of the classes which, in past ages, formed principal elements in the population of Ireland. With these reproductions are combined facsimiles of writings connected with eminent personages or transactions of importance in the Annals of that Country. Each specimen has been reproduced in size, coloring and general appearance as far as possible in accordance with the original. The contents of each are printed in the original language (line for line, without contraction), with an English translation of the same, opposite each facsimile. The work covers a period from the earliest Irish Manuscripts extant down to the early part of the 18th century. Part I commences with the earliest extant. Very scarce. Part II, from the 12th century to 1299. Part III, from 1300 to end of reign of Henry VIII. Part IV, Edward VI to James I. Part IV, 2, to 1719, with index to the whole work. This work forms a comprehensive Palaeographic Series for Ireland. The specimens have been reproduced as nearly as possible in accordance with the originals, in dimensions, colouring, and general appearance. Characteristic examples of styles of writing and caligraphic ornamentation are, as far as practicable, associated with subjects of historic and linguistic interest. Descriptions of the various manuscripts are given by the Editor in the Introduction. The contents of the specimens are fully elucidated and printed in the


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original languages, opposite to the Facsimiles-line for line without
contraction-thus facilitating reference and aiding effectively those in-
terested in palaeographic studies.

The Book of Leinster was written sometime in the early part of the
twelfth. In it occurs a statement that Finn Mac Gorman, Bp. of Kildare,
wrote (copied, or compiled, no doubt) it for Hugh Mac Crimthan, who
was at the court of Diarmaid Mac Murrogh, King of Leinster. The con-
tents are extremely interesting and varied, old sagas, tales of the Finns,
songs in praise of the heroes of Ireland, genealogies, lists of the saints,
and religious treatises.

One of the most valuable among the historical pieces is the list of the
kings of the various provinces of Ireland, as also of the successors of
St. Patrick, to the time of the compilation of the manuscript; another,
both romantic and historical, is the story of the famous King Conchobar
Mac Nessa, and the Lady Nessa, and the adventures and troubles of the
former. In this his father is stated to have been King Fergus, who is
described as a giant, though other manuscripts describe him as a Druid.
The story relates how the Lady Nessa tricked King Fergus out of the
kingdom of Ulster in favor of her son.

The manuscript includes a description of Conor's famous palace with
its 150 rooms, of oak decorated with copper, and of the king's own cham-
ber, which was decorated with copper and silver, and had golden birda
with jewelled eyes for ornaments. Another piece is a list of the heroines
of Ireland. Also there is a poem by Cuan hua Lothchain, in praise of
Tara, and relating the life of Niall of the Nine Hostages; and others
similar. The folk-tales are many. One relates how a fairy came for
assistance to one of the kings of Ireland and obtained it-a reversal of
the usual procedure. Undoubtedly the most famous of all the pieces is
the story of Deirdre, the fate of the sons of Usnach, which appears here
in its oldest form.
1222. LEABHAR BREAC. The Speckled Book "- otherwise
called the “ Leabhar Mor Duna Doighre,” or Great Book of Dun
Doighre, a place near Athlone on the Shannon, which was from
time immemorial the seat of a school of law, poetry and literature
kept by the great literary family of MacEgan. The book was
written in a singularly beautiful style of penmanship by a member
of that family, towards the end of the thirteenth century. The
contents, with the exception of a Life of Alexander the Great, are
all of a religious character. They include the famous hymn called
the Altus of St. Columba, and the Martyrology of Angus the
Culdee, with the rules and discipline of the Order of Culdees.
Parts I and II, in one vol. Large thick folio.

“ The oldest and best Irish MS. relating to Church History now pre-
served.”—George Petrie.

1223. THE YELLOW BOOK OF LECAN. A Collection of
pieces (Prose and Verse) in the Irish Language, in part compiled
at the end of the fourteenth century by a member of the celebrated
family of scribes and historians, Mac Firbis. It contains copies
of ancient historical writings and poems. With introduction,
analysis of contents and index by Robert Atkinson, LL. D. Large
thick folio, half yellow morocco, yellow boardsides, gilt top, uncut.

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Fine copy.

1224. THE BOOK OF BALLYMOTE. A collection of pieces
in the Irish Language, dating from the end of the fourteenth
century; with introduction, analysis of contents and index by
Robert Atkinson, M. A., LL. D.

This book was written by various persons, principally by Solomon
O'Droma and Manus O'Duigenann, at Ballymote, Co. Sligo, late in the
fourteenth century. It contains historical, legal and topographical tracts,
romances, translations from classical literature, and a treatise on Irish
grammar and prosody. It has also au extremely full series of pedigrees
of the Irish clans and septs. “ There scarcely exists an O' or a Mac
at the present day who may not find in this book the name of the par-
ticular remote ancestor whose name he bears as a surname, as well as
the time at which he lived, what he was, and from what more ancient
line he, again, was descended."-O'Curry, MS. (Materials of Irish His-
tory, p. 189.)


1225. MANUSCRIPT IN IRISH. The Midnight Court. (Mediae Noctis Cousilium) and other poems (about 80 pages), written in Gaelic by Timothy Keane, Cladagh, Ireland, 1883-1889; Also: “The Midnight Court,” translated from the original Gaelic (expurgated) by Michael C. O'Shea, of Boston. Both bound in I vol., flexible leather. Square 12mo, roan.

Boston, 1897 The ladies of ancient Ireland at one time held a secret parliament at midnight, where they discussed in free language (in Irish) a number of intimate subjects usually tabooed, such as conjugal relations between young wives and old husbands, etc. The poem is an old and rare Irish classic, resembling in some respects the Decameron and Rabelais. Very

Only 250 copies printed. 1226. MANUSCRIPT. A List of Spanish State Papers relating to Ireland, preserved in the Castle of Simancas (Spain). Compiled by J. C. O'Meagher, author of “The O’Meaghers.” Thin 4to, boards, uncut.

n. P., 1880 WITH AUTOGRAPH INSCRIPTION, . To the Rev. James Graves, A. B., with J. Cassimer O'Meagher's best wishes, Dublin, 18th August, 1881. Rev. Graves was the Protestant Bishop of Limerick and father of Alfred P. Graves. 1227.

(Typewritten). Translation of the opening Chapters of O'Sullivan Beare's Latin History of Ireland;—Also, a list of Ancient Irish Music in some Library not named. Foolscap folio, about 200 pp.

1228. MANUSCRIPT IN IRISH. The Three Shafts of Death. By Geoffrey Keating. Written in Irish Character by an unknown scribe.. 4to, in rough boards.

circa 1746 1229. MARIGOLD SERIES. By Lady Gilbert. 6 parts;—The Irish Dance;—The Little Ark (White); and other story-ettes. 25 pieces.

1230. MARMION (MARION). The Ancient and Modern History of the Maritime Ports of Ireland. First Edition. 8vo, cloth (binding soiled).

London, 1850 1231. MARMION (ANTHONY). The Ancient and Modern History of the Maritime Ports of Ireland. 8vo, cloth. Lond., 1860

1232. MARSH. (Proceedings at the Inauguration of a) Memorial Statue of Sir Henry Marsh in the Hall of King and Queen's College of Physicians (and Surgeons) in Ireland. Executed by J. H. Foley. Photo of the Statue. Small 4to, cloth. Dublin, 1867

Presentation copy, with AUTOGRAPH of W(hilley) Stokes. 1233. MARTIN (JOHN). The Life and Letters of. With Sketches of Thomas Devin Reilly, Father John Kenyon and other “ Young Irelanders.” By the Author of Life of John Mitchell. 16mo, cloth.

Dublin, 1893 1234. MARTIN (R. M.). Ireland Before and After the Union with Great Britain. 8vo, half roan (stamp on title). Lond., 1848

1235. MARTINEAU (HARRIET). Letters from Ireland. Reprinted from the “ Daily News.” First Edition. Small 8vo, original cloth, uncut (back slightly worn and name on title).

London, 1852

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