A Discourse of the Common Weal of this Realm of England

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University Press, 1893 - 208 pagine

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Pagina 158 - When any man died, they would bequeath great sums of money toward the relief of the poor. When I was a scholar in Cambridge myself, I heard very good report of London, and knew many that had relief of the rich men of London: but now I can hear no such good report, and yet I inquire of it, and hearken for it; but now charity is waxen cold, none helpeth the scholar, nor yet the poor.
Pagina 181 - Bilney ; and here, by the way. I will tell you a merry toy. Master More was once sent in commission into Kent, to help to try out, if it might be, what was the cause of Goodwin Sands and the shelf that stopped up Sandwich Haven.
Pagina 158 - ... men were full of pity and compassion, but now there is no pity ; for in London their brother shall die in the streets for cold, he shall lie sick at the door...
Pagina 196 - For when their enormities were first read in the Parliament house, they were so great and abominable that there was nothing but
Pagina 181 - Ye are the eldest man that I can espy in all this company, so that if any man can tell any cause of it, ye of likelihood can say most in it ; or at leastwise more than any other man here assembled." " Yea, forsooth, good master...
Pagina 145 - Januarye, 1599, and in the two and fortyth yeare of the reigne of our fovereigne ladie Elizabeth, by the grace of God Queene of England, Fraunce and Ireland, defender of the fayth, &c.
Pagina 197 - They are so troubled with lordly living, they be so placed in palaces, couched in courts, ruffling in their rents, dancing in their dominions, burdened with...
Pagina 168 - too much' cometh this monstrous and portentous dearth made by man, notwithstanding God doth send us plentifully the fruits of the earth, mercifully, contrary unto our deserts : notwithstanding, too much, which these rich men have, causeth such dearth, that poor men, which live of their labour, cannot with the sweat of their face have a living, all kinds of victuals is so dear ; pigs, geese, capons, chickens, eggs, &c. These things with other are so unreasonably enhanced ; and I think verily that...
Pagina 165 - Where there were in few years ten or twelve thousand people, there be now scarce four thousand ; where there were a thousand, now scarce three hundred, and in many places, where there were very many able to defend our country from landing of our enemies, now almost none. Sheep and cattle that were ordained to be eaten of men, hath eaten up the men. * * The places where poor men dwelt, clearly destroyed; lands emproved to so great rents, or so excessive fines taken, that the poor husbandmen cannot...

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