History of Roman Literature from Its Earliest Period to the Augustan Age, Volume 2

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Littell, 1827


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Pagina 261 - Lydia's monarch should the search descend, By Solon caution'd to regard his end, In life's last scene what prodigies surprise, Fears of the brave, and follies of the wise? From Marlb'rough's eyes the streams of dotage flow, And Swift expires a driv'ler and a show.
Pagina 272 - Romulus et vitia vitare, quam quod urbem perennis amnis et aequabilis et in mare late influentis posuit in ripa, quo posset urbs et accipere ex mari quo egeret, et reddere quo redundaret? eodemque ut flumine res ad victum cultumque maxime...
Pagina 278 - Ille vero liber mutavit affectum meum et ad te ipsum, Domine, mutavit preces meas, et vota ac desideria mea fecit alia. Viluit mihi repente omnis vana spes, et immortalitatem sapientiae concupiscebam aestu cordis incredibili, et surgere coeperam ut ad te redirem.
Pagina 2 - Some felt the silent stroke of mouldering age, Some hostile fury, some religious rage. Barbarian blindness, Christian zeal conspire, And Papal piety, and Gothic fire.
Pagina 99 - Germani multum ab hac consuetudine differunt. Nam neque druides habent, qui rebus divinis praesint, neque sacrificiis student. Deorum numero eos solos ducunt, quos cernunt et quorum aperte opibus iuvantur, Solem et Vulcanum et Lunam, reliquos ne fama quidem acceperunt.
Pagina 89 - Arte : and in his labor also, to moch toyle, as it were, with an vncontented care to write better than he could, a fault common to very many men.
Pagina 271 - ... quod ita cum sit, ex tribus primis generibus longe praestat mea sententia regium, | regio [p. 134. autem ipsi praestabit id, quod erit aequatum et temperatum ex tribus optimis rerum publicarum modis; placet enim esse quiddam in re publica praestans et regale, esse aliud auctoritati principum inpartitum ac tributum, esse quasdam res servatas iudicio voluntatique multitudinis.
Pagina 38 - Ethiopian was from the duty of Bp. Heliodorus ; for indeed it is nothing but what may become the labours of a Christian gentleman, those things only abated which our evil age...
Pagina 41 - ... men who were the most disposed to be his literary friends and admirers. He published nearly 300 pages in large octavo upon the translated elegy of Catullus, ' De Coma Berenices ;' the whole lucubration being a grave and continued irony on the verbal criticisms of the commentators. Some of the learned fell into the snare ; and Foscolo, who had issued only a few copies, now added a ' Farewell ' to his readers, in which he repays their praises by exposing the mysteries and the abuses of the philological...
Pagina 16 - Cri ticks, we shall find that the first have been of no use whatever, and that the last have rendered the most important services to mankind. All persons of taste and understanding know, from their own feelings, when to approve, and disapprove, and therefore stand in no need of instructions from the Critick; and as for those who are destitute of such faculties, they can never be taught to use them ; for no one can be taught to exert faculties which he does not possess. Every dunce may, indeed, be...

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