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n., fire, conflagration; incen- | inde, [1, this one], adv., after diarism.

that, thereupon, then. incendo, -ere, -cendi, -cēnsus, indemnātus, -a, -um, [in + dam

[in + CAND, glow], set fire to, nātus], adj., uncondemned, kindle, burn, consume, ruin, lay without trial.

waste; inflame, incense, enrage. index, -icis, [in + DIC, show], incēnsio, -ōnis, [in + CAND, m. and f., informer, accuser, glow], f., burning.

witness. inceptum, -i, (part. of incipiā], indicium, -ī, [in + dic, show],

n., beginning; attempt, under n., information, disclosure, taking, project, plan.

evidence, testimony. in-certus, -a, -um, adj., uncer- indico, -āre, -āvi, -ātus, [index],

tain, doubtful; undecided, at a with dē, give information, loss; in incerto habēre, be un make known, declare, disclose, certain.

reveal. incessus, -ūs, [in + CED, fall], in-dīcā, -ere, -dixi, -dictus, prom., walk, gait, step.

claim, declare. incido, ere, -cidi, -, [in + indigēns, -entis, [indu (old form cadā], fall into.

of in) + egeõ], adj., insufincipio, -ere, -cēpī, -ceptus, [in+ cient, lacking, incomplete.

capiā), begin, commence, un- in-dīgnus, -a, -um, adj., dertake.

worthy, undeserving. in-cito, -āre, -āvi, -ātus, [cito, in-doctus, -a, -um, adj., untaught,

put in quick motion], urge on, uninstructed. spur on, excite.

in-dūco, -ere, -dūxı, -ductus, lead inclūsus, -a, -um, (part. of in against; induce, influence; in

clūdō, shut up], adj., hidden. animum indūcere, resolve, deinconsultē, [in-consultus, unad termine.

vised], adv., inconsiderately, industria, -ae, [industrius, indusindiscreetly.

trious], f., diligence, industry. in-crēdibilis, -e, adj., incredible, indūtiae, -ārum, f. pl., truce, extraordinary, startling.

armistice. in-crepo, -āre, -ui, -itus, (crepo, inedia, -ae, [in + ED, eat], f.,

rattle], reprove, rebuke, in fasting. veigh against, assail.

in-eo, īre, -ivī and -iī, -itus, in-cruentus, -a, -um, adj., blood enter, begin, engage in.

less, without bloodshed. inermus, -a, -um, [in + arma], in-cultus, -a, -um, [cultus, cul adj., unarmed.

tivated], adj., uncultured, inertia, -ae, [iners, unskilful], neglected, desolate.

f., inactivity, idleness, indoin-cultus, -ūs, [cultus, cultiva lence, sloth. tion), m., neglect.

infāmis, -e, [in + fāma], adj., in-currõ, -ere, -curriand -cucurrī, disreputable, infamous. -cursus, rush into.

inferus, -a, -um, comp. inferior,

superl. infimus or īmus, below; sonal enemy. Cf. hostis, enemy inferī, m. pl., inhabitants of (of the state). the lower world, the dead; in- iniquitās, -ātis, [iniquus], f., infimus or īmus, lowest, most justice. degraded.

inīquus, -a, -um, [in + aequus], infēstus, -a, -um, [in + FEN, adj., unjust, unfair.

strike], adj., with dat., hostile, initium, -ī, [in + I, go], n., befurious, bitter, deadly.

ginning, commencement; iniin-fīdus, -a, -um, adj., faithless, tio, in the beginning, at the

disloyal, treacherous, false. outset, at first, originally. infimus, see inferus.

iniūria, -ae, [iniūrius, from in + in-finītus, -a, -um, [fīnītus, iūs], f., outrage, wrong, injury,

part. of fīnio], adj., bound harm, violence, atrocity; iniūless, without end.

riae licentia, power of doing in-firmus, -a, -um, adj., weak, harm. feeble, enfeebled.

in-iūstus, -a, -um, adj., unjust. infitiātor, -āris, [īnfitior, deny], in-nocēns, -entis, (nocēns, guil

m., repudiator ; lentus infitia ty), adj., blameless, innocent, tor, dilatory debtor.

inoffensive, upright, virtuous. infrā, [for inferā, sc. parte], innocentia, -ae, [innocēns], f., adv., below.

blamelessness, innocence, iningenium, -ī, [in + GEN, beget], tegrity.

n., (natural) disposition, tem- in-noxius, -a, -um, [noxius, per, spirit, character, heart; harmful], adj., blameless, inmind, intellect, talents, abil nocent; safe from harm, seity, ingenuity, genius.

cure, unmolested, unassailed. ingēns, -entis, adj., vast, enor- inopia, -ae, [inops, resource

mous, mighty, giant, great ; less], f., want, lack of means,

unbounded, remarkable. poverty, destitution. ingenuus, -a, -um, [in + GEN, inquam, def., postpositive, say; beget], adj., free-born.

inquit, said he. in-grātus, -a, -um, adj., thank- inquilīnus, -a, -um, [for incolī. less, irksome.

nus from incola], adj., of foringredior, -ī, -gressus sum [in + eign birth, immigrant.

gradior, step], with in and insatiābilis, -e, [in + satiö, satacc., go upon, march upon; isfy], adj., insatiable. enter upon.

insidiae, -ārum, [in + sid, sit], in-honestus, -a, -um,

lj., dis f. pl., ambush, ambuscade ; honorable.

trap, plot. inimicitia, -ae, [inimicus], f., insīgne, -is, [īnsīgnis), n., (mark, enmity, hatred.

proof); pl., insignia of authorinimicus, -a, -um, [in + ami ity.

cus], adj., unfriendly; as insignis, -e, [in + signum], adj., noun, inimicus, ī, m., per conspicuous.

in-solēns, -entis, (solēns, part. in-super, adv., above, overhead.

of soleõ], adj., with gen., un- integer, -gra, -grum, [in + TAG,

accustomed to, a stranger to. touch], adj., untouched, uninsolenter, [insolēns], adv., wounded, sound, fresh. haughtily, insolently.

integritās, -atis, [integer), f., insolentia, -ae, [insolēns], f., integrity, uprightness.

unusual behavior, strange con- intellego, ere, -lēxī, lēctus, duct.

[inter + legő], with acc. and insolēsco, -ere, ,

[incep inf., or ind. ques., perceive, see, tive from insoleo, be wont], understand, comprehend, know.

grow arrogant or overbearing. intempestus, -a, -um, [in + in-solitus, -a, -um, [soleo], adj., tempus], adj., unseasonable ;

unaccustomed, unused, unfa nocte intempestā, at dead of miliar.

night. insomnia, -ae, [insomnis, sleep- in-tendo, -ere, -tendī, -tentus,

less], f., sleeplessness, want of stretch, exert, apply. sleep.

intentus, -a, -um, (part. of inin-sõns, -sontis, adj., innocent, tendo), adj., intent, energetic, inoffensive.

active, attentive,watchful, alert. in-spērātus, -a, -um, [spērā], inter, prep. with acc., between,

adj., unhoped for, unlooked among, amid; inter sē, with, for, unexpected.

from, to, etc. each other, instituā, -ere, -uī, -ātus, [in + mutually; inter falcārios, in statuõ], form, organize; ar the Scythemakers' Quarter.

inter- in composition, between ; institūtum, ī, (part. of insti under, to the bottom.

tuo], n., custom, institution. inter-dum, adv., sometimes, at in-sto, -āre, -stitī, -statūrus, times, occasionally.

draw nigh, approach, be at inter-eā, adv., meanwhile, in the hand ; press on, vigorously meantime. attack.

inter-eo, -ire, -iī, -itūrus, perish. instrümentum, -ī, [instruā], n., interficio, -ere, -fēcī, -fectus, instrument, means, further [inter + faciā), kill, slay,

murder; cut down, slaughter. in-struo, -ere, -strūxi, -strūctus, interim, [inter + I, this one],

[struā, place together], draw adv., meanwhile, in the meanup, array, equip, furnish, pro time. vide.

interitus, -ūs, [inter + 1, go], in-suēsco, -ere, -suēvī, -suētus, m., destruction, overthrow.

[inceptive from old sueō, make inter-rogo, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, one's own], become

question, examine, officially tomed.

examine, try. in-sum, -esse, -fui, be in, be inter-sum, -esse, -fui, -futūrus, upon. .

be between, lie between; im

range, order.



pers., it makes a difference, in person, personally; inter it interests, it concerns.

ipsos, with one another. interventus, -ūs, [inter + ven, īra, -ae, f., anger, wrath, resentgo], m., intervention.

ment. intestinus, -a, -um, [intus), adj., irācundia, -ae, [īrācundus, irricivil.

table], f., irascibility; anger, in-tolerandus, -a, -um, (toleran- rage, passion.

dus, bearable], adj., intolera- īrāscor, -ī, īrātus sum, [ira], ble, unendurable.

get angry, fly into a passion. intrā, prep. with acc., within. īrātus, -a, -um, (part. of irāsintro, adv., within, in.

cor], adj., angered, enraged, intro-dūcē, -ere, -dūxī, -ductus, angry. lead in, bring in.

irrumpō, -ere, -rūpī, raptus, intro-eo, -ire, -īvī or -i7, -itus, [in + rumpā], break in, force

go in, enter, gain entrance to. one's way in. intus, adv., within.

is, ea, id, gen. ĉius, [1, this in-ultus, -a, -um, [ultus, part. one], dem. pron., he, she, it,

of ulciscor], adj., unavenged. this, that, such, the, the one; in-vādā, -ere, -vāsī, -vāsus, ad id locī, to this very place;

[vādē, go], advance, fall id temporis, at just that time. upon, attack, seize, take pos- iste, ista, istud, gen. istius [1, session of:

this one + dem. suffix -te], in-venio, īre, -vēnī, -ventus, dem. pron., used (often con

(come upon), find, meet with. temptuously) with reference in-video, -ēre, -vīdī, -vīsus, with to the person addressed, this,

dat., (look askance at), envy, that, that of yours.

be envious of, be jealous of. ita, [ı, this one], adv., in this invidia, -ae, [invidus, envious], manner, so, thus, as has been

f., envy, jealousy, ill-will, ha- said; as follows; in such a

tred, odium, unpopularity. manner; accordingly; ita ut, invidiosus, -a, -um, [invidia], as much as, alike.

adj., exciting hatred, causing Italia, -ae, f., Italy. odium.

ita-que, conj., and so, accordinvīsus, -a, -um, (part. of invi. ingly, therefore.

deo], adj., with dat., hateful, item, [1, this one], adv., likedetested, odious.

wise, also, moreover, as well, invītus, -a, -um, adj., unwilling, in like manner, so also. reluctant.

iter, itineris, [1, go], n., way, iocus, -ī, m., joke, jest.

journey, route, march ; road, ipse, -a, -um, gen. ipsīus, dem. path, passage; ex itinere, on

pron., self, himself, herself, the way; māgnīs itineribus, itself, often an emphatic he, by forced marches. she, it ; very, just, actual, iterum, [i, go], adv., a second precisely; even, on his part, time.

as 1.

iubeo, -ēre, iussī, iussus, order, [(iussus, -ūs), order], m., or

give orders, bid, direct, com- der, command, decree. mand.

iūstitia, -ae, [iūstus], f., justice, iūcundus, -a, -um, adj., pleasant, equity, fair dealing. agreeable, delightful.

iūstus, -a, -um, (iūs], adj., just, iūdicium, -7, [iūdex, judge], n., lawful, equitable.

judicial investigation, trial, iuventūs, -ūtis, [iuvenis, young), prosecution; judicial author. f., age of youth, extending ity, jurisdiction, court; judg

from the 20th to the 40th year, ment, sentence.

youth, young men, the young. iūdico, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [iūdex, iūxtā, [ıvg, bind], adv., equally,

judge], pronounce judgment alike; iūxtā ac, just as, as upon, adjudge, declare, pro- little as, iūxtā mēcum, as well

claim. iugulo, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [iugulum, throat], cut the throat

K. of, murder, assassinate, exe- Kalendae, -ārum, [CAL, sumcute.

mon], f. pl., the Calends, the Iūlius, -a, name of a celebrated first day of the month, when

Roman gens; C. Tūlius, C. the people were summoned to Julius, one of Catiline's con- the Capitol to be officially spirators.

informed whether the Nones iungo, -ere, iūnxi, iūnctus, join, would be on the fifth or

fasten together, build with. seventh day of the month. Iūnius, -a, name of a Roman gens; D. Iūnius Sīlānus, D.

L. Junius Silanus, consul in B.C. 62.

L., abbreviation for Lūcius, a Iūnius, -a, -um, adj., of June, Roman forename. June.

labor, -āris, [LAB, seize], m., Iuppiter, Iovis, [Iovis + pater], labor, toil, exertion, work,

m., Jupiter, chief among Ro- hardship; diligence, industry.

man gods and lord of heaven. labārō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [labor], iūrgium, -ī, [iūs + AG, drive], labor, toil; be hard pressed, be

n., quarrel, dispute, alterca- in danger. tion.

Lacedaemonius, -i, [Lacedaeiūro, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [iūs], mõn, Sparta], m., a Lacedaeswear, take oath.

monian, a Spartan. iūs, iūris, (iv, bind], n., right, lacero, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [lacer,

justice; human law; author- mangled], squander, waste.

ity, jurisdiction ; iūre, justly. lacesso, -ere, -īvī, -ītus, [old iūs iurandum, iūris iūrandī, n., lacio, entice], provoke, exasoath.

perate; assail. iussū, used only in abl. sing., Laeca, -ae, m., name of a Roman

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