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n., fire, conflagration; incen- | inde, [1, this one], adv., after that, thereupon, then. indemnātus, -a, -um, [in + damnātus], adj., uncondemned, without trial.

diarism. incendō, -ere, -cendī, -cēnsus, [in + CAND, glow], set fire to, kindle, burn, consume, ruin, lay waste; inflame, incense, enrage. incēnsiō, -ōnis, [in + CAND, glow], f., burning. inceptum, -1, [part. of incipiō], n., beginning; attempt, undertaking, project, plan. in-certus, -a, -um, adj., uncertain, doubtful; undecided, at a loss; in incertō habēre, be uncertain.

index, -icis, [in + DIC, show], m. and f., informer, accuser, witness.

indicium, -ī, [in + DIC, show], n., information, disclosure, evidence, testimony.

indicō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [index], with dē, give information, make known, declare, disclose, reveal.

incessus, -ūs, [in + CED, fall], in-dīcō, -ere, -dīxī, -dictus, pro

m., walk, gait, step. incidō, -ere, -cidī, cado], fall into.

claim, declare.

[in + indigēns, -entis, [indu (old form
of in) + egeō], adj., insuffi-
cient, lacking, incomplete.
in-dīgnus, -a, -um, adj., un-

incipiō, -ere, -cēpī, -ceptus, [in+ capiō], begin, commence, undertake.

in-citō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [cito,

put in quick motion], urge on, spur on, excite.

inclūsus, -a, -um, [part. of in

clūdō, shut up], adj., hidden. incōnsultē, [in-cōnsultus, unadvised], adv., inconsiderately, indiscreetly.

in-crēdibilis, -e, adj., incredible,
extraordinary, startling.
in-crepō, -āre, -ui, -itus, [crepō,
rattle], reprove, rebuke, in-
veigh against, assail.
in-cruentus, -a, -um, adj., blood-

less, without bloodshed.
in-cultus, -a, -um, [cultus, cul-

tivated], adj., uncultured, neglected, desolate. in-cultus, -ūs, [cultus, cultivation], m., neglect. in-currō, -ere, -currī and -cucurrī, -cursus, rush into.

worthy, undeserving.

in-doctus, -a, -um, adj., untaught, uninstructed.

in-ducō, -ere, -dūxī, -ductus, lead

against; induce, influence; in animum inducere, resolve, determine.

industria, -ae, [industrius, indus

trious], f., diligence, industry. indūtiae, -ārum, f. pl., truce, armistice.

inedia, -ae, [in + ED, eat], f., fasting.

in-eō, -īre, -īvī and -iī, -itus,

enter, begin, engage in. inermus, -a, -um, [in + arma], adj., unarmed.

inertia, -ae, [iners, unskilful], f., inactivity, idleness, indolence, sloth.

īnfāmis, -e, [in + fāma], adj., disreputable, infamous.

inferus, -a, -um, comp. inferior,

superl. infimus or imus, below; înferī, m. pl., inhabitants of the lower world, the dead; infimus or imus, lowest, most degraded.

infēstus, -a, -um, [in + FEN, strike], adj., with dat., hostile, furious, bitter, deadly. in-fidus, -a, -um, adj., faithless,

disloyal, treacherous, false. infimus, see inferus. in-finitus, -a, -um, [fīnītus, part. of finiō], adj., boundless, without end.

in-fīrmus, -a, -um, adj., weak,

feeble, enfeebled.

īnfitiātor, -ōris, [īnfitior, deny], m., repudiator; lentus infitiator, dilatory debtor.

sonal enemy. Cf. hostis, enemy

(of the state).

inīquitās, -ātis, [inīquus], f., injustice.

inīquus, -a, -um, [in + aequus], adj., unjust, unfair. initium, -ī, [in + 1, go], n., beginning, commencement; initiō, in the beginning, at the outset, at first, originally. iniūria, -ae, [iniūrius, from in + iūs], f., outrage, wrong, injury, harm, violence, atrocity; iniūriae licentia, power of doing


in-iūstus, -a, -um, adj., unjust. in-nocēns, -entis, [nocēns, guilty], adj., blameless, innocent, inoffensive, upright, virtuous.

infrā, [for inferā, sc. parte], innocentia, -ae, [innocēns], f.,

adv., below.

ingenium, -1, [in + GEN, beget],

n., (natural) disposition, temper, spirit, character, heart; mind, intellect, talents, ability, ingenuity, genius. ingēns, entis, adj., vast, enor

mous, mighty, giant, great; unbounded, remarkable. ingenuus, -a, -um, [in + GEN,

beget], adj., free-born. in-grātus, -a, -um, adj., thankless, irksome.

ingredior, -ī, -gressus sum [in + gradior, step], with in and acc., go upon, march upon; enter upon.

in-honestus, -a, -um, adj., dishonorable.

blamelessness, innocence, integrity.

in-noxius, -a, -um, [noxius, harmful], adj., blameless, innocent; safe from harm, secure, unmolested, unassailed. inopia, -ae, [inops, resource

less], f., want, lack of means, poverty, destitution. inquam, def., postpositive, say; inquit, said he.

inquilīnus, -a, -um, [for incoli

nus from incola], adj., of foreign birth, immigrant. insatiabilis, -e, [in + satiō, satisfy], adj., insatiable. insidiae, -ārum, [in + SID, sit], f. pl., ambush, ambuscade; trap, plot.

inimicitia, -ae, [inimicus], f., insigne, -is, [īnsīgnis], n., (mark,

enmity, hatred.

inimicus, -a, -um, [in + amicus], adj., unfriendly; as noun, inimicus, -ī, m., per

proof); pl., insignia of authority.

insignis, -e, [in + signum], adj., conspicuous.

in-solēns, -entis, [solēns, part. | in-super, adv., above, overhead. of soleō], adj., with gen., un- integer, -gra, -grum, [in + TAG,

accustomed to, a stranger to. insolenter, [insolēns], adv.,

haughtily, insolently. insolentia, -ae, [insolēns], f., unusual behavior, strange conduct. insolēscō, -ere, —, [incep

tive from insoleō, be wont], grow arrogant or overbearing. in-solitus, -a, -um, [soleō], adj., unaccustomed, unused, unfamiliar.

insomnia, -ae, [insomnis, sleepless], f., sleeplessness, want of sleep.

in-sōns, -sontis, adj., innocent, inoffensive.

in-spērātus, -a, -um, [spērō], adj., unhoped for, unlooked for, unexpected.

instituō, -ere, -ui, -ūtus, [in + statuō], form, organize; arrange, order. īnstitūtum, -1, [part. of insti

tuō], n., custom, institution. in-stō, -āre, -stitī, -statūrus,

draw nigh, approach, be at hand; press on, vigorously attack. instrumentum, -i, [īnstruō], n., instrument, means, further


in-struō, -ere, -strūxī, -strūctus, [struō, place together], draw up, array, equip, furnish, provide.

in-suēsco, -ere, -suēvi, -suētus, [inceptive from old sueō, make one's own], become accustomed.

touch], adj., untouched, unwounded, sound, fresh. integritās, -ātis, [integer], f., integrity, uprightness. intellegō, -ere, -lēxī, -lēctus, [inter + legō], with acc. and inf., or ind. ques., perceive, see, understand, comprehend, know. intempestus, -a, -um, [in + tempus], adj., unseasonable; nocte intempestā, at dead of night.

in-tendō, ere, -tendi, -tentus, stretch, exert, apply. intentus, -a, -um, [part. of in

tendo], adj., intent, energetic, active, attentive, watchful, alert. inter, prep. with acc., between, among, amid; inter se, with, from, to, etc. each other, mutually; inter falcāriōs, in the Scythemakers' Quarter. inter- in composition, between; under, to the bottom. inter-dum, adv., sometimes, at times, occasionally.

inter-ea, adv., meanwhile, in the meantime.

inter-eō, -ire, -iī, -itūrus, perish. interficiō, -ere, -fēcï, -fectus,

[interfaciō], kill, slay, murder; cut down, slaughter. interim, [inter + 1, this one], adv., meanwhile, in the meantime.

interitus, -ūs, [inter + 1, go], m., destruction, overthrow. inter-rogō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, question, examine, officially examine, try.

in-sum, -esse, -fui, —, be in, be inter-sum, -esse, -fui, -futūrus,


be between, lie between; im

pers., it makes a difference, it interests, it concerns. interventus, -ūs, [inter + VEN, go], m., intervention.

in person, personally; inter ipsōs, with one another.

īra, -ae, f., anger, wrath, resent


intestīnus, -a, -um, [intus], adj., iracundia, -ae, [īrācundus, irri


in-tolerandus, -a, -um, [tolerandus, bearable], adj., intolerable, unendurable. intrā, prep. with acc., within. intrō, adv., within, in. intrō-dūcō, -ere, -dūxī, -ductus, lead in, bring in.

intro-eō, -īre, -īvī or -ii, -itus,

go in, enter, gain entrance to. intus, adv., within.

in-ultus, -a, -um, [ultus, part.

of ulciscor], adj., unavenged. in-vādō, -ere, -vāsī, -vāsus, [vādō, go], advance, fall upon, attack, seize, take possession of.

in-veniō, īre, -vēnī, -ventus,

(come upon), find, meet with. in-videō, -ēre, -vīdī, -vīsus, with dat., (look askance at), envy, be envious of, be jealous of. invidia, -ae, [invidus, envious], f., envy, jealousy, ill-will, hatred, odium, unpopularity. invidiōsus, -a, -um, [invidia], adj., exciting hatred, causing


invīsus, -a, -um, [part. of invi

deō], adj., with dat., hateful, detested, odious.

invītus, -a, -um, adj., unwilling, reluctant.

iocus, -ī, m., joke, jest. ipse, -a, -um, gen. ipsius, dem. pron., self, himself, herself, itself, often an emphatic he, she, it; very, just, actual, precisely; even, on his part,

table], f., irascibility; anger, rage, passion.

īrāscor, -ī, īrātus sum, [ira],

get angry, fly into a passion. īrātus, -a, -um, [part. of irāscor], adj., angered, enraged, angry.

irrumpō, -ere, -rūpī, -ruptus, [in + rumpō], break in, force one's way in.

is, ea, id, gen. eius, [1, this

one], dem. pron., he, she, it, this, that, such, the, the one; ad id locī, to this very place; id temporis, at just that time. iste, ista, istud, gen. istius [1, this one dem. suffix -te], dem. pron., used (often contemptuously) with reference to the person addressed, this, that, that of yours.

ita, [1, this one], adv., in this manner, so, thus, as has been said; as follows; in such a manner; accordingly; ita ut, as much as, alike. Italia, -ae, f., Italy. ita-que, conj., and so, accordingly, therefore.

item, [1, this one], adv., like

wise, also, moreover, as well, in like manner, so also. iter, itineris, [1, go], n., way, journey, route, march; road, path, passage; ex itinere, on the way; magnis itineribus, by forced marches. iterum, [1, go], adv., a second time.

iubeō, -ēre, iussī, iussus, order, give orders, bid, direct, command.

iucundus, -a, -um, adj., pleasant,

agreeable, delightful. iudicium, -ī, [iūdex, judge], n., judicial investigation, trial, prosecution; judicial authority, jurisdiction, court; judgment, sentence. iūdicō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [iūdex,

judge], pronounce judgment upon, adjudge, declare, proclaim.

iugulō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [iugulum, throat], cut the throat of, murder, assassinate, execute. Iulius, -a, name of a celebrated

Roman gens; C. Iulius, C. Julius, one of Catiline's conspirators.

iungō, -ere, iunxi, iūnctus, join,

fasten together, build with. Iūnius, -a, name of a Roman

gens; D. Iunius Sīlānus, D. Junius Silanus, consul in B.C.

62. Iūnius, -a, -um, adj., of June, June.

Iuppiter, Iovis, [Iovis + pater], m., Jupiter, chief among Roman gods and lord of heaven. iūrgium, -ī, [iūs + AG, drive], n., quarrel, dispute, altercation.

iūrō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [iūs], swear, take oath.

iūs, iūris, [iv, bind], n., right, justice; human law; authority, jurisdiction; iŭre, justly. iūs iūrandum, iūris iūrandī, n., oath.

[(iussus, -ūs), order], m., order, command, decree. iūstitia, -ae, [iūstus], f., justice,

equity, fair dealing.

iūstus, -a, -um, [iūs], adj., just, lawful, equitable.

iuventus, -ūtis, [iuvenis, young], f., age of youth, extending from the 20th to the 40th year, youth, young men, the young. iūxtā, [IVG, bind], adv., equally, alike; iuxta ac, just as, as little as; iuxtā mēcum, as well as I.


Kalendae, -ārum, [CAL, SUMmon], f. pl., the Calends, the first day of the month, when the people were summoned to the Capitol to be officially informed whether the Nones would be on the fifth or seventh day of the month.


L., abbreviation for Lucius, a Roman forename. labor, -ōris, [LAB, seize], m.,

labor, toil, exertion, work, hardship; diligence, industry. labōrō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [labor], labor, toil; be hard pressed, be in danger. Lacedaemonius, -1, [Lacedaemon, Sparta], m., a Lacedaemonian, a Spartan. lacerō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [lacer,

mangled], squander, waste. lacessō, -ere, -īvi, -ītus, [old lacio, entice], provoke, exasperate; assail.

iussu, used only in abl. sing., Laeca, -ae, m., name of a Roman

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