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family; M. Porcius Laeca, a latrocinium, -ī, [latrocinor, senator, was an active follower plunder], n., highway-robbery, brigandage.

of Catiline.

laetitia, -ae, [laetus], f., joy, rejoicing, gladness, gayety. laetor, -ārī, -ātus sum, [laetus], rejoice, be glad.


latus, -eris, [PLAT, flat], n., side, flank.

lātus, -a, -um, [STLA, spread], adj., broad, wide.

laetus, -a, -um, adj., joyful, glad, lātus, see ferō.

laeva, -ae, [laevus, left], (sc.
manus), f., left hand, left.
lancea, -ae, f., a Spanish lance
hung with
a leather thong,
lance, spear.
langueō, -ēre,

[LAG, loose], be listless, be indifferent, be irresolute. lapideus, -a, -um, [lapis, stone], adj., of stone, stone.

laqueus, -i, [LAC, entangle], m.,

noose, halter; laqueō gulam frangere, strangle.

lār, laris, m., household god, guardian of the house; by metonymy, lār familiaris, hearth, home.

large, [largus, plentiful], adv.,

bountifully, liberally, lavishly. largior, -īrī, -ītus sum, [largus,

plentiful], lavish, be lavish with; give largesses, offer bribes, bribe.

largītiō, -ōnis, [largior], f., largess, bounty; bribery, corruption.

lascivia, -ae, [lascīvus, wanton],

f., frivolity, dissipation, wan


lassitūdō, -inis, [lassus, faint],

f., weariness, fatigue. Latīnus, -a, -um, [Latium], adj., Latin.

latrō, -ōnis, m., robber, highwayman, brigand.

laudō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [laus], praise, commend, applaud. laus, laudis, [CLV, hear], f., praise, commendation, glory. lectulus, -i, [dim. of lectus, bed], m., couch, bed.

lectus, -a, -um, [part. of legō], adj., picked, choice, select. lēgātus, -1, [part. of lēgō, commission], m., ambassador, envoy, deputy; lieutenant, lieutenant-general.

legiō, -ōnis, [LEG, gather], f., legion, a Roman regiment varying from 3000 to 6000 men; army, host. lēgitumus, -a, -um, [lēx], limited or regulated by law, legitimate, legal.

legō, ere, lēgi, lectus, [LEG, gather], read.

lēniō, -īre, -īvī, -ītus, [lēnis, soft], soften, reduce; appease, conciliate.

Lentulus, -ī, [lentus], m., name of a Roman family in the Cornelian gens:

(1) P. Cornelius Lentulus Spinther, aedile in B.C. 63, was a firm friend of Cicero. (2) P. Cornelius Lentulus Sūra, praetor in B.c. 63, the most active among the leaders of the conspiracy, was arrested and executed by order of the senate.

lentus, -a, -um, adj., (pliant), | licentia, -ae, [licēns, free], f.,

slow, dilatory.

Lepidus, -1, [lepidus, pleasant],

m., name of a Roman family in the Aemilian gens; M. Aemilius Lepidus was consul in B.C. 66.

lepōs, -ōris, [LAP, shine], m.,

agreeableness, charm, grace. levis, -e, [LEG, run], adj., light, mild.

levitas, -ātis, [levis], f., lightness, fickleness, want of principle.

levō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [levis], lighten, lessen, mitigate.

freedom of action, freedom from restraint, too little restraint, license, freedom, leave, power.

licet, -ēre, licuit and licitum est, [LIC, let], impers., it is lawful, it is allowed, it is permitted, one may. Līcinius, -ī, m., name of a ple

beian gens; M. Licinius Crassus, see Crassus.

lingua, -ae, f., tongue; language. littera, -ae, [LI, pour], f., letter of the alphabet; pl., letter (epistle); literature.

lēx, lēgis, [LEG, be fixed], f., locō, -āre, -āvi, -ātus, [locus],

law, statute.

liber, -era, -erum, [LIB, desire], adj., free, independent, unbiassed; safe from harm; libera cūstōdia, see custōdia; as noun, liber, -eri, m., free man; see also liberi, below. liber, librī, m., book. liberālis, -e, [līber], adj., lib

eral, generous.

līberālitās, -ātis, [līberālis], f., liberality, generosity. liberaliter, [liberālis], adv., liberally, generously. līberī, -ōrum, [liber], m. pl., children.

līberō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [līber], with abl., free, liberate, release, deliver.

libertās, -ātis, [līber], f., freedom, liberty; political independence.

libertinus, -a, -um, [lībertus],

adj., of a freedman; libertinus homō, freedman. libertus, -i, [liber], m., freedman. libido, see lubidō.

place, post, station.

locuplēs, -ētis, [locus + PLE, fill], adj., rich, wealthy, opulent.

locus, -1, [STLA, spread], m., (pl., loci, single places, loca, connected places, region), place, spot, locality, location, region, district, country; quarters; station, rank, family; position, condition, state; room, opportunity; ad id locī, to this very place.

longē, [longus], adv., at a distance, far off, far; very; for a long time, long.

Longīnus, -ī, m., name of a Roman family; L. Cassius Longīnus, a senator, was one of Catiline's chief conspirators. longus, -a, -um, adj., long. loquor, -i, locutus sum, speak,

say, utter.

lōrīca, -ae, [lōrum, thong], f., cuirass, coat of mail (orig. of leather thongs).

lubet, -ēre, lubuit and lubitum

est, impers., it pleases, one pleases, one desires. lubīdinōsē, [lubīdinōsus, arbitrary], adv., at one's pleasure, according to one's whim or caprice.

lubidō, -inis, [LVB, desire], f., pleasure, desire, passion, caprice, whim; wantonness, lust, dissipation.

Lūcius, -ī, m., Lūcius, a Roman forename.

luctuōsus, -a, -um, [luctus], adj., sorrowful, mournful. luctus, -ūs, [LVG, distress], m.,

grief, mourning, sorrow. luculentus, -a, -um, [lūx], adj.,

bright, brilliant.

ludibrium, -ī, [unused lūdiber from lūdus, play], n., mockery, derision, butt, sport. lux, lūcis, [Lvc, shine], f., light, daylight, daybreak. lūxuria, -ae, [lūxus], f., extravagance, luxury, luxuriousness, wantonness, riotous living. luxuriōsē, [luxuriōsus, luxurious], adv., luxuriously, wantonly.

lūxus, -ūs, m., excess, indulgence, luxury, debauchery.


M., abbreviation for Marcus, a
Roman forename.
M'., abbreviation for Mānius, a
Roman forename.

Macedonicus, -a, -um, [MaкedoVIKós], adj., Macedonian. māchinātor, -ōris, [māchinor], m., contriver, deviser. māchinor, -ārī, -ātus sum, [māchina, machine], contrive, de

vise, scheme, plot; māchinātum, in a passive sense, 38, 28.

maeror, -ōris, [MIS, wretched], m., sadness, sorrow, mourning.

magis, [MAG, big], comp. adv., more, rather; superl., māxumē, especially, particularly ; exceedingly, very, most, best; quam māxumē, as . . . as possible.

magistrātus, -ūs, [magister, master], m., magistracy; magistrate, officer. māgnificē, [magnificus], adv., magnificently, sumptuously, in grandeur; grandiloquently, in lofty style.

māgnificus, -a, -um, [māgnus+ FAC, make], adj., splendid, rich, magnificent; glorious, grand.

māgnitūdō, -inis, [māgnus], f.,

greatness, magnitude, vastness, extent; enormity; importance; aggrandizement.

māgnō opere, adv., greatly, heartily.

māgnus, -a, -um, [MAG, big],

adj., great, large, important; abundant; magnīs itineribus, by forced marches; comp., maior, greater, stronger; pl., as noun, māiōrēs, -um, m., fathers, ancestors; superl., māxumus (māximus), greatest, largest, very large, vast, enormous; very loud; magnificent; most remarkable; highest, best, utmost, supreme, most pressing, most urgent. māior, see magnus. male, [malus], adv., badly, ill,

mis-, unsuccessfully, unfortu nately.

male dictum, -ī, n., foul charge, slander, invective, abuse. male factum, -ī, n., misdeed. maleficium, -ī, [maleficus, evil

doing], n., evil deed, crime. malivolentia, -ae, [male + volēns], f., ill will, malice, malevolence.

mālō, mālle, mālui, -" [magis + volō], choose rather, prefer. malum, -ī, [malus], n., evil, misfortune, calamity, ill, woe, trouble, disorder, danger. malus, -a, -um, comp. pēior, superl. pessumus, adj., bad, evil, wicked, criminal, depraved, dissolute; pernicious, dangerous, destructive, deadly, disaffected, disloyal.

mandātum, -ī, [part. of mandō],

n., commission, message, instructions, directions. mandō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [manus + DA, put], intrust, direct, instruct; confer.

māne, [māne, morning], adv., in the morning, early in the morning.

maneō, -ēre, mānsī, mānsus,

[MAN, stay], remain. manicātus, -a, -um, [manicae, tunic sleeve, from manus], adj., long-sleeved. manifestō, [manifestus, clear], adv., clearly, openly, obviously; in the act.

Mānius, -i, [māne], m., Mānius,

a Roman forename. Manliānus, -a, -um, [Manlius],

adj., of Manlius, Manlian. Mānlius, -a, name of a patrician gens:

(1) A. Manlius Torquatus, dictator and consul, was famous for causing his son to be executed for disobeying orders in the Latin war, B.C. 340.

(2) L. Manlius Torquatus was consul B.C. 65.

(3) C. Manlius, Catiline's trusted lieutenant, was killed in the battle of Pistoria. mānsuētūdō, -inis, [mānsuētus, mild], f., gentleness, mildness, clemency.

manufēstus, -a, -um, [manus + FEND, strike], adj., caught in the act, convicted; clear, manifest, exposed.

manus, -ūs, f., hand; in manū, at his command; promptus manu, prompt in action; aequa manu discēdere, come of with a drawn battle, result indecisively; band, force.

Mārcius, -a, name of a Roman gens; Q. Marcius Rex, being refused a triumph after his proconsulship in Cilicia in B.C. 67, remained outside of Rome till the conspiracy broke out in B.C. 63, when he was sent to the neighborhood of Faesulae to watch the movements of Catiline's army. Marcus, -i, m., Mārcus, a Roman forename.

mare, -is, n., sea.

maritumus, -a, -um, [mare],

adj., maritime, naval. Marius, -a, name of a plebeian gens; C. Marius, born в.c. 157, conquered Jugurtha in 106, saved Rome from an invasion of the Cimbri and Teutones by

utterly defeating them in 102 | memoria, -ae, [memor], f., mem-
and 101, engaged in a frightful ory, recollection, remembrance;
civil war with Sulla, and died record.
in his seventh consulship, B. C.

Massilia, -ae, f., Massilia, now

māter, -tris, [мÃ, produce], f.,
mother, matron; see familia.
māteriēs, -ēī, [māter], f., mate-

rial, substance, source. mātūrē, [mātūrus, ripe], adv., seasonably, opportunely, at the proper time.

mātūrō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [māturus, ripe], make haste, hasten, hurry forward; mātūrāre sīgnum dare, give the signal prematurely.

Maurētānia, -ae, f., Maureta

nia, the westernmost country of northern Africa, now Mo


māxumē or māximē, see magis. māxumus or māximus, see māg


medius, -a, -um, [MED, middle],

adj., middle of, midst of, centre of; in medio relinquere, leave undecided.

mehercule, [mē Hercules (iuvet)], So help me Hercules! By Hercules! Upon my word! Assuredly!

melior, see bonus. memini, -isse,

[MEN, mind], def., with acc. and inf. pres., remember, recollect, bear in mind.

memor, -oris, [MAR, think], adj.,

with gen., mindful of, remembering, recollecting, recalling. memorābilis, -e, [memorō], adj., memorable, noteworthy.

memorō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [me-
mor], mention, make mention
of, recount, relate, say, tell,
call to mind, remind.
mēns, mentis, [MEN, mind],
f., mind, feeling, sentiment;
change of mind.

mentior, -īrī, -ītus sum, [MEN,
mind], lie; fabricate.
mercēs, -ēdis, f., wages, reward,
remuneration, prize.

mercor, -ārī, -ātus sum, [merx,
merchandise], deal in, buy.
meritō, [abl. of meritum, ser-

vice], adv., deservedly, justly. -met, enclitic suffix with intensive force added to pro


Metellus, -i, m., name of a plebeian family in the Caecilian gens:

(1) Q. Caecilius Metellus, sur

named Creticus for conquering Crete in B.C. 67, being refused a triumph, remained outside of Rome until the Catilinarian conspiracy broke out in B.C. 63, when he was sent to Apulia by order of the Senate.

(2) Q. Caecilius Metellus Celer, praetor in в.c. 63, was sent into Picenum, where he raised three legions, and successfully blocked Catiline's attempt to march into Gaul. mētior, -īrī, mēnsus sum, [MA,

measure], measure, estimate. metuō, -ere, -uī, —, [metus],

fear, dread, apprehend. metus, -ūs, m., fear, dread, ap

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