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pro-fugiō, -ere, -fūgī, escape.

-, flee,

profugus, -a, -um, [prō + Ffvg, flee], adj., fugitive; banished, exiled.

pro-fundō, -ere, -fūdī, -fūsus,

pour forth; waste, squander. profūsē, [profūsus], adv., im

moderately, excessively. profusus, -a, -um, [part. of profundō], adj., with gen., lavish, extravagant.

prōgredior, -i, -gressus sum, [pro+gradior, step], advance, proceed, go.

prohibeō, -ēre, -ui, -itus, [prō + habeō], hinder, prevent, stop; forbid.

ac sĩ, exactly as if.

prōlātō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [prōlātus from prōferō], put off, defer, postpone. prōmiscuus, -a, -um, [prō + MIC, mix], adj., without distinction.

pro-inde, adv., just as; proinde propius, see prope.

promptus, -a, -um, [part. of promo, take out], adj., ready, prompt.

(promptus, -ūs), only used in

abl., [prō + EM, take], m., a being visible; in promptu habēre, display.

prōnus, -a, -um, [PRO, before], adj., bent downward, with head downward.


prō-patulus, -a, -um, [patulus, open], adj., uncovered; noun, prōpatulum, -ī, n., open place; in prōpatulō, publicly. prope, adv., near, nearly, al

most; comp., propius, nearer; superl., proxumē, nearest, next. prope, prep. with acc., near;

prope diem, at a near day; so also propius, nearer, not far from.

prō-pellō, -ere, -puli, -pulsus, drive off, repel.

properē, [properus, quick], adv., hastily, in haste, quickly, speedily.

properō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, (properus, quick], make haste, hasten; be eager. propinquus, -a, -um, [prope], adj., with dat., near. propior, -ius, gen., -ōris, adj., comp., nearer; superl., proxumus or proximus, -a, -um, nearest; next, following, last; closest, most intimate.

prō-pōnō, -ere, -posui, -positus, put forth, lay before, present; state, declare.

proprius, -a, -um, adj., with gen., peculiar to, characteristic of.

propter, prep. with acc., near, on account of.

prōripiō, -ere, -ui, -reptus, [prō +rapiō], drag forth; with sẽ, rush out.

prōrsus, [prō + vorsus, part. of vortō], adv., precisely; in a word.

prō-scrībō, -ere, -scripsi, -scriptus, proscribe, outlaw. prōscriptiō, -ōnis, [prō + SCARP, scratch], f., proscription; confiscation.

prōscriptus, -ī, [prōscrībō], m.,

proscribed person, outlaw. prōsperē, [prosperus], adv., fa

vorably, successfully. prosperus, -a, -um, [prō+ spēs], adj., favorable, prosperous.

prōspiciō, -ere, -spexi, -spectus, [prō + SPEC, see], look forward, see afar; provide for. prō-veniō, -īre, -vēnī, -ventus,

arise, appear; flourish. prō-videō, -ēre, -vīdī, -vīsus, foresee, discern; take precautions, be on one's guard, take heed, take care; provide, prepare.

prōvincia, -ae, [prō + vic, conquer], f., province, territory governed by a magistrate sent from Rome.

prūdēns, -entis, [for prōvidēns, part. of provideō], adj., clever, able, capable.

psallō, -ere, -Ï, —, [ψάλλω], play upon a stringed instrument, sing and play on the cithara. publicē, [publicus], adv., publicly, for the state, in behalf of the state; from states. publicō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [publicus], seize for the state, confiscate. publicus, -a, -um, [for populicus from populus], adj., of the people, of the state, public; rēs publica, commonwealth, state; public affairs, political affairs, politics; public service, public weal, interests of the state; control of the state; government, seat of government; republic, republican principles; contra rem pūblicam facere, be guilty of high treason; fidēs publica, state guarantee of impunity. pudicitia, -ae, [pudicus, mod

est], f., modesty, chastity, vir


pudor, -ōris, [PVD, cast down], m., sense of shame, modesty, decency.

(beautiful), glorious, noble. punctum, -ī, [part. of pungō, prick], n., moment, instant.

proxumus or proximus, see pro- Pūnicus, -a, -um, [Poenī, Car


thaginian], adj., Punic, Carthaginian.

puer, -erī, [Pv, beget], m., boy, lad.

pūgna, -ae, [PVg, fist], f., fight. pūgnō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [pūgna], fight.

pulcher, -chra, -chrum, adj.,

putō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [putus, clean], (clear up, settle); consider, regard, think, suppose, believe.


Q., abbreviation for Quintus, a Roman forename.

quã, [abl. of qui], adv., in which place, where.

quaerō, -ere, -sīvī, -sītus, [QVAES,

seek], seek, look for; ask, inquire.

quaestor, -ōris, [for quaesitor, investigator], m., quaestor; the quaestors, of whom there were twenty in B.C. 63, were state treasurers in charge of all public moneys, some being employed at Rome and others in the provinces. quaestus, -ūs, [QVAES, seek], m.,

gain, profit; money getting. quam, [qui], adv. and conj. : (1) As adv., how; as; tam

quam, as... as, with superl., as . . . as possible;

quam primum, as soon as possible; with comp., than, rather than.

(2) As conj., see prius quam, postquam, posteā quam. quam-quam, conj., although,


quam-vīs, [volō], adv., (as you will), however. quantum, [quantus], adv., as much as, as far as, as; how much, how greatly. quantus, -a, -um, [CA, who], adj., (1) Interrogative, how great? how large? how much? what? (2) Relative, quantus

tantus, as great as, as much as; quantō, abl., by how much; quantō . . . tantō (with comparatives), the . . . the. quã propter, adv., on this account, therefore.

quārtus, -a, -um, [quattuor, four], adj., fourth.

quasi, [qua + si], adv. and conj., as if, as though, as it were, in a manner, as, like.

-que, enclitic conj., and; and so,

and accordingly, and in fact; but; que... -que, both ... and, as well.. queō, -ire, -īvī or -ii, -itus, be able, can.


queror, -ī, questus sum, [QVES, lament], with dē, complain, find fault.

qui, quae, quod, gen. cūius, [ca, who], rel. pron., who, which, that; at the beginning of a clause often translated by a demonstrative, and this, and that, but this, but that, this, that; with antecedent implied, he who, whoever, whatever.

qui, [old abl. of quis], inter. adv., how? why?

quia, conj., because, inasmuch


quicumque, quaecumque, quodcumque, [qui + -cumque], indef. rel. pron., whoever, whichever, whatever, every one who, everything that. quid, see quis.

quidam, quaedam, quoddam or quiddam, [qui], indef. pron., a certain, certain. quidem, [qui + dem. ending -dem], adv., certainly, indeed, at least, at any rate; nē... quidem, not even. quies, -ētis, [ci, lie], f., rest, repose, quiet, peace, tranquillity; sleep.

quiētus, -a, -um, [part. of quiēscō, rest], adj., inactive, quiet, peaceful, undisturbed; as noun, quiēta, -ōrum, n. pl., peace, tranquillity.

quin, [qui+nē], adv. and conj., (1) in principal clauses, (a) interrogative, why not? (b) corroborative, indeed, nay, in fact; quin etiam, why even, nay more; (2) in dependent clauses with subj., so that ... not, but that, but, without. quintus, -a, -um, [quinque, five], num. adj., fifth.

quippe, [qui + -pe], adv. and conj.:

(1) As adv., indeed, in fact,

of course, why, for. (2) As conj., inasmuch as, since, for.

Quirītēs, -ium, m. pl., Roman citizens, Quirites, fellow-citi


quis or qui, quae, quid or quod, gen., cuius, [CA, who], inter. pron. or inter. adj. pron., who? which? what? quid, acc. n. often with adverbial force, why?

quis-quis, -, quicquid or quid-
quid, indef. rel. pron., who-
ever, whatever, every.
qui-vis, quaevis, quidvis or quod-
vīs, [vīs from volō], indef.
pron., who or what you please,
any one, anything.

quō, [old dat. and abl. of qui],
adv. and conj.:

(1) As adv., whither? where? to what end? quō illa ōrātiō pertinuit? what was the object of these speeches? quo usque, how long? how far? with comparatives often the, as quo minus mirandum est, the less ought one to wonder.

(2) As conj., wherefore, on which account; usually with comparatives, in order that, that, in order to; quo minus, that . . . not, from with a participle. quo-cumque, adv., whithersoever, wherever.

quis, qua, quid, gen., cuius, [CA,
who], indef. pron., after si or
nē, any one, any, anything.
quis-nam or quinam, quaenam,
quidnam or quodnam, inter.
pron., who or what in the
world? who? what?
quis-quam, quaequam, quic-
quam, indef. pron. or indef.
adj. pron., any, any one, any
man, anything, any . . what-
ever, any... at all; the slight-
est; neque quisquam, and no
one, not one.
quis-que, quaeque, quidque or
quodque, indef. pron., each,
each one, every, every man,
everything, all; with reflex.,

rādīx, -īcis, [RAD, sprout], f.,
(root); of a mountain, foot,

rapina, -ae, [RAP, snatch], f., robbery, plundering, pillage, plunder, rapine.

each for himself, severally, in- | rapiō, -ere, -uī, raptus, [RAP, dividually.

snatch], seize, carry off, drag away, plunder.

quod, [acc. n. of qui], conj., be-
cause, inasmuch as; the fact
that, that; quod sĩ, now if,
but if, and if.
quoniam, [quom, old for cum +
iam], conj., since, as.


ratio, -ōnis, [RA, count], f., ac-
count; regard, consideration;
plan, method; pl., often inter-
est, advantage.
ratus, see reor.

re- or red- in composition, insep.
prefix, again, back, anew,

Reātīnus, -a, -um, [Reāte], adj.,
Reatine, of Reate, an ancient
town of the Sabines, 48 miles
northeast of Rome.
recipio, -ere, -cēpī, -ceptus, [re
+ capiō], recover.
re-citō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [citō,
freq. from cieō, call], read

re-condō, -ere, -didī, -ditus, lay | religiōsus, -a, -um, [religiō, conaway, hide, conceal. scientiousness], adj., devout, religious.

recordor, -ārī, -ātus sum, [re + cor, heart], call to mind, recall.

re-creō, -āre, -āvi, -ātus, [creō, create], revive; with sẽ, re


rēcte, [rectus], adv., properly, appropriately; rēctē atque ōrdine, giving heed to propriety and precedent.

rēctus, -a, -um, [part. of regō, guide], adj., right, proper, reasonable.

recūsātiō, -ōnis, [recūsō, refuse], f., refusal, objection, protest. -red-dō, -dere, -didī, -ditus, hand over, deliver.

redimō, -ere, -ēmī, -ēmptus, [red + emō], buy off, buy release from.

re-ferō, -ferre, rettulī, relātus, submit for consideration, offer a proposition; in the senate, refer a question to the senate, lay a matter before the senate.

rē-fert, -ferre, -tulit, -, impers., it concerns, is of impor

re-linquō, -ere, -liqui, -lictus, [linquo, leave], leave, abandon, desert.

reliquus, -a, -um, [re + LIC,
leave], adj., left, remaining,
the rest of, the remainder of,
the rest; nihil reliqui facere,
leave nothing; reliqui habere,
have left.

remedium, -ī, [re+medeor, heal],
n., cure, remedy, relief.
re-moveō, -ēre, -mōvī, -mōtus,
take away, set aside, withdraw,
remove, abolish; remōtō Cati-
līnā, with Catiline out of the

reor, rērī, ratus sum, [RA, count],

think, suppose, deem.

repente, [repēns, sudden], adv., suddenly.


repentinus, -a, -um, [repēns, sudden], adj., sudden, looked for, unexpected. reperiō, -īre, repperī, repertus, [re + PAR, breed], discover, find.


reficio, -ere, -fēcī, -fectus, [re +

facio], revive, restore.
regiō, -ōnis, [REG, guide], f.,
(direction, line, boundary);
region, district, country.
rēgius, -a, -um, [rēx], adj., of
a king, regal, royal, kingly,
of the kings.

re-petō, -ere, -īvī, -ītus, go back,
recall; demand; pecuniae re-
petundae, extortion.
re-prehendō, -ere, -hendi, -hēn-
sus, [prehendō, hold], cen-
sure, find fault with.
repudio, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [repu-
dium, divorce], reject, spurn.
repulsa, -ae, [part. of repellō,

rēgnum, -1, [REG, guide], n.,
sovereignty, supreme power,

drive back], f., failure to be elected, political defeat. re-putō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, reflect upon, think over.

regredior, -i, -gressus sum, [re re-quiēs, -ētis, f., rest, relief. + gradior, step], return. re-quiescō, -ere, -quiēvī, -quiē

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