Miscellaneous Works of Edward Gibbon, Esq: With Memoirs of His Life and Writings, Volume 3

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John Murray, 50, Albemarle-Street., 1815 - 691 pagine

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Pagina 514 - France il était passé en proverbe de dire : Cela est beau comme le Cid. Si ce proverbe a péri , il faut s'en prendre aux auteurs qui ne le goûtaient pas, et à la cour, où c'eût été très-mal parler que de s'en servir sous le ministère du cardinal de Richelieu.
Pagina 349 - Mantua, dives avis, sed non genus omnibus unum : gens illi triplex, populi sub gente quaterni, ipsa caput populis, Tusco de sanguine vires...
Pagina 347 - Troiae tristesque ruinas solabar fatis contraria fata rependens; nunc eadem fortuna viros tot casibus actos 240 insequitur. Quem das finem, rex magne, laborum? Antenor potuit mediis elapsus Achivis Illyricos penetrare sinus atque intima tutus regna Liburnorum et fontem superare Timavi, unde per ora novem vasto cum murmure montis 245 it mare proruptum et pelago premit arva sonanti.
Pagina 373 - Would from the apparent what conclude the why, Infer the motive from the deed, and show, That what we chanced was what we meant to do.
Pagina 565 - It will never return, because it never existed. Pericles (who died in the fourth year of the Lxxxixth Olympiad, ant. Ch. 429, Dio. Sic. 1. xii. 46) was confessedly the patron of Phidias, and the contemporary of Sophocles ; but he could enjoy no very great pleasure in the conversation of Plato, who was born the same year that he himself died (Diogenes Laertius in Platone, v.
Pagina 602 - ... is in the greatest admiration of the style, manner, method, clearness, and intelligence. Mr. Walpole's impatience to proceed will struggle with his disorder, and give him such spirits, that he flatters himself he shall owe part of his recovery to Mr. Gibbon, whom, as soon as that is a little effected, he shall beg the honour of seeing.
Pagina 637 - Were I ambitious of any other Patron than the Public, I would inscribe this work to a Statesman, who, in a long, a stormy, and at length an unfortunate administration, had many political opponents, almost without a personal enemy; who has retained, in his fall from power, many faithful and disinterested friends; and who, under the pressure of severe infirmity, enjoys the lively vigor of his mind, and the felicity of his incomparable temper.
Pagina 583 - The English translator has preserved the admirable sense, and improved the coarse style of his Arcadian original. A grammarian, like Dionysius, might despise Polybius for not understanding the structure of words ; and Lord Monboddo might wish for a version into Attic Greek.
Pagina 577 - I have entirely omitted a metaphysical inquiry upon the nature of laws in general, eternal and positive laws, and a number of sublime terms, which I admire as much as I can without understanding them. Instead of following this high priori road, would it not be better humbly to investigate the desires, fears, passions, and opinions of the human being ; and to discover from thence what means an able legislator can employ to connect the private happiness of each individual with the observance of those...
Pagina 597 - You never speak feebly, except when you come upon British ground, and never weakly, except when you attack Christianity. In the former case, you seem to me to want information.. And, in the latter, you plainly want the common candour of a citizen of the world for the religious system of your country. Pardon me, Sir, but, much as I admire your abilities, greatly...

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