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the reader to other books; only I have learned the unwillingness of boys to make use of such references, even when they have the books requisite. I have put together the main passages from other authors, Greek or Latin, wherein the chief knowledge of Germany and Britain, possessed by the ancients, is stored up; and the most interesting of these extracts are translated into English, as more easily catching the eye in running them over, and to induce younger readers to look at them, which they might not do at all, if they had to be read in a foreign and painful language. I ought to mention the books to which I am most indebted for help. They are Forbiger'sHandbuch der alten Geographie,' v. 3rd; Dr. Latham's 'Germania;' Ritter's Tacitus;' Dr. Smith's 'Dictionaries;' and Wex's ' Agricola.'

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BRIGHTON, August 31st, 1861.

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