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when the war in Numidia was terminated, and the Roman people received intelligence that Marius was conducting the king to Rome in chains, he, during his abfence, was again elected conful, and Gaul voted him as his province. He triumphed gloriously during his confulfhip on the calends of January. The hopes of the Romans and the defence of the republic were ever after invested in him.

The END of the JUGURTHINE War.

pro gloriâ certari. Sed poftquam bellum in Numidia confectum, & Jugurtham vinctum adduci Romam nunciatum eft, Marius conful absens factus eft; & ei decreta provincia Gallia: ífque Kalendis Januar. magnâ gloriâ conful triumphavit. Ex eâ tempeftate fpes, atque opes civitatis in illo fitæ.


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