The Mediaeval Stage: book III. Religious drama. book IV. The interlude. Appendices

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Oxford University Press, 1903

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Pagina 189 - I think it is in other like corporations) that when Players of Enterludes come to towne, they first attend the Mayor, to enforme him what noblemans servants they are, and so to get licence for their publike playing...
Pagina 14 - While the third lesson is being chanted, let four brethren . vest themselves. Let one of these, vested in an alb, enter as though to take part in the service, and let him approach the sepulchre without attracting attention and sit there quietly with a palm in his hand. While the third...
Pagina 30 - Die nobis Maria Quid vidisti in via?' 'Sepulchrum Christi viventis Et gloriam vidi resurgentis. Angelicos testes, Sudarium et vestes. Surrexit Christus spes mea, Praecedet suos in Galilaea.
Pagina 419 - Before the suppression of the monasteries, this city was very famous for the pageants, that were played therein, upon Corpus-Christi day ; which, occasioning very great confluence of people thither, from far and near, was of no small benefit thereto ; which pageants being acted with mighty state and reverence by the friars of this house, had theaters for the severall scenes, very large and high, placed upon wheels...
Pagina 390 - For representing it, they raise an earthen amphitheatre in some open field, having the diameter of its enclosed plain some 40 or 50 foot. The country people flock from all sides, many miles off, to hear and see it ; for they have therein devils and devices to delight as well the eye as the ear...
Pagina 278 - PRINCE G. My head is made of iron, My body is made of steel, My legs are made of crooked bones, To force you all to yield.
Pagina 390 - ... the players conne not their parts without booke, but are prompted by one called the ordinary, who followeth at their back with the book in his hand, and telleth them softly what they must pronounce aloud.
Pagina 306 - credidisti ut aliqua femina sit quae hoc facere possit quod quaedam a diabolo deceptae se affirmant necessario et ex praecepto facere debere; id est cum daemonum turba in similitudinem mulierum transformata, quam vulgaris stultitia Holdam vocat, certis noctibus equitare debere super quasdam bestias, et in eorum se consortio annumeratam esse.
Pagina 159 - O the motions that I, Lanthorn Leatherhead, have given light to, in my time, since my master Pod died ! Jerusalem was a stately thing, and so was Nineveh and the City of Norwich, and Sodom and Gomorrah.' The Spectator, No. 14, speaking of Powell, the puppet-show man, says: 'There cannot be too great encouragement given to his skill in motions, provided he is under proper restrictions.
Pagina 324 - That suilc a may mithe have to wyfe ! Puella. Do way, by Crist and Leonard, No wily lufe, na clerc fayllard, Na kepi herbherg, clerc, in huse no y flore Bot his hers ly wit-uten dore. Go forth thi way, god sire, For her hastu losye al thi wile.

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