Mystery of Edwin Drood

Estes & Lauriat, 1881 - 1051 pàgines

Què en diuen els usuaris - Escriviu una ressenya

No hem trobat cap ressenya als llocs habituals.

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Pàgina 166 - Hearts ; our hearts. Hem ! Again a revolving year, ladies, had brought us to a pause in our studies, — let us hope our greatly advanced studies, — and, like the mariner in his bark, the warrior in his tent, the captive in his dungeon, and the traveller in his various conveyances, we yearned for home. Did we say, on such an occasion, in the opening words of Mr. Addison's impressive tragedy : — " The dawn is overcast, the morning lowers, And heavily in clouds brings on the day, The great, th*...
Pàgina 599 - ... and drank until they died. While some stooped with their lips to the brink and never raised their heads again, others sprang up from their fiery draught, and danced, half in a mad triumph, and half in the agony of suffocation, until they fell, and steeped their corpses in the liquor that had killed them.
Pàgina 74 - Yet there it always lurked — something forever dimly seen, but ever there, and never absent for a moment. It was the faintest, palest shadow of some look, to which an instant of intense and most unutterable horror only could have given birth...

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