The Cruelest Joke of All

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AuthorHouse, 2001 - 176 pagine

Die Whimpering, Die Defiantly

Convicted of false criminal charges and forced from his soft, academic life into the purgatory of the modern prison system, survival is not the first rule, it becomes the only rule. Die Whimpering or Die Defiantly. Those are the choices presented to Professor Arthur Chesterfield. To avoid his grotesque death sentence, he agrees to participate in a secret military program. A program designed to test his genetic code - for ten years. But why are recruits exterminated, and why must he perform continuous suicide missions?

Then years later, known only as Roper 3001, one of the most hellish soldiers ever forged in the history of humankind, and the most unlikely of modern heroes of epic survivability, he must finally confront not just the diabolical evils of the world and the nightmares crawling within his subconscious mind, but ultimately, he must decide whether or not he still has a soul connecting him to the human race.

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