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5164 Posthumous works of the learned fir Thomas Browne : viz; the antiquities of the Ca

thedral church of Norwich : an account of some urnes found at Brampton.There is also added Joan. Burton antiquitates capelle D. Joan. Evangeliitae. London , Curll, 1712. in8vo. cum fig. v.

5165 The history and antiquities of Windsor castle, and the royal college and chapel ot S. George, with the institution, laws, andceremonies of the most noble Order of the Garter with appendix. Eton, Joseph Pot , 1749-1762. in-4to. fig. b. 5166 The history and survey of London from its foundation to the present time in two volumes , illustrated with copper-plates, by William Maitland and others. London , T. Osborne , 1756. 2 vol. in-fol. v. Cet ouvrage est orné de 121 planches gravées en taille

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516z Londres. Lausanne , Izzo. 3 vol. in-12. avec le plan de la ville. v. .

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51zo Histoire du regne de Henry VII Roi d'Angleterre, traduite du latin de M. François Bacon. Bruges, Wydts. 1724. in-12. br.

517 I The will of king Henry VII. London , 1775.

5172 Histoire du divorce de Henry VIII & de Catherine d'Arragon , avec la défense de Sanderus , la réfutation de M. Burnet , & les preuves ; par Joachim le Grand. Paris, a 688. 3 vol. in-z 2. v.

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518o A compendious view of the late tumults
in this kingdom by way ofannals for seven
years (1678-1784). by J. W. London, 1685.
in-8vo. V.
5181 Histoire de ce qui s'est passé de plus re-
marquable en Angleterre † la vie de
Gilbert Burnet, Evêque de Salisbury. La
Haye, Neaulme , 1735. 4 vol. in-4to. v.
Exemplaire en grand papier, orné de beaux portraits gra
vés en taille douce.
5182 Le procès du S, Edouard Coleman pour
avoir conspiré la mort du Roi de la grande
Bretagne. Hambourg , 1679. in-12. vel.

5183 Mémoires de la vie de Mylord Ducd'Ormond ; traduit de l'anglois. La Haye, 1737. 2 tom. in-8vo. V.

5184 An impartial journal of what passed between Admiral Mathews, and the combined Fleets of France and Spain the 9. 1o. 1 1 and 12. Feb. 1743 - 1744. ! London, Swan, I744. in-8vo. avec deux autres pieces sur le le même sujet. v.

5185 The report of the Board of general officiers into the conduct of Lieutenant Geneneral John Cope and others officiers froma the time of the rebellion in North Britain in the year 1745. London,

5186 A series of letters relating to the ant'gallican private Ship of war, and her lawful prize the Penthievre. London, 1758. in

. 8vo. V.

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