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specting the constitution of Carthage. The chiet magistrates were two suffetes, or kings, who seem to have been elected annually out of some few principal families : these also furnished a senate of three hundred members, and these again a smaller council of thirty principes. Livy, after the second Punic war, speaks of an assembly of one hundred judges, who held office for life, and were powerful enough to overrule all the other assemblies and magistracies of the state. Hannibal passed a law which checked the power of these judges, causing them to be elected for only one year.


The following da will be sufficient

shew the progress of the Roman dominion between the first and second Punic wars. B.O. 241. Coss. A. Manlius Torquatus Atticus II., Q. Lutatius

Cerco. Conclusion of the first Punic war, on the victory of

Lutatius Catulus at the Ægates Insulæ.. [Terms of peace agreed upon between Hamilcar and Catulus. 1. Evacuation of Sicily by Carthage. (This was considered

insufficient by the Roman commissioners, who insisted further on the cession of all the islands between Italy and

Sicily). 2. Restoration, without ransom, of all the Roman prisoners. 3. Payment by instalments, within twenty years, of 2,200

Euboic talents. (This also was disapproved, and changed

to 3,200, to be paid within ten years). The chief result of this war was the acquisition of the first

Roman Province-Sicily.] In Italy, Falerii revolts, and is reduced in six days, and B.C. 238. Coss. Ti. Sempronius Gracchus, P. Valerius Falto. Boian and Ligurian war, (end of the Carthaginian war

destroyed. 240. Coss. C. Claudius Centho, M. Sempronius Tudi

tanus. Spoletium (B. xxii. 9) colonized. 239. Coss. C. Mamilius Turrinus, Q. Valerius Falto.

with the mercenaries). Carthage obliged to surrender Sardinia and Corsica, (B. xxi. 1). Hamilcar goes into

Spain. 237. Coss. L. Cornelius Lentulus Caudinus, Q. Fulvius

Flaccus. Boian and Ligurian war continued. 236. Coss. P. Cornelius Lentulus Caudinus, C. Licinius

Varus. Irruption of Transalpine Gauls into Italy at the invi

tation of the Boii: in consequence of dissensions with

the Boii, they return home. War with the Ligurians continued, and Corsicans. 235. Coss. T. Manlius Torquatus, C. Atilius Bulbus II. Sardinians rebel at the instigation of the Carthaginians,

but are subdued, (xxi. 16, note).
Coss. L. Postumius Albinus, Sp. Carvilius Max.

imus. War with the Ligurians, Corsicans and Sardinians. 233. Coss. Q. Fabius Maximus Verrucosus, M. Pomponius

Matho. Ligurian and Sardinian war. 232. Coss. M. Æmilius Lepidus, M. Publicius Malleolus. The two consuls carry on the war in Sardinia. Agrarian

Law of the tribune C. Flaminius, (xxi. 63, note). 231. Coss. M'. Pomponius Matho, C. Papirius Maso.

Sardinians and Corsicans subdued.

3 234.

B.C. 230. Coss. M. Æmilius Barbula, M. Junius Pera, (B, xxii,

57 ; xxiii. 14). Ligurian war. 229. Coss. L. Postumius Albinus II., (see B. xxii. 35,

and xxiii. 24,) Cn. Fulvius Centumalus. First Illyrian war. Illyrians subdued, (see B. xxi. 16,

note). (Death of Hamilcar in Spain; see note, B. xxi. ch. 2).

Hasdrubal succeeds him in the command.

228. Coss. Sp. Carvilius Maximus II., Q. Fabius Maximus

Verrucosus II. Postumius, the proconsul, makes peace with Teuta,

queen of the Illyrians. First Roman embassy to Greece. Hasdrubal makes a treaty with the Romans,

(see B. xxi. ch. 2, note). 227. Coss. P. Valerius Flaccus, M. Atilius Regulus.

Number of prætors increased from two to four. 226. Coss. M. Valerius Messala, L. Apustius Fullo. 225. Coss. L. Æmilius Papus, C. Atilius Regulus. Sardinian insurrection—quelled by Atilius. Combination

of Transalpine and Cisalpine Gauls: they are defeated

by the Consul Æmilius. Atilius slain in the battle. Q. Fabius Pictor, the historian, who was cotemporary

with L. Cincius Alimentus, (see note, B. xxi. 38,)

served in this war. 224. Coss. T. Manlius Torquatus II., Q. Fulvius Flaccus I.

Second year of the Gallic war. The Boii submit.

223. Coss. C. Flaminius, P. Furius Philus.
Third year of Gallic war.

Flaminius defeats the Insubrian Gauls, (see note, B. xxi. ch. 63). 222. Coss. Cn. Cornelius Scipio Calvus, M. Claudius Mat

cellus. Fourth and last year of Gallic war. Marcellus wins the

spolia opima, (see note, B. xxi. 25). 221. Coss. P. Corn. Scipio Asina, M. Minucius Rufus.

Istrians subdued, (see note, B. xxi. ch. 16).

Hannibal succeeds Hasdrubal in Spain, (B. xxi. ch. 3). 220 Coss. L. Veterius Philo, C. Lutatius Catulus. Flaminius makes the Via Flaminia and the Circus

Flaminius. Census taken-the nuinbers of the citi

zens are 270,213. 219. Coss. M. Livius Salinator, L. Æmilius Paullus. Second Illyrian war, against Demetrius of Pharos, who

is conquered by the Consul Æmilius. Siege and capture of Saguntum. 218. First Punic war.

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