Leipziger Literatur-Zeitung. März, 1834, Volume 2

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Pagina 1265 - Historic of Hamlet Prince of Denmarke By William Shake-speare. As it hath beene diuerse times acted by his Highnesse seruants in the Cittie of London : as also in the two Vniuersities of Cambridge and Oxford, and else-where.
Pagina 1903 - To be, or not to be, I there's the point, To Die, to sleepe, is that all? I all: No, to sleepe, to dreame, I mary there it goes, For in that dreame of death, when wee awake, And borne before an euerlasting...
Pagina 1533 - Cours de littérature et de Morale, ou Recueil, en prose et en vers, des plus beaux Morceaux de la Langue...
Pagina 1441 - Gartenfreund, oder vollständiger, auf Theorie und Erfahrung gegründeter Unterricht über die Behandlung des Bodens und Erziehung der Gewächse im Küchen - , Obst- und Blumengarten, in Verbindung mit dem Zimmer- und Fenstergarten.
Pagina 1267 - A Critical Pronouncing Dictionary, and Expositor of the English Language: in which, Not only the Meaning of every Word is clearly explained, and the Sound of every Syllable distinctly shown, but, where Words are subject to different Pronunciations, the Authorities of our best Pronouncing Dictionaries are fully exhibited, the reasons for each are at large displayed, and the preferable Pronunciation is pointed out. To which are prefixed. Principles of English Pronunciation...
Pagina 1653 - Handbuch der Definitionen aller in der christlichen Glaubens— und Sittenlehre und in den mit ihnen, verwandten philosophischen Wissenschaften vorkommenden Begriffe...
Pagina 2113 - Die Materie erfüllt einen Raum , nicht durch ihre blosse Existenz, sondern durch eine besondere bewegende Kraft.
Pagina 1903 - To grunt and sweate vnder this weary life, When that he may his full Quietus make With a bare bodkin, who would this indure, But for a hope of something after death? Which pusles the braine, and doth confound the sence. Which makes vs rather beare those euilles we haue.
Pagina 2055 - 1 Duca disse a me : più non si desta , Di quà dal suon dell...
Pagina 2067 - Ratgeber für den Bürger und Landmann oder Sammlung auf Erfahrung gegründeter Vorschriften zur Darstellung mehrerer der wichtigsten Bedürfnisse der Haushaltung.

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