Genetic Diseases of the Kidney

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Richard P. Lifton, Stefan Somlo, Gerhard H. Giebisch, Donald W. Seldin
Academic Press, 25 feb 2009 - 848 pagine
Genetic approaches have revolutionized our understanding of the fundamental causes of human disease by permitting the identification of specific genes in which variation causes or contributes to susceptibility to, or protection from, disease. More than 2,000 disease genes have been identified in the last 20 years, providing important new insight into the pathophysiology of diseases in every field of medicine. Genetic Diseases of the Kidney offers expert insight into the role of genetic abnormalities in the pathogenesis of abnormal kidney function and kidney disease. Genetic abnormalities are carefully presented within the appropriate physiologic context so that readers will understand not only which genes are linked to which diseases but also which pathways lead from a genetic “disturbance to the systemic appearance of disease.

* Lays the essential foundation of mammalian genetics principles for medical professionals with little or no background in genetics
* Analyzes specific renal diseases – both monogenic disorders confined to the kidney and systemic diseases with renal involvement – and explains their genetic causes
*World-renowned editors and authors offer expert frameworks for understanding the links between genes and complex clinical disorders (i.e., lupus, diabetes, HIV, and hypertension)

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Genetic Abnormalities of Renal Development and Morphogenesis
Inherited Neoplastic Diseases Affecting the Kidney
Systemic Diseases with Renal Involvement Monogenic Disorders
Systemic Hereditary Diseases with Renal Involvement Multifactorial Diseases
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