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fessor of Political Economy at the Royal Athenæum of Paris. Translated by John Richter. 6s. boards.

The Report presented to the Magistrates and Town of Dundee, on 21st September, 1820, by the Committee appointed by them for examining the Report of the Select Committee of the House of Commons. ls. 6d. sewed.

THEOLOGY. Discourses, illustrative of the Designs of Christianity, and of some parts of its Internal Evidence. By Daniel Dewar. Svo. 12s.

The School Prayerbook ; being a Week's course of Prayers. 25. boards.

Lyric Hymns. By Edward Atkyns Bray. 2s.

Further Correspondence in the Matter between the Bishop of Bath and Wells, and the Vicar and Curate of Frome. 8s. 6d. sewed.

Sermons, Explanatory of the Gospels. By H. Hughes. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. ls. boards.

Sacred Lectures. By J. Hodgson. 12mo. 6s. boards.

Sacred Literature ; comprising a Review of the Principles of Composition laid down by the late Robert Lowth, in his Prelections on Isaiah, and an application of the principles so received, to the Illustration of the New Testament; in a series of Critical Observations on the Style and Structure of that Sacred Volume. By the Rev. John Jebb. 8vo. 15s. boards.

Sermons; Doctrinal, Practical, and Occasional. By the Rev. Wm. Snowden. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Lectures on the Temper and Spirit of the Christian Religion. By M. Allen. Crown 8vo. 9s. boards.

Lectures on the Holy Trinity. By E. Andrews. 7s. boards. .
Vol. I. of Sketches of Sermons. 12mo. 4s. boards.

Vols. III. and IV. of Scripture Portraits. By the Rev. R. Stevenson. 12mo. 10s.

Dialogues on Pure Religion. By J. Thornton. 5s. boards.

A Discourse of the Creatures, designed to magnify the Supercreation Grace of God in Election. By Thomas Goodwin. 6s. 6d. bds.

A Series of Sermons on various Subjects of Doctrine and Practice. By the Rev. G. Matthew. 2 vols. 8vo. ll. ls. boards.

The History of Religious Liberty, from the earliest period to the Death of George III. By the Rev. R. Brook. In 2 vols. 8vo. To. subscribers, il. ls.

Remarks on the Internal Evidence for the Truth of the Revealed Religion. By Thomas Erskine, Esq. Advocate. 12mo. 2s. stitched.

The Christian's Annual Journal and Record of Literature for 1821 ; with a portrait of the Rev. G. Burder. 2s. 3d.

The Application of Christianity to the Commercial and Ordinary Affairs of Life, in a Series of Discourses. By Thomas Chalmers, D. D. Minister of St John's Church, Glasgow. 8vo. 8s. boards.

The Sermons of Dr Isaac Barrow. 5 vols. 8vo. 21. 12s. Gd. boards. VOL. XXXIV. NO. 68.


Letters to a Young Clergyman. By Stevenson M Gill, Professor of Divinity in the University of Glasgow. 12mo. 6s. boards.

TOPOGRAPHY. A Statistical, Historical, and Political Description of the Colony of New South Wales, and its Dependent Settlements of Van Diemen's Land. By W. C. Wentworth. 8vo. 16s. boards. .

A New and Improved Map of India, on one large Sheet ; compiled from the latest Documents, and engraved by John Walker. 168. ; ór, on cloth bound in a case, or with rollers, 1l. ls.

An Appendix to the Description of Paris. By Madame Domeier. f. c. 48. boards.

Part III. of a General History of Yorkshire. By Thomas Dunham Whittaker, LL D. &c. Folio. 21. 2s.

Notes op Rio de Janeiro, and the southern parts of Brazil, taken during a residence of Ten Years in that country, from 1808 to 1818; with an Appendix, describing the Signals by which Vessels enter the Port of Rio Grande do Sul ; together with numerous Tahees of Commerce, and a Glossary of Tupi Words. By John Luccock; with two Maps and a Plan. 4to. 21. 12s. 6d. boards.

The New Picture of Edinburgh, in which the History and Improvements are brought down to the present time; beautifully printed in 18mo. 5s.

A Treatise on Topography ; in which the Science and practical detail of Trigonometrical Surveying are explained, together with their applications to Surveying in general. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 6s. bds.

Topographical Description of Ayrshire, more particularly of Cunninghame ; with a Geological Account of the principal Families in that Bailiwick. By George Robertson, Esq. 4to. bds. royal paper, 1l. 10s.; demy, il,


Journal of Voyages and Travels.—No. 6. completing Vol. III. contains Brackenridge's Voyage to Buenos Ayres. 8vo. 4s. 6d. sewed ; 48. bds.

No. 1. Vol. IV. containing Pertusier's Promenades in and near Constantinople, with numerous Engravings. 8vo. 38. 6d. sewed ; 4s. bds.

No. 2. Vol. IV. containing Gourbillon's Travels in Sicily and to Mount Etna, in 1819, with Plates. 8vo. 35. 6d. sewed ; 4s. bds.

A Visit to the Province of Upper Canada, in 1819. By James Strachan. 8vo. 6s. 6d.

Three Months passed in the Mountains East of Rome, during the year 1819. By Maria Graham. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Classical Excursions from Rome to Arpino. By Charles Kelsall. 8vo. 12s. sewed.

A Journal of Two successive Tours upon the Continent, performed in the years 1816, 1817, and 1818, By James Wilson. 3 vols. 8vo. 11. 16s, bds.

Travels through England, Wales, and Scotland, in the year 1816. By Dr S. H. Spiker, translated from the German. 2 vols. 12mo. 14s. bds.

A Tour through a part of the Netherlands, France, and Switzerland, in the year 1817. By Thomas Heger. 8vo. 10s. 6d. bds.

A Tour in Normandy, undertaken chiefly for the purpose of Investigating the Architectural Antiquities of the Dutchy, with Observations on its History, on the Country, and its Inhabitants. By D. Turner, Esq. 2 vols. Royal 8vo. 21. 12s.6d. bds.

Works Imported by Boosey & Son, Broad Street. Dictionnaire des Monogrammes, Chiffres, Lettres initiales, et Marques figurées, sous lesquels les plus célébres Peintres, Dessinateurs, et Graveurs, ont désigné leur Noms, &c. &c. Par M. F. Bruillot, employé au Cabinet d'Estampes de sa Majesté le Roi de Baviere. 4to. sewed, 21. 10s.

Lucas Cranach's Prayerbook, beautifully engraved on Stone, after the Original Drawings in the Royal Academy at Munich ; with descriptive Text in German. Folio. sewed, 14s.

Views of the principal Greek Monuments in Sicily, drawn from Nature, and on Stone, in a highly finished style. By F. Gärtner. Two Parts, large folio, with 16 Plates, and French and German text. 71. 10s.

Martini's New Systematic Cabinet of Conchology, in Latin and German. 11 vols. 4to, with 215 coloured Plates. 351.

Drouville's Voyage en Perse pendant les Années 1812–1813. 2 vols. 4to. Illustrated by upwards of 60 Lithographic Prints, 46 of which are executed by the celebrated Russian artist, Orlowsky. 111. 11s.; coloured, 131. 13s.


Abbé Haüy, 395.
Act, the Chester, 473_Durham, 474–Triennial, 495--Septennial,

enacted to preserve liberty, 496-effects of, on the Constitution,

altered, 497.
Ambrose Paré, father of improved French surgery, his successors,

Anecdotes of Ramsden, 130—of Day, ib.-of the two lovers, 133_

of Louis XVI., 420.
Aristophanes, Comedies of, by Mr T. Mitchell, 271–powers of, 274

and 280—monstrous position of Plutarch respecting, ungrounded,
ib.-—satịre of, 284–monstrous criticism of, by Plutarch, 285—not
the bent of the mind of, to be immoral, 288-various translations
of several of the comedies of, 289-motives of, not justified by
Cumberland for his attack upon Socrates, nor by the Messrs
Schlegel, 292_a bolder stand made for him by Mr Mitchell, ib.
-the object of, in writing the Clouds, 297-defended, ib.-every
trait of the Socrates of, may be traced to the Platonic Socrates,
299—wrote from intimate acquaintance with Socrates, and select-

ed him as of dangerous principles, ib.
Athens, audiences of, described, 275—a few words further in vindi-

cation of their rank and of the comic poet of, 278, 9-comic poet
of, public satirist, state journalist, periodical critic, and prize com-
petitor, 280—passion for disputation in the young men of, describ-

ed by Plato, 293.
Banks, Sir Joseph, late President of the Royal Society, all must re-

gret the loss of, 371.
Battoni Pompeio, a celebrated artist, character of his paintings, 96.
Bernard Barton's poems, 348-character of, 350-specimens, 351-

capable of affording delight to a large class of readers, must be a

most acceptable present to the Society of Friends, 356.
Bouler's, Primate, letter of, to Sir Robert Walpole, respecting the

origin of tithes in Ireland, 73.
Brande, W, T. Esq., Bakerian lecture by, on inflammable gases, 431

-experiments by, 'to show that coal gas must be a mixture of
olefiant and hydrogen gases, 432_found chlorine a useful agent in
analyzing compounds containing hydrocarburet, 434-a curious
effect produced by the action of electric light upon a mixture of
chlorine and hydrogen, ib.—the tentative methods Mr B. employs
might be objected to, 435_his train of reasoning in some parts a
little fallacious, ib.--the quantity of gas consumed in a given time,
436man erroneous calculation as to coal gas, 437—Mr B. exhort,
ed to pursue his inquiry respecting solar and electric light, 438,

Britain, the evils that at present threaten in, not denied by any par-

ty, 462—the probable termination of these, whatever be their ori-
gin, is equally uncertain and alarming, 463_-measures of restraint
fully tried to quell the public discontent in, ib.—and have in-

creased, 464.
Brougham's plan of education described, 239—1st, the establishment

of schools, 340—2nd, the appointment, visitation, and removal of
masters , 241-3rd, the admission and tuition of scholars, 242—4th,

the improvement of old endowments, 243.
Burckhardt, Mr, employed by the African Association to make dis-

coveries in that country, his skill in Oriental languages and man-
ners, 109-translates Robinson Crusoe into Arabic, cruel treat-
ment he receives from the inhabitants of these regions, 110_his
visit to the peninsula of Mount Sinai, 111-of the Bedouin Arabs,
112—his allusion to published and unpublished travels, 113-pre-
sent state of Egypt, 115—his travels through Nubia how divided,
law of paying money for blood established in Nubia, 116-n-his
journey from Daraou to Jidda, and manner in which he travels,
117_account of the disgust his appearance universally excited in
all the towns of Africa, 118_his description of the Eastern cha-'
racter, 119---number of slaves in Egypt, and their cruel treatment,

120-dreadful picture of the Africans, ib.
Canning, Mr, and Lord Castlereagh, their apparent professions re-

specting their native country, widely different from their practice

towards it, 337.
Characters, curious combination of, which we had not expected to

see imitated by any assembly of the present day, 315.
Civil and Christian economy of large towns commended and quoted,

Constitution, an innovation in dissolving Parliaments altered the ef-

fect of the Septennial act on the, 497.
Cornwall's Marcian Colonna, 449—qualifications of the author, and

character of his poetry, ib.—the highest kind of poetry and the
poetical temperament, 450—this volume like the two former, ib.
passages showing the spirit of poetry and beauty that breathes
through the story, 451-the description of the disastrous voyage
of Marcian and Julia, which might do honour to any name that
now graces our literature, 454-conclusion of the story, 456–
specimen of the Rape of Proserpine,' 457—miscellaneous poems
full of beauty and feeling, 458-the most pathetic and delicate is
• The Last Song' by a girl who feels herself dying of love, 459—
anticipations respecting the tragedy Mr C. is now engaged on,

Curwen's observations on the state of Ireland, 320_description of

Irish cottages, 331.
Des Cartes, plagiarism of, 393 and 394.
Destiny, the Fates and the Furies resorted to by the ancient tragic

poet, 272.

Dongola, frontier of, agriculture and manners of its inabitants, 116.

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