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Seneca, morals of, mem. on, 511. Sensuality pathetically exposed,


Red Sea, limits of, memoir on, Servants and tradesmen clandes

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Salisbury, the want of cleanliness in that city reprehended, 159, Santerre, General, defence of his conduct towards Louis XVI. 388. Sardinia, particulars respecting the natural history of, 471. Sarum, Old, mode of electing representatives for that celebrated borough, 331

Satan, his poetic visit to the

Brentford hustings, 328. Saxony, elector of, not an early encourager of Luther, 259. His interview with Erasmus, and final decision in favor of the reformer, 262-263. Scotland, means of improving estates in the northern parts of, 294. Scout, that bird described, 219. Sea, the dominion of claimed by Edgar the great, 343. Sea kings of the north, account of, 274.

Seine. See Cousin. See Messier.


tinely connected, anecdote respecting that fact, 165. Shaw House described, Sheep. See Mérinos. Sinclair, Sir John, unjustly accused of depopulating his estate, 295..

Smith, Dr. Adam, his principles on the wealth of nations adopted, and extended, by a fo. reigner, 524. Obs. on, 525. Sonnet, on a distant view of En. gland, 366.

Sotira, M. on the Plague, 459. Spain, remarks on, and its inhabit, ants, 360.

Stars, new catalogue of, 419. Statistical inquiries, their nature and advantages, 289. Stock-July flower, poetic description of, 31.

Strasburg, account of a literary society at, 511. Sun. See La Chapelle. Surinam, particulars relative to, 489.

Sweden, its practice in the ma

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nagement of sheep, 518. Switzerland, stated to be still rich and prosperous, 527. Sydney, Algernon, his name engraven on the top of the large Pyramid in Egypt, 288. Sylphs, their stroduction in poetry discussed, 28. Their gambols poetically described, ib.

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