The Improved Housewife, Or Book of Receipts: With Engravings for Marketing and Carving

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Stereotyped by R.H. Hobbs, 1851 - 227 pagine

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Pagina 49 - ... and other parts of the chicken, after being thoroughly washed, into a sauce pan ; add salt, pepper, and a little mace ; cover with water,, and stew till tender. Take them up ; thicken half a pint of water with two spoonfuls of flour rubbed into four ounces of butter ; add a tumbler of new milk...
Pagina 65 - Sauce of Liver. 128. Gravy for Ducks. Boil all the giblets but the liver, one hour, in a pint ol water, with a chopped onion, some salt, and pepper ; strain, and add a very little browning, and a teaspoonful or two of mushroom catsup. 129. Duck Sauce. Boil eight or ten large onions ; change the water two or three times while they are boiling ; when done, chop them on a board, to have them retain a good color ; put them in a sauce pan with four ounces of butter and two spoonfuls of good cream ; boil...
Pagina 79 - ... a gill of molasses, and a good piece of butter — bake it two hours.
Pagina 66 - Boil four Eggs for ten minutes, and put them into cold water, — when they are quite cold, put the yolks into a mortar with the yolk of a raw egg, a tea-spoonful of flour, same of chopped parsley, as much salt as will lie on a shilling, and a little black pepper, or Cayenne, rub them well together, roll them into small Balls, (as they swell in boiling), — boil them a couple of minutes.
Pagina 105 - ... milk ; add the juice and grated peel of one lemon, and the whites of the five eggs ; and sift in, as light as possible, four teacups of flour. Bake in two long tins about half an hour.
Pagina 177 - The roots should be boiled five or six hours — the liquor should then be strained, and a quart of molasses put to three gallons of the beer. If you wish to have the beer very rich, brown half a pound of bread, and put it into the liquor. If the liquor is too thick, dilute it with cold water. When just lukewarm, put in a pint of fresh, lively yeast, that has no salt in it.
Pagina 164 - Weigh equal quantities of good brown sugar and of apples ; peel, core, and mince them small. Boil the sugar, allowing to every three pounds a pint of water; skim it well, and boil it pretty thick; then add the apples, the grated peel of one or two lemons, and two or three pieces of white ginger; boil till the apples fall, and look clear and yellow.
Pagina 19 - The male, though generally smaller, has the highest flavour, the flesh is firmer, and the colour when boiled is a deeper red. Crabs. — The heaviest are best, and those of a middling size are sweetest. If light they are watery: when in perfection the joints of the legs are stiff, and the body has a very agreeable smell. The eyes look dead and loose when stale.
Pagina 104 - ... it. If you wish to color it pink, stir in a few grains of cochineal powder, or rose pink — if you wish to have it of a blue tinge, add a little of what is called the powder blue.
Pagina 48 - A turkey for boiling should be prepared in the same manner as one for roasting. If you wish to have it look white, tie it up in a cloth, unless you boil rice in the pot. If rice is used, put in two-thirds of a tea cup.

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