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i ne following observations made by a gentle,
man that accidentally itepped into a poblic house
near the Old Bailey, during the present seins,
though fimilar to a colloquy between Lord Mans.
Ecld and an officer or Low-streer, as mentioned in
this paper some time ago, as they are characteristic
of what is called in the cant term seeing life, may
not be unamusing to our readers.--The friends
of the person on trial, anxious for his fare, had
employed accomplices to go to and from the Ser-
fions house, merely to report to them the progress
of the trial, and appearances favourable or un-
favourable to the prisoner, as they might occur.
The firft of these affirmed, that the prosecu of
buffed it home to him fo (that is, swore so hard)
that he would be weighed in the city scales, viz.
hanged from the new drop; or, it would be a
dead leg, viz. transportation for life. The se.
"cond reported that things did not go on so rumly
with him as at first, for the Counsel had gammon.
ed for him, and so bothered, viz. cross-examined
the witnesses, that one of them had poxed him,
self, viz. was perjured, and would stand the doop,
and fee company, viz. be pillored. The third
report was ftill more favourable, mentioning that
his sentence at most would now be the grill, viz.
burned in the hand, or teized and shove the rum.
bler, viz. whipped at the cart's tail. However,
the arrival of another quieted all their apprehen-
fions by afsuring them that he had now pattered
the bench, and would be immediately turned up
that is, he had made so good a defence, as to ob-
tain his acquittal, and immediate discharge ; which
happened accordingly,

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