A History of Diplomacy in the International Development of Europe, Volume 1

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Longmans, Green, 1911
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Pagina 11 - luppiter; audi, pater patrate populi Albani; audi tu, populus Albanus. Ut illa palam prima postrema ex illis tabulis cerave recitata sunt sine dolo malo, utique ea hic hodie rectissime intellecta sunt, illis legibus populus Romanus prior non deficiet.
Pagina 330 - Church, and to our lord pope Innocent and to his Catholic successors, the whole kingdom of England and the whole kingdom of Ireland, with all their rights and appurtenances, for the remission of our...
Pagina 351 - Count Palatine of the Rhine, the Duke of Saxony, the Margrave of Brandenburg, and the King of Bohemia The...
Pagina 400 - in the beginnings," but "in the beginning" God created the heavens and the earth. Indeed we declare, announce, and define that it is altogether necessary to salvation for every human creature to be subject to the Roman pontiff.
Pagina 185 - It was our duty and our desire to give you a courteous and magnificent reception. That, however, has been rendered impossible by the impiety of your master, who in the guise of an hostile invader has laid claim to Rome; has robbed Berengar and Adalbert of their kingdom contrary to law and right; has slain some of the Romans by the sword, some by hanging, while others he has either blinded or sent into exile; and furthermore has tried to subdue to himself by massacre and conflagration cities belonging...
Pagina 410 - We have decreed that we will accept no magistrate in our valleys who shall have obtained his office for a price, or who is not a native and resident among us. Every difference among...
Pagina 419 - Paris, 1902, is a work of exhaustive research in the archives of the Vatican, France, and England. For the general English history, the histories of Pearson, Lingard, Green, and others are useful. See more particularly, Thomson, An Historical Essay on the Magna Charta of King John, London, 1829; and Gneist, Englische Verfastunysgeschtchte, Berlin, 1882.
Pagina 156 - , to the Germans •*• government under the Carlovingians was produced, by those national rivalries which had already pronounced the doom of universal dominion. The struggle between two opposing ideas — that of a universal monarchy inherited from the Romans, and that of local rule derived from the instincts and usages of the Germans, accentuated by the personal ambitions of the national princes — had now become the predominating movement in the political development of Europe. By a new combination...
Pagina vii - A history of diplomacy, as the author justly insists, properly includes ' not only an account of the progress of international intercourse, but an exposition of the motives by which it has been inspired and the results which it has accomplished.' More even than that — it must include also ' a consideration of the genesis of the entire international system and of its progress through the progressive stages of its development.
Pagina 129 - To insure the acceptance of this extraordinary document, it was added that, " if any one prove a scorner or despiser in this matter, he shall be subject and bound over to eternal damnation ; and shall feel that the holy chiefs of the Apostles of God — Peter and Paul — will be opposed to him in the present and in the future life.

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