Unto Children's Children

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AuthorHouse, 2003 - 284 pagine

This is a fiction novel based on the life of Benjamin Phelps, born at Sand Lake New York. In 1810, his parents, as with other families, were on their way west.

Illness and death brought an end to their dream, when upon the death of their pastor, they were charged with taking the pastors three-year-old son back to Connecticut. to his only relative.

Circumstances back home in Connecticut made it necessary for the family to live with Fanny's grandfather on his farm, where Ben and Matt grew up as brothers.

Matt's uncle was unable to care for him until in his early teen years. When he took both boys to Boston on one of his business trips, they were fortunate to hear Daniel Webster speak out against slavery. It awoke such a great interest in world affairs that from then on, Uncle Jon took great interest in their education.

In 1826 they were allowed to go by horse back on an adventure of exploration and work down the east coast to the southern states. This came to an end at Washington City, the nations Capital, when they received a summons to return home, Papa in bad accident.

Because of his death and burial before they could get home, it brought to an end Ben's carefree life and set him on a search for his destiny.

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