Lives of Scottish Worthies: Alexander III. Michael Scott. Sir William Wallace. Robert Bruce, pt. 1

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J. Murray, 1831 - 1115 pagine

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Pagina 121 - A personage thus spoken of by biographers and historians loses little of his mystical fame in vulgar tradition. Accordingly, the memory of Sir Michael Scott survives in many a legend ; and in the south of Scotland, any work of great labour and antiquity is ascribed, either to the agency of Auld Michael, of Sir William Wallace, or of the devil.
Pagina 75 - O lang, lang, may the ladyes sit, Wi' their fans into their hand, Before they see Sir Patrick Spens Come sailing to the strand ! And lang, lang, may the maidens sit, Wi' their goud kaims in their hair, A' waiting for their ain dear loves ! For them they'll see na mair.
Pagina 21 - The King related his dream, and many advised him to return, but the King would not ; and a little time after he was seized with a disorder, and died. The Scottish army then broke up, and they removed the King's body to Scotland. The Hebridians say, that the men whom the King saw in his sleep, were Saint Olave, King of Norway ; Saint Magnus, Earl of Orkney ; and Saint Columba.
Pagina 276 - A crown of laurel was in mockery placed on his head, because Wallace had been heard to boast that he deserved to wear a crown in that hall. Sir Peter Mallorie, the king's justice, then impeached him as a traitor to the King of England, as having burnt the villages and abbeys, stormed the castles, and miserably slain and tortured the liege subjects of his master the king.
Pagina 21 - One of them was in royal robes, but very stern, ruddy in countenance, something thick, and of middling size. Another seemed of a slender make, but active, and of all men the most engaging and majestic. The third again, was of very great stature, but his features were distorted, and of all the rest he was the most unsightly: They addressed their speech to the king, and enquired whether he meant to invade the Hebrides. Alexander thought he answered that he certainly proposed to subject these Islands....
Pagina 167 - Sheriff's lodgings in silence. It was a room or loft, constructed like most of the buildings of those times, of wood, and communicating with the street by a high stair. Up this Wallace rushed at midnight, and, beating down the door, presented himself in full armour, and with his naked weapon, before the affrighted officer, who asked him whence he came, or who he was? ' I am William Wallace (he replied), whose life you sought yesterday ; and now thou shah answer me for my poor maiden's death.
Pagina 288 - Countess herself, riding up, and with gentle violence takinghold of his horse's reins, reproached him in so sweet a tone for his want of gallantry in flying from a lady's castle, that Bruce, enamoured of her beauty, forgot the risk which he run, and suffered...
Pagina 288 - It happened, however, that the lady herself, whose ardent and impetuous temper was not much in love with the seclusion of a feudal castle, had come out to take the diversion of the chase, accompanied by her women, huntsmen and falconers ; and this gay cavalcade came suddenly upon Bruce, as be pursued his way through the forest, alone and unarmed.
Pagina 283 - Fredome mayse man to haiff liking ! Fredome all solace to man giffis : He levys at ese that frely levys ! A noble hart may haiff nane ese, Na ellys nocht that may him plese, Gyff fredome failythe : for fre liking Is yearnyt our all othir thing.
Pagina 135 - Fraser bishop of St Andrews, Duncan earl of Fife, and Alexander earl of Buchan. The...

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