Analytical chemistry, Volume 1

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Wiley, 2004 - 828 pagine
Table of Contents - Chapter 1. Analytical Objectives, or - What Analytical Chemists Do; Chapter 2. Basic Tools and Operations of Analytical Chemistry; Chapter 3. Data Handling and Spreadsheets in Analytical Chemistry; Chapter 4. Good Laboratory Practice; Quality Assurance; Chapter 5. Stoichiometric Calculations; The Workhorse of the Analyst; Chapter 6. General Concepts of Chemical Equilibrium; Chapter 7.Acid Base Equilibria; Chapter 8, Acid Base Titrations; Chapter 9. Complexometric Reactions and Titrations; Chapter 10. Gravimetric Analysis and Precipitation Equilibria; Chapter 11. Precipitation Reactions and Titrations; Chapter 12. Electrochemical Cells and Electrode Potentials; Chapter 13. Potentiometric Electrodes and Potentiometry;Chapter 14. Redox and Potentiometric Titrations; Chapter 15. Voltammetry and Electrochemical Sensors; Chapter 16. Spectro Chemical Methods; Chapter 17. Atomic Spectrometric Methods; Chapter 18.Sample Preparation; Solvent and Solid-Phase Extraction; Chapter 19. Chromatography; Principles and Theory; Chapter 20. Gas Chromatography; Chapter 21. Liquid Chromatography; Chapter 22, Kinetic Methods of Analysis; Chapter 24. Clinical Chemistry; Chapter 25. Century of the Gene-Genomics and Proteomics; Dna Sequencing and Protein Profiling; Chapter 26. Environmental Sampling and Analysis; Experiments; Appendix A. Literature of Analytical Chemistry; Appendix B. Review of Mathematical Operations Exponents, Logarithms, the Quadratic Formula, and Calculators; Apendix C. Tables of Constants; Appendix D. Safety in the Laboratory; Appendix E. Periodic Tables on the Web; Appendix F. Answers to Some Even-Numbered Problems; Index.

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The use of spreadsheets for plotting curves and perform Least squares equation

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