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" Probabllrty-of-uae curvea applied to brown trout (Salmo trutta fario L.) In rivers of southern France. "
Resource Selection by Animals: Statistical Design and Analysis for Field Studies - Pagina 165
di Bryan F. J. Manly, L. McDonald, Dana Thomas - 1993 - 177 pagine
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Fisheries Review

1989 - 968 pagine
...vitreum, and Ptychocheilus oregonensis. 89-004775 Belaud, A.; P. Chaveroche; P. Lim and C. Sabaton. PROBABILITY-OF-USE CURVES APPLIED TO BROWN TROUT (SALMO TRUTTA FARIO L.) IN RIVERS OF SOUTHERN FRANCE. Regul . Rivers Res. Manage. 3( 1 -4) :321 -336. 1989. FR 34(3) [Ecol. Natl. Agron. Toulouse, 145 Ave....
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Predicting Species Occurrences: Issues of Accuracy and Scale

J. Michael Scott, Patricia Heglund, Michael L. Morrison - 2002 - 940 pagine
...management. Journal of Wildlife Management 62:821-841. Belaud, H., P. Chaveroche, P. Lim, and C. Sabaton. 1989. Probability-of-use curves applied to brown trout...France. Regulated rivers: Research and management 3:321-336. Belding, L. 1890. Land birds of the Pacific district. California Academy of Sciences. Occasional...
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