Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts, Relating to Antiquity.., Volume 5

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Society of Antiquaries of London. Sold at the house of the Society [of Antiquaries], in Chancery-Lane; and by Messieurs Whiston, White, Robson Baker and Leigh, and Brown., 1779

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Pagina 313 - Far on excurfion toward the gates of hell, Squar'd in full legion, fuch command we had To fee that none thence iffu'd forth a fpy, Or enemy, while GOD was in his work ; Left he, incens'd at fuch eruption bold, 235 Deftruction with creation might have mix'd...
Pagina 420 - London, confidering it as a curious piece of antiquity. The outer cafe is of filver, raifed, in rather a handfome pattern, over a ground of blue enamel, and Mr.
Pagina 429 - Queen of Charles Stuart, late King of England, made and taken by us whose names are hereunto subscribed...
Pagina 255 - Scettifh antiquities are the vitrified walls; which confift of ftones piled rudely on one another, and firmly cemented together by a matter that has been vitrified by means of fire, which forms a kind of artificial rock, that refifts the viciffitudes of the weather, perhaps better than any other artificial cement that has ever yet been difcovered.
Pagina 420 - B. Rex Scotorum can be no other king of Scotland than Robert Bruce, who began his reign in 1305, and died in 1328 ; for the Christian name of Baliol, who succeeded him, was Edward ; nor can Robertus B. be applied to any later Scottish king.
Pagina 427 - In the third year of James I., a watch was found upon Guy Fawkes, which he and Percy had bought the day before, " to try conclusions for the long and short burning of the touchwood, with which he had prepared to give fire to the train of powder 3.
Pagina 18 - Patrick, St. Denys, St. James, Both apostle and patron — for saint so unknown Why should. England reject an apostle her own? This, my lord, is the matter— the plain simple...
Pagina 213 - In time of war, it was ordered, that he fhould ride on a light-horfe, with twenty men at arms, to the door of St. Paul's church, with the banner of his arms carried before him; and that there he fhould be met by the Mayor, and others, when the Mayor fhould appoint him...
Pagina 128 - To avoid however this offence of adultery with the wife of the more folemn marriage, if the patriarch removed to the dominions of a foreign prince, it feems to have not been uncommon to murder him, (for which the...
Pagina 258 - ... as far as the influence of that heat extended. As the country then abounded with wood, this purpose would be readily effected by building a stack of wood round the whole outside of the wall, and then setting it on fire. It was probably with a view to enable them to build this stack of wood with the greater ease, and to suffer the fire to act more forcibly and...

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