Exposition : Or a New Theory of Animal Magnetism: With a Key to the Mysteries ; Demonstrated by Experiments with the Most Celebrated Somnambulists in America ; Also Strictures on "Col. Wm. L. Stone's Letter to Doct. A. Brigham"

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Wiley & Putnam, 1837 - 225 pagine
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Pagina 37 - If ye abide in me, the works that I do shall ye do also, and greater works than these shall ye do, because I go unto my Father.
Pagina 49 - She was then requested to describe the situation of the furniture in it, in order to discover whether she had got into the right place, and whether her clairvoyance might be trusted to at that time ; she described it very exactly. I then told her my patient had been sick a long time, and desired her to examine him, and tell what the disease was. She said, " He looks so bad, I do not like to do it.
Pagina 42 - ... along the body to the feet. These passes, or motions, are repeated during the greater part of the course, and when he wishes to finish it, he carries them even beyond the extremities of the hands and feet, in shaking his fingers at each time. Finally, he performs before the face and the chest some transversal motions, at the distance of three or four inches, in presenting his two hands, put near one another, and in removing them abruptly. At other times he brings near together the fingers of...
Pagina 50 - ... asked her if she had conversed upon the subject, or seen any plates of the internal organs. She declared she never had. Seven days after this, the patient was taken more" seriously ill, and died on Saturday, the third day following. On Monday, a post-mortem examination took place ; previous to which I invited all the physicians whom I could find in the city. Eighteen persons were present, of whom sixteen were physicians.
Pagina 25 - She was seated in a corner of the room, the lights were placed at a distance from her, and so screened as to leave her in almost entire darkness. In this situation she read with ease a great number of cards which were presented to her, some of which were written with a pencil, and so obscurely, that in a faint light no trace could be discerned by common eyes. She told the date of coins, even when the figures were nearly obliterated.
Pagina 19 - After travelling over various parts of the kingdom during the greater part of a century, she settled at Norwood, whither her great age and the fame of her fortunetelling attracted numerous visitors. From a habit of sitting on the ground, with her chin resting on her knees, the sinews at length became so contracted that she could not rise from that posture ; after her death they were obliged to inclose her body in a deep square box.
Pagina 25 - ... forty-eight hours after the attack. During this time she read a great variety of cards written and presented to her by different individuals, told the time by watches, and wrote short sentences. For greater security, a second handkerchief was sometimes placed below the one which she wore constantly over her eyes, but apparently without causing any obstruction to the vision. She also repeated with great propriety and distinctness several pieces of poetry, some of which she had learned in childhood,...
Pagina 52 - The following is the title, equally quaint and " amusing, of a book which was published in Eng" land in the- time of Oliver Cromwell : — ' Eggs of " Charity, layed by the Chickens of the Covenant, and " boiled by the waters of Divine love. Take ye and "eat:" I subjoin the answer sent by Miss B.
Pagina 42 - ... magnetizers call passes. Then he passes his hands over the head, keeps them there a few moments, brings them down in passing before the face, at the distance of one or two inches, to the epigastrium, where he stops again, either in bearing upon that region, or without touching it with his fingers. And he thus comes down slowly along the body to the feet. These passes, or motions, are repeated during the...
Pagina 22 - Yes, indeed, I assure you. Come, my good mother, what am I to fear and hope?' — ' On your own head be it then ; listen : You will be married soon ; that union will not be happy ; you will become a widow, and then — then you will be Queen of France ! Some happy years will be yours ; but you will die in an hospital, amid civil commotion.

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