The Kurds of Iraq: Ethnonationalism and National Identity in Iraqi Kurdistan

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I.B.Tauris, 15 feb 2011 - 223 pagine
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Over ninety years since their absorption into the modern Iraqi state, the Kurdish people of Iraq still remain an apparent anomaly in the modern world -- a nation without a state. In The Kurds of Iraq, Mahir Aziz explores this incongruity, and asks the pertinent questions, who are the Kurds today? What is their relationship to the Iraqi state? How do they perceive themselves and their prospective political future? And in what way are they crucial for the stability of the Iraqi state? Through extensive field research, examining the complex process of identity formation amongst Kurdish students, Aziz analyzes wider issues of the intersection and interdependency of national, regional, ethnic, tribal and local identities. He thus constructs an intimate portrait of the Kurds of Iraq, which will provide an important insight for students and researchers of the Middle East and for those interested in the vital issues of nationalism and ethnic identity in the modern nation state, and the impact these issues have on the stability of Iraq itself.


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Mahir Aziz is Lecturer in the departments of Sociology and Social Work at the University of Salahaddin, Erbil. Educated at the University of Salahaddin, the University of Baghdad and Birkbeck College, London, he holds a PhD in Kurdish Studies from the University of Exeter.

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