The Zoist: A Journal of Cerebral Physiology & Mesmerism, and Their Applications to Human Welfare, Volume 9

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Pagina 52 - was naught, and such by which a man could by no means please God. Which saying of his, my Lord, your Lordship very well knows what necessarily thence will follow, to wit, that we still do worship in vain, are yet in our sins, and finally shall be damned ; and this is
Pagina 52 - and bid him look upon the prisoner : they also asked what he could say for their lord the king against him. Then they sware him ; so he began. " Superstition. My Lord, I have no great acquaintance with this man, nor do I desire to have further knowledge of him : however, this I
Pagina 77 - by small Accomplishing great things, by things deemed weak Subverting worldly strong, and worldly wise By simply meek, that suffering for truth's sake Is fortitude to highest victory, And to the faithful death the gate of
Pagina 65 - It was prettily devised of Esop, the fly sat upon the axle-tree of the chariot wheel, and said, ' What a dust do I raise!' So are there some vain persons, that, whatsoever goeth alone, or moveth upon greater means, if they have never
Pagina 25 - He said that a tender conscience was an unmanly thing ; and that for a man to watch over his words and ways, so as to tie up himself from that hectoring liberty which the brave spirits of the times accustom themselves
Pagina 63 - When this Pickthank had told his tale, the judge directed his speech to the prisoner at the bar, saying : Thou renegade heretic and traitor, hast thou heard what these honest gentlemen have witnessed against thee
Pagina 25 - Shame: but of all the men that I met with in my pilgrimage, he, I think, bears the wrong name. The others would be said nay, after a little argumentation, and somewhat else, but this bold-faced Shame would never have done.
Pagina 52 - Judge. Hold,—give him his oath. " So they sware him : then he said, My lord, this man, notwithstanding his plausible name, is one of the vilest men in our country. He neither regardeth prince nor people, law nor CUSTOM : but doth all that he can to possess all men with certain of his disloyal notions, which he calls principles,
Pagina 25 - of the times in which they lived : also their ignorance and want of understanding in all natural science. Yea, he did hold me to it at that rate also, about a great many more things than I here relate.
Pagina 153 - The undersigned, who were present at the operation above mentioned, attest the accuracy of the statement. " W. Fergusson, Professor of Surgery in King's College, and Surgeon to King's College Hospital. E. Forbes, Professor of Botany in King's College. James Luke, Surgeon to the London Hospital. John Adams, Assistant-Surgeon to the London

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