The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 18

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E. Cave, jun. at St John's Gate, 1748
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Pagina 580 - His fall was destined to a barren strand, A petty fortress, and a dubious hand; He left the name, at which the world grew pale, To point a moral, or adorn a tale.
Pagina 469 - In emblematic figures show The merits of their trade . That clients may infer from thence How just is their profession ; The lamb sets forth their innocence, The horse their expedition " O happy Britons, happy isle," Let foreign nations say, " Where you get justice without guile, And law without delay.
Pagina 152 - Done! why nothing, but sat there quietly, and never once offered to interrupt me in making the Coffee whereas had I had a Lady of modern good Breeding here, she would have struggled with me for the Coffee-pot till...
Pagina 153 - ... he did not understand such usage, and so walked off without his dinner. By the same token, I told the gentleman who recommended him to me, that the fellow was a blockhead, and I had done with him.
Pagina 151 - I will not indeed, Sir,' says I; so he opened a cabinet, and showed me a whole parcel of empty drawers. 'Bless me,' says he, 'the money is flown!
Pagina 154 - I am forry I have read it; for it gives me reafon to think there is no fuch thing as a fincere friend to be met with in the world." — " Why," replied he, " Authors are as jealous of their prerogative as Kings ; and can no more bear a rival in the empire of wit, than a Monarch could in his dominions.
Pagina 151 - Service being over, we met the Dean at the church door surrounded by a crowd of poor, to all of whom he gave charity, excepting one old woman, who held out a very dirty hand to him : he told her gravely, ' that though she was a beggar, water was not so scarce but she might have washed her hands.
Pagina 512 - Seater stood on the prickly back of a perch : he was thin-visaged, and long-haired, with a long beard, bare-headed and bare-footed, carrying a pail of water in his right hand, wherein are fruit and flowers ; and holding up a wheel in his left ; and his coat tied with a long girdle : his standing on the sharp fins of this fish, signified to the Saxons, that by worshipping him they should pass through all dangers unhurt; by his girdle flying both ways was shown the Saxons' freedom, and by the pail...
Pagina 469 - Tis all a trick ; these all are shams, By which they mean to cheat you ; But have a care, for you're the Lambs, And they the Wolves that eat you. Nor let the thoughts of no delay To these their courts misguide you ; 'Tis you're the showy Horse, and they The Jockeys that will ride you.
Pagina 215 - It was my Lord Roscommon's Essay on Translated Verse ; which made me uneasy till I tried whether or no I was capable of following his rules, and of reducing the speculation into practice. For many a fair precept in Poetry is like a seeming demonstration in the Mathematics, very specious in the diagram, but failing in the mechanic operation.

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