Leipziger repertorium der deutschen und ausländischen literatur: Ier-cviier jahrgang, Volume 19

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Weigel, 1847
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Pagina 397 - WILSON. -THE LANDS OF THE BIBLE VISITED AND DESCRIBED, in an Extensive Journey undertaken with special reference to the promotion of Biblical Research and the advancement of the Cause of Philanthropy. By John Wilson, DDFRS Honorary President of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, &c.
Pagina 512 - THE CAUSES AND TREATMENT OF ABORTION AND STERILITY : being the result of an extended Practical Inquiry into the Physiological and Morbid Conditions of the Uterus, with reference especially to Leucorrhoeal Affections, and the Diseases of Menstruation.
Pagina 224 - Unter allerlei Volk wer Gott fürchtet und recht thut, der ist ihm angenehm
Pagina 470 - History of Europe from the Commencement of the French Revolution to the Restoration of the Bourbons in 1815.
Pagina 397 - An Essay on the ancient Topography of Jerusalem, with restored Plans of the Temple, &c., and Plans, Sections, and Details of the Church built by Constantine the Great over the Holy Sepulchre, now known as the Mosque of Omar, And other Illustration».
Pagina 470 - Monuments pour servir à l'histoire des provinces de Namur, de Hainaut et de Luxembourg, recueillis et publics pour la première fois par le baron de Reiffenberg.
Pagina 324 - Wissenschaften a) sich in ihren besonderen Classen zur Berathung und Besprechung wissenschaftlicher Gegenstände, und als ein Ganzes zur Erledigung ihrer Geschäfte versammeln, regelmässig in wiederkehrenden Versammlungen zur Anhörung wissenschaftlicher Berichte und...
Pagina 311 - Pupil to fill up, and designed to accompany the above, 4to. each 4s. ; or together, sewed, 7s. 6d. The Geography of Palestine or the Holy Land, Including Phoenicia and Philistia: with a Description of the Towns and Places in Asia Minor visited by the Apostles. By W. M'Leod, Head Master of the Model School, Royal Military Asylum, Chelsea; late Master of th* Model School, Battersea.
Pagina 42 - Alles enthalte, was es an positivem Wissen und an Grundlagen zu solchem in der Medicin gebe, setzt daher Virchow den entschiedensten Widerspruch entgegen.
Pagina 231 - Descriptions of new species of organic remains from the upper Eocene limestone of Tampa Bay, Fla.: Am.

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