Rational Self-love, Or A Philosophical and Moral Essay on the Natural Principles of Happiness and Virtue

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J. Ferrar, 1770 - 143 pagine

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Pagina 14 - Fix'd like a plant on his peculiar spot ; To draw nutrition, propagate, and rot ; Or, meteor-like, flame lawless through the void, Destroying others, by himself destroy'd.
Pagina 75 - Tis Pleafant, when the Seas are rough to ftand, *' And View another's Danger, fafe at Land : " Not 'caufe he's troubled ; but 'tis f-weet to fee " Thofe Cares and Fears, from which ourfelves are free.
Pagina 111 - I know, too, that the mere vulgar of mankind often stand in need of such a rectifying object as the gallows before their eyes. Yet I have no belief that any man of a liberal education, or common honesty, ever needed to have recourse to this idea in his mind, the better to restrain him from playing the knave.
Pagina 136 - ... than this bare recital is provided by Kaye but not much that we can be sure of, although it does appear likely that Mandeville was at any rate a reasonably successful physician and it is certain that he was a successful and very well known writer. It is also easy to believe from his writings that he was "neither a saint in his life nor a hermit in his diet.
Pagina 108 - ... Eyes. Yet I have no belief, that any Man of a liberal Education, or common Honefty, ever needed to have recourfe to this Idea in his Mind, the better to reftrain him from playing the Knave. And if A SAINT had no other Virtue than what was rais'd in him by the...
Pagina i - Self-love ; or, A Philosophical and Moral Essay on the Natural Principles of Happiness and Virtue. With Reflections on the Various Systems of Philosophers, Ancient and Modern, on this Subject. By LN [The Most Rev.
Pagina 140 - Aakencharadters as write'rs, which they themfelves would defpife in an acquaintance. Deifts, while they have exprefled the higheft veneration and refpect for revelation, have taken infinite pains to undermine and ex-pofe it by oblique and covert means. Nothing but the caprice of mode^ and an unaccountable blindnefs that attends a prefent mode, could hinder them from obferving the...
Pagina 119 - Mete *' or did but mine with a borrowed Splendor, " derived from the Influence of, that mighty '* Luminary . Thus, in like Manner, tho' *' the Beauty, Fitnefs, Truth, &c.
Pagina 135 - have attempted to give a general Picture of " the Human Species, they have all along ta...
Pagina 136 - fajie either in Arts or Morals^ he appears to have been incapable of it. — The noble Writer is known to have been of a Frame the very Reverfe of this: His Conftitution was neither more nor lefs oppofite to Dr.

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