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2 I saw the wicked rise,

And felt my heart repine, While haughty fools, with scornful eyes, In robes of honor shine.

3 Thy word with light and power
Does my mistake amend;

I viewed the sinner's life before,
But here I learn his end.

4 On what a slippery steep

The thoughtless wretches go!
And oh! that dreadful, fiery deep
That waits their fall below!
5 Lord, at thy feet I bow;

My thoughts no more repine;
I call my God my portion now,
And all my powers are thine.

C. M.

237 God the Portion of the Soul.
MY God! the spring of all my joys,
The life of my delights,
The glory of my brightest days,
And comfort of my nights,-
2 In darkest shades, if thou appear,
My dawning is begun;

Thou art my soul's bright morning star,
And thou my rising sun.

3 The opening heavens around me shine
With beams of sacred bliss,
While Jesus shows his mercy mine,
And whispers, I am his!

4 My soul would leave this heavy clay
At that transporting word,
And run with joy the shining way
To meet my dearest Lord.

S. M.


God the Portion of the Soul.
MY God-my life-my love,
To thee-to thee I call;
I cannot live, if thou remove,
For thou art all in all.

2 Nor earth-nor all the sky
Can one delight afford,
No-not a drop of real joy,
Without thy presence, Lord.
3 Thou art the sea of love,
Where all my pleasures roll;
The circle, where my passions move,
And centre of my soul.


C. M.

ETERNAL Source of joys divine,
To thee my soul aspires;
Oh! could I say, 'The Lord is mine!"
'Tis all my soul desires.

2 My hope, my trust, my life, my Lord, Assure me of thy love;

Oh! speak the kind, transporting word,
And bid my fears remove :-

3 Then shall my thankful powers rejoice, And triumph in my God,

Till heavenly rapture tune my voice
To spread thy praise abroad.

C. M.


True Happiness to be found only in God.
IN vain I trace creation o'er,
In search of solid rest;
The whole creation is too poor,
To make me truly blest.

2 Let earth and all her charms depart, Unworthy of the mind;

In God alone this restless heart
Enduring bliss can find.

3 Thy favor, Lord, is all I want;
Here would my spirit rest:
Oh! seal the rich, the boundless grant,
And make me fully blest.

7s & 6s.


Turning from the World to Christ.
VAIN, delusive world, adieu!
With all of creature good:
Only Jesus I pursue,

Who bought me with his blood.
All thy pleasures I forego,
All thy wealth and all thy pride:
Only Jesus will I know,
And Jesus crucified.

2 Turning to my rest again,
The Saviour I adore;
He relieves my grief and pain,
And bids me weep no more.
Rivers of salvation flow

From his head, his hands, his side:
Only Jesus will I know,
And Jesus crucified.

3 Him to know is life and peace,
And pleasure without end;
This is all my happiness,
On Jesus to depend.
Daily in his grace to grow,
In his favor to abide:
Only Jesus will I know,
And Jesus crucified.

4 Him, in all my works, I seek,
Who hung upon the tree;
Only of his love I speak,

Who freely died for me:
While I sojourn here below,
Nothing I desire beside;
Only Jesus will I know,
And Jesus crucified.

L. M.


The World surrendered for God and Heaven.
WHAT sinners value, I resign;
Lord, 'tis enough that thou art mine:
I shall behold thy blissful face,
And stand complete in righteousness.
2 This life's a dream-an empty show;
But that bright world to which I go,
Hath joys substantial and sincere ;-
When shall I wake, and find me there?
3 Oh glorious hour!-oh blest abode !
I shall be near, and like my God;
And flesh and sin no more control
The sacred pleasures of my soul.

S. M.


God's Favor preferred to the Prosperity of Sinners. LET sinners take their course,

And choose the road to death;
But in the worship of my God
I'll spend my daily breath.
2 Thou wilt regard my cries,
O my eternal God!
While sinners perish in surprise,
Beneath thine angry rod.

3 But I-with all my cares,
Will lean upon the Lord;
I'll cast my burdens on his arm,
And rest upon his word.

L. M.


The World surrendered for God and Heaven. THOU only Sovereign of my heart,

My Refuge, my almighty Friend-
And can my soul from thee depart,

On whom alone my hopes depend?

2 Whither-ah! whither shall I go,

A wretched wanderer from my Lord? Can this dark world of sin and wo

One glimpse of happiness afford? 3 Eternal life thy words impart;

On these my fainting spirit lives: Here, sweeter comforts cheer my heart, Than all the round of nature gives.

4 Let earth's alluring joys combine,

While thou art near, in vain they call; One smile-one blissful smile of thine,

My dearest Lord! outweighs them all. б Thy name my inmost powers adore;

Thou art my life-my joy-my care: Depart from thee?-'tis death-'tis more"Tis endless ruin-deep despair!

6 Low at thy feet my soul would lie;
Here safety dwells-and peace divine:
Still let me live beneath thine eye,
For life-eternal life-is thine.

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