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Jesus reigns the God of love:
See, he sits on yonder throne;

Jesus rules the world alone.
2 Jesus, hail! whose glory brightens

All above, and gives worth; Lord of life—thy smile enlightens,

Cheers, and charms thy saints on earth : When we think of love like thine,

Lord, we own it love divine.
3 King of glory, reign forever-

Thine an everlasting crown:
Nothing from thy love shall sever

Those whom thou hast made thine own; Happy objects of thy grace,

Destined to behold thy face. 4 Saviour, hasten thine appearing ;

Bring-oh bring the glorious day,
When, the awful summons hearing,

Heaven and earth shall pass away :
Then with golden harps, we'll sing-
Glory, glory to our King."

Es & 7s. 88

Worthy is the Lamb.
HARK the notes of angels singing-

“Glory, glory to the Lainb!"
All in heaven their tribute bringing,

Raising high the Saviour's name. 2 Ye, for whom his life was given,

Sacred themes to you belong :
Come, assist the choir of heaven

Join the everlasting song. 3 Filled with holy emulation,

Let us vie with those above :


Sweet the theme—a free salvation !

Fruit of everlasting love.
4 Endless life in him possessing,

Let us praise his precious name:
Glory, honor, power, and blessing,

Be forever to the Lamb.

L. M. 89

Christ cxalted to be a Prince and Saviour.
EXALTED Prince of Life! we own
The royal honors of thy throne :
'Tis fixed by God's almighty hand,

And seraphs bow at thy command. 2 Exalted Saviour! we confess

The sovereign triumphs of thy grace;
Wide may thy cross thy virtues prove,
And conquer millions by thy love.

C. M. 90

Christ crowned as Lord of All.
ALL hail, the great Immanuel's name!

Let angels prostrate fall:
Bring forth the royal diadem,

And crown him LORD OF ALL.
2 Crown him, ye martyrs of our God,

Who from his altar call;
Praise him, who shed for you his blood,

And crown him LORD OF ALL. 3 Ye chosen seed of Israel's race,

A remnant weak and small, Hail him, who saves you by his grace,

And crown him LORD OF ALL. 4 Ye gentile sinners, ne'er forget

The wormwood and the gall;

Go spread your trophies at his feet,

And crown him LORD OF ALL. 5 Let every kindred-every tribe,

On this terrestrial ball, To him all majesty ascribe,

And crown him LORD OF ALL.

6s & 4s. 91

Christ's final Triumph.
LET us awake our joys,
Strike up with cheerful voice,

Each creature sing-
Angels, begin the song,
Mortals, the strain prolong,
In accents sweet and strong,

“ Jesus is King."
2 Proclaim abroad his name,
Tell of his matchless fame-

What wonders done!
Shout through hell's dark profound,
Let all the earth resound,
Till heaven's high arch rebound,

“ Victory is won.
3 He vanquished sin and hell,
And our last foe will quell;

Mourners, rejoice!
His dying love adore-
Praise him, now raised in power,
Praise him for evermore,

With joyful voice.
4 All hail the glorious day,
When through the heavenly way,

Lo, he shall come!
While they who pierced him wail

C. M.

His promise shall not fail;
Saints, see your King prevail:-

Great Saviour, come. 92

Pity and Condescension of Christ.
THE Saviour! oh, what endless charms

Dwell in that blissful sound !
Its influence every fear disarms,

And spreads delight around.
2 Here pardon, life, and joy divine

In rich effusion flow,
For guilty rebels, lost in sin,

And doomed to endless wo.
3 Th’ almighty Former of the skies

Stoops to our vile abode;
While angels view, with wondering eyes,

And hail th' incarnate God.
4 How rich the depths of love divine!

Of bliss, a boundless store !
Dear Saviour, let me call thee mine-

I cannot wish for more!
5 On thee alone my hope relies ;

Beneath thy cross I fall;
My Lord, my Life, my Sacrifice,
My Saviour, and my all!

L. M. 93

Safe trusting in Christ.
LET everlasting glories crown

Thy head, my Saviour, and my Lord;
Thy hands have brought salvation down,

And writ the blessings in thy word. 2 In vain the trembling conscience seeks

Some solid ground to rest upon;

With deep despair—the spirit breaks,

Till we apply to Christ alone. 3 How well thy blessed truths agree!

How wise and holy thy commands ! Thy promises—how firm they be! How firm our hope, our comfort stands!

L. M. 94

Safe trusting in Christ. JESUS, no other name but thine

Is given by everlasting love, To lead our souls to joys divine;

No other name will God approve. 2 Here let my constant feet abide,

Nor from the heavenly way depart! Let thy good Spirit be my guide,

Direct my steps—and rule my heart. 3 In thee, my great almighty Friend,

My safety dwells—and peace divine; On thee alone my hopes depend, For life, eternal life is thine,

78. 95

Redeeming Love.
NOW begin the heavenly theme,
Sing of mercy's healing stream:
Ye, who Jesus' kindness prove,

Sing of his redeeming love.
2 Welcome, all by sin oppressed,

Welcome all to Jesus' rest.
Nothing brought him from above,

Nothing but redeeming love.
3 He subdued th’ infernal powers,

His inveterate foes, and ours :

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