Music and Musical Composition at the American Academy in Rome

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Martin Brody
Boydell & Brewer, 2014 - 339 pagine
The American Academy in Rome launched its Rome Prize in Musical Composition in 1921, a time in the United States of rapidly changing ideas about national identity, musical values, and the significance of international artistic exchange. Music and Musical Composition at the American Academy in Rome tells the story of this prestigious fellowship. Combining cultural analysis with historical and personal accounts of a century of musical life at the American Academy in Rome, the book offers new perspectives on a wide range of critical topics: patronage and urban culture, institutions and professional networks, musical aesthetics, American cultural diplomacy, and the maturation of a concert-music repertory in the United States during the twentieth century. Contributors: Martin Brody, Elliott Carter, John Harbison, Christina Huemer, Carol J. Oja, Andrea Olmstead, Vivian Perlis, Judith Tick, Richard Trythall Martin Brody is the Catherine Mills Davis Professor of Music at Wellesley College, and served as the Andrew Heiskell Arts Director at the American Academy in Rome from 2007 to 2010.

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The Rome Prize from Leo Sowerby to David Diamond
A History of the Rome Prize in Music Composition 19472006
The Classicist Origins of the Rome Prize
Picked Young Men Facilitating Women and Emerging
Leo Sowerby Elizabeth
Friendship and Ideology at
American Composers on Rome
The New Music Scene in Rome and the American
For the Academy
Music Resources at the American Academy in Rome
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Martin Brody is Catherine Mills Davis Professor of Music, Wellesley College

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