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Alken (H.) A Cockney's Shooting Season in Suffolk, 6 col.
plates, 1822, folio (968), Dec. 20, Sotheby Spencer, £26
Allard (Carolo). Orbis Habitablis Oppida et Vestitus, cen-
tenario numero complexa, summo studio collecta, atque
in lucem edita a Carolo Allard, with col. title and foo
col. views and costume plates, double-page, old hf. red
mor., Amsterdam [1690], sm. folio (2), April 18, Anderson
Allen (Thos.) History of the County of York, map and
plates, 6 vol., cf. ex., y.e., by Rivière, 1826-31, 8vo. (1),
Oct. 25, Sotheby
£3 10S.
Allen (William, Cardinal). A Treatise made in defence of the
lawful power and authoritie of Priesthood to remitte
sinnes, first ed., black letter (slightly water-stained), mor.,
g.e., Lovanii, apud Io. Foulerum, 1567, 8vo. (481), June
28, Sotheby
Pickering, £3
[Allen (Wm., Bp. of Exeter).] IITOXOMOTZEION, The poore
Man's Librarie, black letter, woodcut borders to titles and
large woodcut port. of printer on last leaf, 2 vol. in 1, oak
bds. covered with stamped leather, newly rebacked, John
Daye, 1571 (690), Feb. 23, Sotheby
Maggs, £3 5s.
Allestree (Richard). The Gentlemans Calling, crimson mor.,
by The Club Bindery, London, T. Garthwait, 1660, 12m0.
(4), Nov. 29, Anderson Galleries


[The Hoe-Jones copy, with bookplates.]
Allibone (S. A.) Dictionary of English Literature, and
British and American Authors, with Supplement, 5 vol.,
cl., 1902, imp. 8vo. (362), Oct. 27, Hodgson

Quaritch, £2 14S.
Allix (P.) A Preparation for the Lord's Supper, by P. Lorrain,
contemp. English black mor. [by Mearne], a fine example
of a cottage" binding, 1688 (146), April 21, Hodgson
Maggs, £10 IOS.

Allot (R.) Englands Parnassus, or The choysest Flowers of
our Moderne Poets, with their Poetical Comparisons, with
the orig. blank 11., including the one preceding title marked
A," blue mor., g.e., by W. Pratt, with auto. signature
of "Wm. Wordsworth on title-page, Imprinted for N. L.,
C. B., and T. H. [i.e., N. Ling, C. Burby, and T. Hayes],
1600, sm. 8vo. (16), May 25, Sotheby Quaritch, £70
Almanac. The American Almanack for the year of Christian
Account, 1738, by Titan Leeds, red mor., gt. top, uncut,
New York, William Bradford, 17— [1737], 12mo. (4),

Almanacks. Stationers' Company Miniature Almanacks for
1786, with view of the Bank of England, 1794, with view
of the Coal Exchange, and for 1796, contemp. mor. ex.,
in the orig. slip-cases (747), July 27, Hodgson Spencer, £3
Alphonsus de Spina. Fortalitium fidei contra fidei Christianae
hostes, with 8 additional ll., containing the rubrics for the
rubricator to copy into the blank spaces in the text,
gothic type, 248 11., including rubricator's index, with

manuscript quiring and manuscript foliation to leaf 130,
first leaf of text (leaf 9) contains a border in gold and
colours, on inner and lower margins, with shield contain-
ing a goat in lower design, and illuminated initial, orig.
wooden bds. covered with stamped pigskin, with curious
original piecing of the skin on one corner, traces of clasps,
numerous wormholes and some larger holes, edges slightly
worn [Strassburg, Johann Mentelin, not after 1471], folio
(10), Dec. 20, American Art Association

[Hain, No. 872; "Catalogue of Books Printed in the xvth Century in the British Museum," Part I., page 55, second copy. Collation: [a in eight, a (repeated) to d in tens, e, f in eights, g in six, h to o in tens, p, q in eights, r to z in tens, aa in eight, bb in six, cc in eight]. The verso of leaves 70 [g6] and 240 [bb6] are blank. Tall copy, measuring 15 x 11 inches. From the Carthusian Monastery of Buxheim, with two stamps of the library on first leaf, and interesting inscription on fly-leaf. Alpine Journal (The), a Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation, by Members of the Alpine Club, Vol. i.-xxxiii. and Index to Vol. i.-xv. (but wants one part, No. 218 in Vol. xxxii., 1918-19), maps and plates, some col. (has the "Narrow Arête plate in Vol. ii. and the "Man and Monster" plate in Vol. iii.), hf. green mor., last 8 vol. in parts as issued, 1864-1920 (1), July 25, Sotheby Edwards, LII Alpine Journal, numerous plates, Vol. i.-xxv. orig. cl., and Vol. xxvi. to xxxii, Part i., in parts as issued (Parts 195217), Index to Vol. i.-xv., 1892-Catalogue of Books in the Library, 1899, together 27 vol. and 23 parts (the binding of Index and Catalogue a little damaged), 18641918, 8vo. (132), April 25, Sotheby Barnard, £19 Alpine Journal, Vol. i.-xx., and Index to Vol. i.-xv. (Vol. xx., two copies), cl. gt., 1864-1901, 8vo. (551), April 18, Sotheby Thorp, £14 1OS. Alvarottis (Iac. de). De Feudis, gothic letter, double columns of 60 lines, initials in red, hf. cf. [Hain *887], “ Venetiis " [Padova, Laurentius Canozius], 1477, folio (19), May 25, Sotheby Davis & Orioli, £8 Amadis de Gaule, traduit nouuellement d'Espagnolen Francoys, par le Seigneur des Essars Nicolas de Herberay, Livres i.-iv., 4 vol. in 1, roman letter, woodcuts (a few small wormholes, 2 11. cut at fore-edge), modern brown mor., Pour Vincent Sertenas, 1548, 50, 45, folio (2881), Nov. 2, Sotheby Colnaghi, £6 15s. Amadis de Gaule. Le Premier (-Second) Livre d'Amadis de Gaule, mis en Francoys par le Seigneur des Essars Nicolas de Herberay, woodcuts, 2 vol. in 1, orig. vell., Paris, E. Groulleau, 1555, 8vo. (3), Oct. 21, Sotheby Maggs, £6 1OS. Amadis de Gaule. Le Sixiesme (Septiesme) Livre d'Amadis de Gaule, mis en Francois par le Seigneur des Essars, 2

vol. in 1, orig. vell., Paris, pour Vincent Sertenas, 1557, sm. 8vo. (3A), Oct. 21, Sotheby Dobell, £2 5s. Amadis de Gaule. Le douzieme Livre d'Amadis de Gaule, traduit nouvellement d'Espagnol en François, par G. Aubert de Poitiers, title within a woodcut border, cuts in the text, orig. cf. (slightly damaged), En Anvers, par G. Silvius, 1572, sm. 4to. (4), Oct. 21, Sotheby

Dobell, £2 10S. Amadis de Gaule, mis en François par Nicolas de Herberay, 21 vol., Lyon, 1577-81-Trésor de tous les Livres d'Amadis de Gaule, ib., 1582-Le Vingt et deuxiesme, troisieme, quatrieme et dernier Livre d'Amadis de Gaule, engraved titles, 3 vol., Paris, 1615, together 25 vol., old russ., arms in gold on sides, m.e., 8vo. (774), Dec. 20, Sotheby LIO IOS. Amadis de Gaule. The Famous and Renowned History of Amadis de Gaule, conteining the Heroick Deeds of Arms and strange Adventures, Booke the sixt, never before published, trans. by Francis Kirkman, first ed. (title defective), old cf., 1652, 4to. (264), May 9, Sotheby Buen, I IOS. Amadis of Greece. The most Excellent and Famous History of the Most Renowned Knight, Amadis of Greece, surnam'd The Knight of the Burning Sword, black letter, woodcuts, including the front. (a few letters damaged by rust-stains), panelled cf. (A-FF 2 in fours, including the front. and title), Printed for J. Deacon and J. Blare, 1694, 8vo. (22), Nov. 9, Sotheby Quaritch, £8 5s. Aman (J.) Gynaeceum, siue Theatrum Mulierum, first ed., woodcuts (some headlines cut into), cf., Francofurti, 1586, 4to. (171), March 17, Sotheby Hope, £3 15s. Amman (J.) Im Frauwenzimmer wirt vermeldt von allerley schönen Klerdungen unnd Trachten der Weiber, first German ed., woodcuts (wants front., a few headlines shaved), mor. gt., g.e., Franckfurt, 1586, 4to. (172), March 17, Sotheby Hope, £4 5s. Amboise (Michel d'). Seigneur de Chevillon. Les cent epigrames avecques la vision la complainte de vertu traduyte de frere baptiste Mantuan . . . et la fable de lamoureuse Biblis et de launus traduyte D'Ovide par Michel damboyse dit lesclaue fortune, gothic letter, title in red and black, woodcuts, printer's mark on the last leaf (wants 2 l.), French cf. gt., gt. back, Paris, Alain Lotrian [for Jehan Longis, 1532]-Le Babilon autrement la Confusion de lesclaue fort. . . Avecques aucuns Rondeaulx et epistres gothic letter, title in red and black (mounted), _woodcuts (a few 11. slightly defective and repaired), French cf. gt., gt. back, ib. [Alain Lotrian] for Jean Longis [1532], 8vo. (107), April 18, Sotheby


Ford, £7 Ambroise (St.) Lettres, par D. de Bonrecueil, 3 vol., contemp. olive mor. ex., tooled backs, gt. over marbled edges, with

curious col. floral end-papers on gold background, with the arms of Henri-Camille, Marquis de Béringhen (16931770), to whom the work is dedicated, 1741, sm. 8vo. (126), Nov. 25, Hodgson Quaritch, £18 10s. Ambrosius (St.) Sancti Ambrosii Mediolanensis de Officiis Libri tres, roman letter, 128 l., long lines, 28 to a full page, red mor. gt., g.e., from the Firmin Didot library [Hain 910], Milan, Christopher Valdarfer, 1474, 4to. (20), May 25, Sotheby Quaritch, £23

[The first book printed by Valdarfer in Milan.] America. Acts and Laws of His Majesty's English Colony of Connecticut in New England in America [with Charter], old sheep, New London, Timothy Green, 1750-1752, folio (490), Jan. 10, Anderson Galleries

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$100 [Good copy of these rare Acts and Laws, with four additional Acts and Laws bound at the end, pp. 257-268. These Acts include the following: Foreigners not to Trade with or Corrupt the Indians "-" Act for the well Ordering and Governing the Indians "-" Keeping the Lords Day, and preventing disorders on it "; etc.] America. Impartial (An) History of the War in America, full-length ports. of Washington and others, cf. (broken and title torn across), 1780 (457), June 23, Hodgson Maggs, £10 5s. America. The Trades Increase [by I. R.," and containing references to Newfoundland, Virginia, etc.] (headlines and page numerals cut into), hf. cf., N. Okes and W. Burre, 1615, sm. 4to. (385), June 23, Hodgson £10 America, Central. Mission Scientifique au Mexique et dans l'Amérique Centrale. Voyage Geologique dans Guatemala et Salvador par A. Dollfus et E. de Mont-Serrat, plates, Paris, 1868-Manuscrit Troano. Etudes sur le système graphique et la langue des Mayas, par Brasseur de Bourbourg, numerous plates of facs. in colours, 2 vol., ib., 1869-70-Recherches Zoologiques, Parts 1-7 in 12 vol. (wanting Parts 2 and 3), incomplete, plates (plain and in colours), ib., 1870-1900-Dictionnaire de la langue Nahuatl ou Mexicaine par R. Siméon, 1885-Etude des Batraciens de l'Amerique Centrale, par M. Brocchi, plates (plain and in colours), ib., 1882-Recherches Botanique, 2 parts, plates, 1872-86-Géologie, Description des Anciennes Possessions Mexicaines du Nord, plates, 1871, together 20 vol., 8 vol. in hf. red mor., g.t., and 12 vol. in cl., sold as a collection and not subject to return, 1868-1900, large 4to. (823), March 1, Sotheby

Quaritch, £24 IOS. America. An Account of the New Invented Pensylvanian Fire-Places, folding plate, unbd., Philadelphia, B. Franklin, 1744, 8vo. (494), April 25, Sotheby H. Stevens, £23 America. A Declaration of His Highness [Oliver Cromwell]

setting forth on the behalf of this Commonwealth the Justice of their Cause against Spain [in America and the

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West Indies], (small hole in last leaf), hf. cf., Edinburgh, C. Higgins, 1655, sm. 4to. (407), July 12, Hodgson £15 15s. America. The Constitution of the United States of America, as Agreed Upon by their Delegates in Convention, September 17th, 1787, together with the Articles of Amendment, as Adopted by the Congress of the said States in the year 1789, 23 pp., full crushed blue levant mor., gt. top, uncut, Windsor, reprinted by Alden Spooner, 1790, sm. 4to. (33), May 16, Anderson Galleries $55 American Declaration of Independence, in Congress, July 4, 1776. A Declaration by the Representatives of the United States of America, in General Congress Assembled. Signed by Order and in Behalf of the Congress, John Hancock, President, large folio broadside, framed, Salem, Massachusetts-Bay [1776], (167), Nov. 22, Anderson $385

Galleries American Entomological Society. Transactions, Vol. i.-xlii., with supplementary vol., "Synopsis of the Hymenoptera. of America, North of Mexico," by E. T. Cresson, 1887, together 43 vol., plates, hf. green mor., Philadelphia, 1867-1916, 8vo. (515), March 1, Sotheby · Heffer, £36 America. [Huttich (J.)] Novvs Orbis Regionum ac Insularum veteribus incognitarum, etc. [Sabin 34102], Petit's device on title and two-fold map (leaf of imprint at end defective), Parisiis, 1532, and Quintilianus, 1527, in I vol., old vell., 1532-27, folio (574), Dec. 1, Hodgson Davis & Orioli, £21 American Indians. An Essay towards an Indian Bibliography, being a Catalogue of Books relating to the History, Antiquities, Languages, etc. of the American Indians, in the library of Thomas W. Field, full brown mor., gt. back, gt. top, uncut, fine copy, New York, 1873, 8vo. (36), Oct. 13, Anderson Galleries $95 [America.] Journal du Voyage fait a la Mer de Sud, avec les Filibustiers de l'Amerique en 1684 et annees suivantes. Par le Sieur Raveneau de Lussan, polished cf. ex., gt. edges, by Bedford, Paris, Jean Baptiste Coignard, 1690, sm. 8vo. (23), May 16, Anderson Galleries $60

[Relates principally to the fighting of the French and Spanish in the island of San Domingo, with accounts of the capture of the treasure ships sailing from Acapulco and the Philippines. With the Huth bookplate.] America. Letter to the Earl of Liverpool from the Earl of Selkirk on the subject of the Red River Settlement in North America, unbd. and unopened [Printed for private distribution only, 1819], 8vo. (15), Nov. 25, Hodgson Stevens, Son & Stiles, £8 5s. America. Maryland. Two Broadsides. I. His Excellency's Speech to the General Assembly, 1 page folio, undated. II. The Assembly's Answer to his Excellency's Speech, December the 2d, 1708, I page folio. Annapolis, printed by Thomas Reading, Anno Domini MDCCVIII., in pro

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