Catalogue of the Library of Edwin N. Lapham of Chicago, Ill: A Remarkable Collection, Principally of English Authors of the Georgian and Victorian Eras, in Specially Choice Condition, with a Number of Autograph Letters and Original Manuscripts. To be Sold December 1, 2, 3, 1908 ...

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Anderson Auction Company, 1908 - 189 pagine

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Pagina 172 - Gallic neighbours seem to have engrossed both the word and the quality — 'elles sont piquantes,' to the highest degree. If you read but a sentence, you feel yourself spell-bound till you have read the volume."— Quarterly Review. WALPOLE'S (Horace) ROYAL AND NOBLE AUTHORS OF ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, AND IRELAND; with Lists of their Works. A New Edition, Annotated, considerably Enlarged, and brought down to the Present Time.
Pagina 95 - A History of Our Own Times, from the Accession of Queen Victoria to the General Election of 1880. Four Vols. demy 8vo, cloth extra, 12s. each. — Also a POPULAR EDITION, in Four Vols. crown 8vo, cloth extra, 6s. each. A Short History of Our Own Times.
Pagina 21 - The Story of Burnt Njal ; Or, Life in Iceland at the end of the Tenth Century.
Pagina 46 - GESTA ROMANORUM ; or, ENTERTAINING MORAL STORIES, invented by the Monks as a Fire-side Recreation, and commonly applied in their Discourses from the Pulpit : from whence the most celebrated of our own Poets and others, from the earliest Times, have extracted their Plots.
Pagina 25 - Althorpianae ; or an Account of the mansion, books and pictures at Althorp, the residence of George John, Earl Spencer. To which is added a Supplement to the Bibliotheca Spenceriana London, 1822.
Pagina 180 - All books are sold as catalogued, and are assumed to be in good SECOND-HAND condition. If material defects are found, not mentioned in the catalogue, the lot may be returned.
Pagina 58 - The Round Table. A Collection of Essays on Literature, Men and Manners.
Pagina 107 - History of the Battle of Agincourt, and of the Expedition of Henry the Fifth into France, in 1415; to which is added "The Roll of the Men at Arms, in the English Army ;
Pagina 18 - Cottoni Posthuma: Divers Choice Pieces of that Renowned Antiquary Sir Robert Cotton. Knight and Baronet, Preserved from the injury of Time, and Expos 'd to public light, for the benefit of Posterity, by JH Esq.

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