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Tressan, (Comte de) Corps d' Extraits de Romans de Chevalerie. 4 torn. \2mo. Par. 1782 See Poetical Works, vol. V. p. 74, &c. ; Prone Works, vol. xvii. p. 53; and vol. xviii. p. 27.

La Bibliotheque Bleue; entierement refondue et considerablement augmentee. 3 tom. 12mo.

Liege, 1787

See Poetical Works, Vol . ii. p. 265; Life, vol. i. p. 46. The Heroick Princes, or, the Conscious Lovers, &c. Surprising Adventures of the Magnanimous Prince Formidaur, and Prince Florian, &c. &c . Ith edit. \2mo. Lond. \T59 Marivaux, (P. C. de) Le Paysan Parvenu, ou les Memoires de M* * *. 2 torn. \2mo. Par. 1782 Prevost's (Abbe de) Life and entertaining Adventures of Mr. Cleveland, natural Son of Oliver Cromwell, &c. 3d edit. 4 vols. 12wo. .... Land. 1760 Bembi (Cardinalis Petri) Epistolarum Familiarium Libri VI. sm. 8vo.

Venet. ex officina Gualtrri Scotti, 1552 Another literary namesake of the founder of Abbotsford, at a period, and in a quarter, least to

be looked for!

Paris de Puteo, Duello: Libro de Re, Imperatori, Principi, Signori, Gentil' homini e de tutti

Armigeri, &c. sm. 8vo. ...... Venet. 1525

See Prose Works, vol. vi. p. 81.


Edwin and Anna, a Northumbrian Tale, founded on Facts. 3 vols. in 1. sm. 8vo. Lond. 1785

Cervantes, (Miguel de) Instructive and Entertaining Novels, &c. Translated by Thomas

Shelton. l2mo. . . . . . . . . ib.

See Life, vol. vii. p. 370.

Persiles and Sigismunda, &c. Translated from the Original. 2 vols. \2mo. Dub. 1742

and others, The Spanish Decameron, or Ten Novels, made English by R. L. 8vo.

Lond. 1687

Cespedes and Meneces, (Don Goncalo de) Gerardo, the Unfortunate Spaniard, or a Pattern for Lascivious Lovers, &c. made English by Leonard Digges. 8vo. . ib. 1653

Amadis of Gaul. By Vasco Lobeyra. Translated from the Spanish Version of Garciordonez de Montalvo, by Robert Southey. 4 vols. 12mo. .... ib. 1803 See Review of this in Prose Works, vol. xviii. p. 1.

Palmerin of England. By Francisco de Moraes. Corrected from the original Portugueze, by

Robert Southey. 4 vols. 12mo. . . . . . . ib. 1807

See Prose Works, vol . vi. p. 198; Life, vol. ii. pp. 127 & 132.

Fletcher, (R.) Ex Otio Negotium: or Martiall his Epigrams translated. With sundry Poems and Fancies. sm. 8vo. . . . . . . . ib. 1656

Les Avians Heureux, Trompez, Malheureux. In three Parts. er. 8vo. Paris, (ib.) 1685 The Oxford Sausage, or Select Poetical Pieces, written by the most celebrated Wits of the University of Oxford.—New Pocket Companion for Oxford, or Guide through the University, &c. sm. 8vo. ....... Oxford, 1803

Companion to the Guide, and Guide to the Companion; being a complete Supplement to all the Accounts of Oxford hitherto published. (aseribed to Tom Warton.) 3d edit. \2mo. Land.

Philosophicall Epitaph in Hieroglyphicall Figures, with explanation, &c. Published by W. C. Esq. with a Catalogue of Chymicall Bookes. 8vo. . . . ib. 1673

Pellegrin, Historie von Edlen Ritter Galmy und einer schonen Herzogin aus Bretagne. 2 vols. in 1. stn. 8vo. . . . . . . Berlin, 1806

Rymer's (T.) Curious Amusements for the entertainment of the ingenious of both sexes, &c. Rendered into English from the 15th edition, printed at Paris.—Translations from Greek, Latin, and Italian Poets, with other Verses and Songs. 12mo. . Lond. 1714

Valtrini (J. A.) De Re Militari Veterum Romanorum Libri vii. sm. 8vo. Col. Agripp. 1597

Bonamici, (Castruccio) Memoria di, sulla Giornata presso Velletri nel 1744. Trad, del Latino

da D. Nicola Zehender. sm. 8vo. ..... Nap. 1802


Coley's (Henry) davit Attrologiae, or Key to the whole Art of Astrologie. In 2 parts, &c.

12mo. ........ Lond. 1669

Le Solitaire Espagnol, ou Memoires de Don Varasque de Figueroas. 2deidit. 2 torn. 12m».

Leyde, 1753

Gavin's (Rev. Mr.) Master-Key to Popery. With MS. note by Sir W. S. 3 vols. \2mo.

Lond. 1726-29

Schotti (Gasp.) Physica Curiosa, sive Mirabilia Naturae et Artis. Libris xii. With MS. note

by Sir W- S. 2 torn. 4to. . . . .. . Herbip. 1662

See Poetical Works, vol. ii. p. 268.

Melanges. 1 torn. sm. 8vo. 1776-84. containing,

1. La Veaux, (M. de) Lea Nuits Cham pares. .... Bert. 1784

'2. Vassc', (Baronne de) Les Aveui d' une Femme Galante, ou Lettres de Mml. la Marquise de * * * a Myladi Fanny Stapelton. ...... Lend. 1783

3. Anecdotes sur Madame la Comtesse du Barri. . . . . ib. 1776

4. Nirel, (C. H.) Le Voyage Force, &c. tire des Memoires d' un Homme de Lettres, qui a fait un long

se'jour en Angleterre, &c. ....... ib. 1778

Maillet's Telliamed; or, Discourses between an Indian Philosopher and a French Missionary,

&c. Translated from the French. 8vo. . . . . ib. 1750

See Poetical Works, vol. iv. p. 289.

Giraldi, (Giraldo) Novelle di, per la prima volta date in luce. 8ro. Arntt. 1796

Prevost's (Abbe de) Memoirs, &c. of the Marquis dc Bretagne and Due d' Harcourt . To which is added the History of the Chevalier de Grieu and Moll 1' Escaut, an extravagant Love Adventure. Translated by Mr. Erskine. 3 vols. \2mo. . Lond. 1743

See Prose Works, vol. iv. p. 45.

The Mock-Clelia, being a Comical History of French Gallantries and Novels, in imitation of Don Quixote, sm. 8vo. . . . . . . . ib. 1678 Brown's (C. Brockden) Edgar Huntly, or, the Sleep Walker. 3 vols. \2mo.

Jane Talbot 2 vols. 12mo. ....

Philip Stanley, or, the Enthusiasm of Love. 2 vols. 1 Imo.

Arthur Mervyn, a Tale. 3 vols. 12mo.

— Wieland, an American Tale. 3 vols. \2mo. . .

Ormond, or, the Secret Witness. 3 vols. \2mo.

Carwin the Biloquist, and other American Tales. 3 vols. \2mo.

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Dunlap's (William) Memoirs of C. B. Brown, the American Novelist. 8vo.
Edge-Hill, or, the Family of the Fitzroyals, a Novel. By a Virginian. 2 vols. in 1

Richmond, Virginia, 1828

Barnes's (Rev. Joshua) New Discovery of a little sort of people anciently discoursed of, called Pygmies; with a particular Description of their Religion and Government, Language, Habit, Stature, Food, &c. With MS. note. 8vo. Lond. reprinted for R. Griffiths, 1750

Lacombe, (M.) Dictionnaire du Vicux Langage Francois, &c. 8vo. . Par. 1766

Le Roux, (P. J.) Dictionnaire Comique, Satyrique, Critique, Burlesque, Libre, et Proverbial, &c. nouvelk edit. Sfc. 2 tom. 8vo. . . . . . . Pampelune, 1786

Boccacio, (Giovanni) Il Decameron. Di nuovo ristampato, &c. et alla sua vera lettione ridotto dal Cav. Lionardo Salviati. Venet. Angelieri, 1594.—La Nobilta dell' Asino di Attabalippa del Peru. Riformata da Griffagno delli Impacci, &c. Venet. 1599. 4to.

Antar, a Bedoueen Romance. Translated from the Arabic by Terrick Hamilton, Esq. &c.

4 vols. sm. 8io. ....... Lond. 1817

See Probk Works, vol. vi. p. 147.

Tooke's (Andrew) Pantheon, representing the Fabulous History of the Heathen Gods, and most illustrious Heroes, &c. 19th edit. sm. 8vo. .... ib. 1757


Bussy Rabutin, (Comte de) Histoire Amoureuse des Gaules. 24mo. . Col. 1722

Amours des Dames illustres dc notre Sièclc. (includes the preceding.) 2imo. ib. 1703 Lavatcri (Ludov.) Dc Spectris, Lemuribus, variisque Praesagitionibus, Tractatus vere aureus. 4 partibus. edit. 4ta. 24mo. ..... Lugd. Bat. 1687

Pomponatii Mantuani Tractatus de Immortalitate Animae. 12mo. . . 1594

Volume of French Tracts. sm. 12mo. containing,

1. Histoire des Insignes Faussetez et Suppositions de F. Fava, Meclecin Italien, &c. Par. 1608

2. Lettres sur l' Antiquity de la Veritable Religion. .... Latuanne, 1681

3. Sentences Dorées, tinSes des Lettres, &c. d'Anthonio Perez. Trad, en Francais par J. G. Rouen, 1608

4. Nouveau Recueil de Lettres et Billets Galands, &c. . . . Par. 1686

5. Memoires de la Reine Marguerite. . . . . . . ib. 1658

6. Hauterive, (Sieur de) Ambassade Extraordinaire de Mylord Fauoonberg, &c. vers quelques Princes et

Estats d' Italie. ....... Amst. 1671

La Fausse Clelie, Histoire Fran9oise, Galante et Comique. 24 wo . Amst. 1672 Sidney, (Sir Philip) D' Engelsche Arcadia, &c. Inde Nederduytsche tale overgheset door F.

V. S. de Jonghe. 24tno. . . . . . . Delft, 1641

Tesscrant, (Claude de) Quatorze Histoires Prodigieuses, de nouveau adjoustees aux précédentes.

(de Boaistuau.) 12wo. ...... Par. 1567

Bremond, (Sieur de) L' Heureux Esclave, nouvelle. 12mo. . ; Col. 1677

Mendoza, (Don Juan Hurtado de) Lazarillo, or the Excellent History of Lazarillo de Tormes,

the witty Spaniard. Both parts, &c. translated hy D. Rowland; and improved hy James

Blakiston. em. 8vo. ...... Lond. \6S3

Horae de Sancta Cruce.—Cursus B. Marie Virginis.—Daventriae, Alb. Passiadus, 1545.—

Incipit Prologue in Septem Psalmos Penitentialet, Sçc. MS. 32mo. Small Dutch Prayer-Book, Rules of St. Benedict, $c. MS. 32mo. . . . 1626 Missale Romanum, with illuminations. MS. 6imo.

Scott, (George) The Psalms of David, in Metre. l2mo. . . Edin. 1768

Parker, (George) Life's Painter of varied Characters in puhlic and private Life, &c.; to which

is added a Dictionary of Modern Flash, or Cant Language. 12mo. . Lond. Albertus Magnus de Sccrctis Mulierum; de Virtutibus Herbarum, Lapidum, &c.; de Mirabili

bus Mundi, &c. 32mo. . . . . . . Lugd. 1596

Georgiwicz, (Barthol.) De Turcarum Moribus Epitome. 12mo. . . ib. 1578

Kornmanni (Henr.) De Virginitatis Jure, Tractatus novus et jucundus, ex jure civili, canonico,

patribus, &c. confectus. 32mo. ..... Virginopoli, 1631

Tabourot, (Est.) Les Bigarrures et Touches du Sieur des Accords, avec ses Escraignes

Dijonnoises, &c.; et les Contes Facécieux du Sieur Gaulard. 3 tom. 12»w.

Rouen, 1628

Deslauriers, ( ) Les Fantasies de Bruscambille, contenant plusieurs Discours, Para

doxes, Harangues, &c. édit. reveue et corrigée. With MS. note by Sir W. S. 24mo.

Paris, 1668

Iamblichus de Mysteriis Egypt. Chald. Assyr.—Proclus in Alcibiadem Platonicum, &c.— Porphyrius de Divinis atque Daemonibus; Psellus de Daemonibus; Mercurii Trismegisti Pymander et Asclepius. \2mo. ..... Lugd. 1570

The Female Rambler, being the Adventures of Madlle. Janeton de * * * *. From the French. 12mo. . . . . . . . . Lond. 1754

The Spanish and French History, or Love out of Season, a Novel. 12»w. ib. 1689

Banquet of Dainties for Strong Stomachs. (Collection of Scotch Satirical, &c. Poems, about beginning of the 18th Century. From Mylne's MSS., edited by J. Maidment.) 32mo. Privately printed. . .... . . . . ib.


Amadis de Gaule, mis en François par le Seigneur des Essars, Nicolas de Herberay, Jacques

Charlot, &c. &c. 2 tom. 16mo. et 3 tom sm. 8vo. . Lyon, 1577-1581, % Paris, 1615 See Prose Work», vol. »i. pp. 196-199; vol. xviii.


Volksbiicher. A Collection of German Popular Story-books, containing 26 pieces, made up by Henry Weber. 4 vols. 8co. . . . . . V. Y.

Auserlesenc Stiicke der besten Deutschen Dichter, &c. mit hist. Nachrichten und kritisch. Anmerkungen yersehen von F. W. Zacharia. Zweyter Band. (Paul Flemming, u. Andreas Sen hot us.) 8co. ...... Braunsch. 1771

Historic van alle Ridderlyke en Krygs-Orders, &c. 2 torn. \2mo. . Amtt. 1697

Tasso, (Bernardo) L' Amadigi. 4 torn. \2mo. . . . . Bergamo, 1758

See Prose Works, vol. xviii. p. 40.

Folengo, (Th.) Orlandino di Limerno Pitocco. Nuovamente stampata, &c. \2mo. Land. 177'3 QuevedodeVillegas,( Trad.del'Espagnol. 2tom.12mo. Brux. 1699 English Adventures. By a Person of Honour. The plot of Otway's Tragedy of the Orphan is

said to be taken from this. \2mo. .... In the Savoy, 1676

Cuspinianus, (Joan.) De Turcorum Origine, Religione, ac iramanissima eorum in Christianos

tyrannide, &c. sm. 8vo. . . . . . . Antv. 1541

Parrino, (Dom. Antonio) Teatro Eroico e Politico de' Governi, de' Vicere del Regno di

Napoli, dal Re Ferdinando II. Cattolico fino al presente. 3 torn. sm. Svo. Napoli 1692


Melanges. 1 torn. 24wo. containing,

1. Bartawii (G. S.) Hebdomas, Opus Gallicum a Gab. Lermeo Latimitatc donatum. Par. 1573

2. *Le Sandrin, ou, Verd Galant, &c. Plaisirs de la Vie Rustique. ... ib. 1609.

3. Martial d' Auvergne, Amant rendu Cordelier a l' observance d' Amours. l.ett. Goth. ib. tarn date.

4. Hall, (Joseph) Caracteres de Vertus et de Vices tirez de l'Anglois. . . ib, 1619

5. jErodius, (P.) De Patrio Jure, ad filium Pseudo-Jesuitam. edit. 2a. ib. 1597

Roger Bontemps en belle humeur. 24wo. .... Cologne, 1670 Ahunanni, (Luigi) Girone il Cortese. ediz. 3a. 2 torn. 12mo. . Berg. 1757

Baliverneries, ou Contes Novveaux d' Eutrapel, dit Leon Ladulfi. (Par. 1548.) 24wo.

Re-imprimis aux frais de 3 Amateurs de la Litterature Comique. Chiswick, 1815

J. N. D. P. Histoires Facetieuses et Moralles, &c. Sme edit. \2mo. Leide, 1669

Louvet de Couvray, Vie du Chevalier de Faublas. 13 torn.—Emilie de Varmont, ou, le

Divorce necessaire, &c. 3 torn.—16 torn. 18»to. . Londres, (Paris,) 1790-4

Le Moine Secularise. 32mo. ...... Cologne, 1676

Frischlini, (Nicod.) Facetiae Selectiores; Bebelii (Henrici) Facetiarum Libri m.; Poggii

Florentini Sales seu Facetiae, &c. 24mo. .... Adul 1660

Mancini Nivernois, (Nic.) Richardet. Poeme en 12 Chants. (Rifaccimento du Ricciardetto

de Carteromaco.) 2 torn. 32mo. ..... Land. 1781

La Fontaine, (Jean de) Contes et Nouvelles, en Vers. 2 torn.—Contes et Nouvelles en Vers

par Voltaire, Verge, Senece, Perrault, Monerif, et Ducerceau. 2 torn.—4 torn. 32mo.

Land. (Paris,) 1778

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