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Lancelot du Lac. left. goth. 3 torn. fol. . noutellement imprimi a Par it, 1533

See Poetical Works, vol. v. pp. 379, 425, &c.

La tres elegante, delicieuse, melliflue, et tresplaisante Hystoire du tres noble, victorieux, et excellentissime Roy Perceforest, Roy de la grant Bretaigne, &c. kit. goth. 3 torn. fol.

Paris, Galiot Dupri, 1531-2 See Poetical Works, vol. viii. p. 200; Prose Works, vol. vi. pp. 179, 184, 186.

Le Premier Livre de la Cronicque du tres vaillant et redoute Dom Flores de Grece, surnomnKle Chevalier des Cignes, &c. Mise en Francais par le Seigneur des Essars, Nicolas de Herberay, &c. fol. . . . . . . ib. 1552

The Byrth, Lyf, and Actes of Kyng Arthur; of his noble Knyghtis of the Rounde Table, &c.

and in the end, Le Morte d' Arthur, &c. With an Introduction and Notes by Robert

Southey. Printed from Caxton's edition, 1485. 2 vols. 4fo. . . Land. 1817

See Prose Works, vol. vi. pp. 174-5, 187, 212; Life, vol. ii. p. 135.

History of the valiant Knight Arthur of Little Britain, a Romance of Chivalry. Translated

from the French by Lord Berners. new edit. Edited by Edw. V. Utterson, Esq. 4to. 1814

See Prose Works, vol. vi. p. 212.

Boetius De Consolatione Philosophie, neenon de Disciplina Scholarum, cum Commento Sancti Thome, lit. goth. fol. ..... Lugduni, 1491

Opus Aureum, &c. Super Evangeliis totius anni, secundum usus Romane curie et ordinis Fratrum predicatorum. Editum a Fratre Antonio de Gislandis de Laveno. lit. goth. 2 partes in 1 torn. fol. . . . . . . .' . ib. 1508

Rabelais, (Francis) CEuvres de. Avec Ies Remarques historiques et critiques de M. Duchat.

3 torn. 4to. ........ Amst. 1741

See Poetical Works, vol. vii. p. 68; Prose Works, vol. ii. pp. 72, 344 ; vol. iii. p. 292.

Jacobus de Voragine, Legenda Sanctorum que Lombardica Hystoria dicitur. Cura Lamb. Campestri, &c. lit. goth. With MS. note by Sir W. S. fol. . Lugduni, 1517




Topsell's (Edward) History of Four-footed Beasts and Serpents, deseribing at large their true and lively figure, &c.; collected from the Writings of Conradus Gesner, and other Authors. Whereunto is now added the Theatre of Insects, &c. by T. Muffet, Doctor of Physic. The whole revised, corrected, and enlarged, &c. by John Rowland, M.D. 3 parts in 1 vol./o/. ....... Lond. 1658 Burton's (Robert) Anatomy of Melancholy, &c. 6th edit. fol. . Lond. 1676

See Prose Works, vol. iii. p. 292.

De Foe's (Daniel) Jure Divino, a Satyr. In 12 books. fol. . . ib. 1706

History of the Union of Great Britain, fol. . . . Edin. 1709

Pinto's (Ferd. Mendez) Voyages and Adventures during his Travels, for the space of 21 years, in the Kingdoms of Ethiopia, China, Tartaria, Cauchin-China, &c. &c. Written originally by himself in the Portugal Tongue. Done into English by H. Cogan. fol.

Lond. 1663

Du Bartas's (W. S. Lord) Divine Weekes and Workes, &c. Translated and written by that famous Philomusus, Josuah Sylvester, fol. .... ib. 1621

Heywood's (Thomas) Tvvaixeiov, or Nine Books of various History concerning Women; inscribed by the names of the Nine Muses. fol. .... ib. 1624

Hierarchie of the blessed Angells, their Names, Orders, and Offices; the Fall of Lucifer

with his Angells. fol. ...... ib. 1635

See Poetical Works, Vol . ii. pp. 268, 275, 281, 343; vol. iii. p. 169; vol . vi. notes I & 2 B.

Nostradamus's (Michael) True Prophecies and Prognostications. Translated and commented

by Theoph. de Gr.renciers, Doctor in Physick. fol. . . ib. 168.3

See Prose Works, vol. ii. p. 144.

Bartholomeus De Proprietatibus Rernm. Translated into English by John Trevisa. B. L. fol.

Lond. Berthelet, 1535

Scot's (Reginald) Discovery of Witchcraft; proving that the Compacts and Contracts of Witches with Devils, &c. are but erroneous novelties, and imaginary conceptions, &c. In 16 books. Whereunto is added an excellent Discourse of the Nature and Substance of Devils and Spirits. In 2 books. 3d edit. fol. . . . Lond. 1665

See Poetical Works, vol. vi. note 2 H.; vol. vii. p. 161; vol. ix. p. 132; Note to The Antiquary, vol i.;

and Letters on Demonology, p. 134, &c.

Treatise of Spectres, or an History of Apparitions, Oracles, Prophecies, and Predictions, &c. Collected out of sundry Authors of great credit, &c. by Thomas Bromhall. (Translation of Latin work, 'Magica, seu Mirabilium Historiarum de Spectris,' Sec.) Whereunto is annexed a learned Treatise, confuting the opinions of the Sadducces and Epicures, denying the appearing of Angels and Devils to Men, &c. Written in French, fol. . ib. 1658

Stephen's (Henrie) World of Wonders, or, an Introduction to a Treatise touching the conformatie of ancient and modern Wonders: or a Preparative Treatise to the Apologie for Herodotus. Translated by R. C. em. fol. . . . . . ib. 1607

Beard's (Rev. Thomas, B.D.) Theatre of God's Judgements. Wherein is represented the admirable Justice of God against all notorious Sinners, both great and small, &c. Collected out of Sacred, Ecclesiastical, and Profane Histories. Now secondly printed and augmented, &c. em fol. ... . ib. 1612 SHELF II.

Wieri (Joannis) Opera Omnia, (de Praestigiis Daemonum, &c.) edit. nova. 4to. Amst. 1660

See l.etters on Demondogy, Lett. 6.

Magica, seu Mirabilium Historiarum de Spectris et Apparitionibus Spirituum: Item, de Magicis et Diabolicis Incantationibus: De Miraculis, Vaticiniis, &c. Libriii. 8c0. Islebiae, 1597

Haen, (Antonii de) De Magia Liber. 8vo. .... Lipsiae, 1775

Traite des Atheistes, Deistes, Illuminez d' Espagne, et nouveaux pretendus Invisibles, dits de la Confrairie de Croix-Rosaire, &c. 4fo. ..... 1624

Sbarp's (Granville) Case of Saul, shewing that his Disorder was a real Spiritual Possession, &c. with a short Tract on the influence of Demons. sm. Svo. . Lond. 1807

Digges's (Leonard) Prognostication everlasting, &c. contayning plaine, briefe, &c. Rules to judge the Weather by the Sunne, Moone, Starres, &c. Corrected and augmented by T. Digges, his Son. B. L. ito. . . . ib. by Widow Orwin, 1596

Schefferi (Joannis) Lapponia, id est, Regionis Lapponum et Gentis nova et veriss. Deseriptio, &c. 4to. . . . . . . . Franco/. 1673

Floerckii (Jo. Era.) Commentatio de Crimine Conjurationis Spirituum, &c. 4to. Jenae, 1721

Michaelis, (Father Seb.) Admirable Historie of the Possession and Conversion of a Penitent Woman, seduced by a Magician that made her to become a Witch, &c. in the country of Provence, &c. Whereunto is annexed a Pneumology, or Discourse of Spirits. Translated by W. B. 8vo. ....... Lond. 1713

Strozzi Cicogna, Palagio de gP Incanti, e delle gran meraviglie de gli Spiriti, &c. ito.

Vicenza, eon licenza della Santa Inquisitione, 1605

Helmont, (J. Bapt. Van) CEuvres. Traittant des Principes de Medicine et Physique, pour la

guerison assuree des Maladies. Trad par M. Jean le Conte, D.M. ito. Lyon, 1670

See Poetical Works, Vol . v. p. 417.

MacTaggart's (John) Scottish Gallovidean Encyclopaedia, or the Original, Antiquated, and Natural Curiosities of the South of Scotland, &c. 8vo. . . Lond. 1824

Journal of the Proceedings of the Fortunate Youth, &c. 8vo. . North Shields, 1828

Sharp's (Rev. J.) Life, Opinions, Character, and Tragic Death of Count R* * * * * *au, commonly called F. G. Meyer, condemned to the Gallows, May 26, 1796, at Rotterdam. 8c0.

Lond. 1797

Collection of Odes, Songs, &c.agt. the Whigs, includingMr.Hewerdine'sPolit. Songs. 8vo. ib. 1790 Thomson's (Richard) Chronicles of London Bridge. By an Antiquary, royal 8vo. ib. 1827

Historical Essay on the Magna Charta of King John, the Charters of Liberties and

Confirmations granted by Henry III. and Edward I., the Original Charters of the Forests, &c. 8vo. ........ ib. 1829

See Introduction to Iranhoe.

Northumberland Household Book. The Regulations and Establishment of Henry Algernon Percy, fifth Earl of Northumberland, at his Castles of Wresill and Lekinfield, in Yorkshire. Begun A.D. 1512. (Firstprinted, 1770.) 8vo. . . reprinted, ib. 1827

Goodhugh's (William) English Gentleman's Library Manual, or Guide to the formation of a Library of Select Literature, &c. 8vo. .... Lond. 1827

More's (Cresacre) Life of Sir Thomas More. With Biographical Preface, Notes, &c. by Rev. Joseph Hunter. 8vo. ...... ib. 1828

Nicholas's (Sir Harris) Privy Purse Expenses of King Henry VIII. from November 1529, to December 1532. With Introductory Remarks and Illustrative Notes. 8«>. ib. 1827

—— Journal of one of the Suite of Bishop Beckington during an Embassy to negociate a Marriage between Henry VI. and a daughter of the Count of Armagnae, 1442. With Notes and Illustrations. 8vo. . . . . . ib. 1828


Defoe's (Daniel) Minor Works, Collection of, in 2 vols. 4ro. and 33 vols. 8vo. &c. containing,

1. The True Bom Englishman, a Satyr. \Othedit. 4to. . . . . ft. 1701

See Prose Works, vol. Iv. pp. 2334.

2. Voyage to the World of Cartesius. Written originally in French. Translated into English by T.

Taylor, M.A. 2d edit. 8t>o. . . . . . .ft. 1694

3. Collection of the Writings of the True Born Englishman. (Satirical and Political Tracts.) 8ro. ft. 1703

4. Collection of Tracts in sm. Svo. containing,

1. Hymn to the Pillory. . . Lond. 17os 3. The Dyet of Poland, a Satyr, fee. id edit Lond. 17o5

2. Hymn to Peace, occasioned by the 2 Houses Ioining 4. True Relation of the Apparition of one Mrs. Veal, Ac. sth in an Address to the Queen. tb. 17o9 September 170S, 4c. 16IA edit. . .it.

See Prose Works, vol. iv. pp. 263-274, & 2ss-296.

5. Memoirs of the Life anil Adventures of Signor Rozelli at the Hague, &c . 8vo. Lond. 1709

6. The Same, third edition, with an Appendix. 8«>o. .... ft. 1723

7. Continuation of the Life and Adventures of Signor Rozelli, &c. to the day of his Death. 8co. ib. 1724

8. History of Addresses. By one very near akin to the Author of the Tale of a Tub. 8ro. ib. 1709

9. Memoirs of the Church of Scotland, in 4 periods, &c. With an Appendix relating to the Union. Sro.

ib. 1717

Sec Prose Works, vol. xix. p. 41.

10. Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe; being the 2d and last part of his Life. 2d edit. 80o. ib. 1719

11. Serious Reflexions during the Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, &c. 8ro. ib. 1720

12. Mesnager's (M.) Negotiations at the Court of England, &c. written by himself. Done out of French.

8i». . . . . . . . . .ft. mi

13. Life, Adventures, and Pyracies of the famous Captain Singleton, &e. 8i». . . ft.1720

14. Tour through the whole Island of Great Britain, &c. 3 vols. 8ro. . ft. 1724-5-7

Sec Prose Works. vol. vii. p. 44&

15. New Voyage round the World. (2 parts in 1 vol.) 8co. . . . & 1725

16. Life and Entertaining Adventures of Mrs. Christian Davies, commonly called Mother Ross. (2 parts in 1 vol.) 8m. . . . . . ib.

17. Political History of the Devil. (2 parts in 1 vol.) 8t». .... ft. 1726

18. Treatise concerning the Use and Abuse of the Marringe-Bed, &c. 8oo. . . ft. 1737

19. Compleat English Tradesman, in familiar Letters, &c. 2 vols. 8ro. . . ft. 1729

20. Plan of the English Commerce, &c . In 3 parts. 8w>. • . ft. 1728

21. Religious Courtship, &c. Discourses on the necessity of marrying Religious Husbands and Wives only, &c. 2d edit. 8t». ...... ft. 1729 SHELF IV.

22. Poetical and other Tracts. 1 vol. ito. containing.

1. The Mock Mourners, a Satyr, by way of Elegy on
King William. 2d edit. Loud. 1702

2. The Spanish Descent, a Poom. ib. 1702

3. Reformation of Manners, a Satyr. ib. 1702

4. More He-formation, a Satyr on himself. Lond. 170.1

5. HymntoTybum. Sequel to H. to Pillory. (iwtbpDe/oc.) ib. 1710

6. The Dyet of Poland, a Satyr. . ib. 17M

7. Delaune's (T.) Plea for the Non-Conformists, ic. ib. 1706

23. Collection of the most remarkable Casualties and Disasters, &c. in the Great Storm by sea and land,

26th November, 1703. 2d edil. 8to. . . ... ib.

24. The Consolidator, or Memoirs, &c . from the World in the Moon. Translated from the Lunar lan

guage. 8 co.

25. Mars stript of his Armour, or the Army displayed in all its true colours, &c. 12mo. ib. 1709

26. Life and Adventures of Mr. Duncan Campbell, who, though Deaf and Dumb, writes down any Stranger's

name at first sight, &c. 2d edit. 8ro. . . . . ib. 1720

27. Spy upon the Conjuror: or a Collection of surprising Stories, with names, &c. relating to Mr. Duncan

Campbell. 8vo. ....... ib. 1724

28. Essay on the History and Reality of Apparitions. 8t*,. . . ib. 1727

See note to OUl Moetality.

29. History of the most remarkable Life, &c. of Colonel Jaque, vulgarly called Colonel Jack, &c.

Uh edit. 8m. . . • . *. 1738

30. Life and Adventures of the famous Moll Flanders, &c. 12mo. . . . ib. 1745

31. Life and Adventures of Roxana, the fortunate Mistress, or most unhappy Wife, &c. 8ro. ib. 1774

32. Every-Body's Business is No-Body's Business, or, Private Abuses, Public Grievances: exemplified in

the pride, insolence, and exorbitant wages of our Women-Servants, Footmen, &c. By Andrew
Mure ton, Esq. Mh edit. l.ond. 1725.—Every Man mind his own Business, or Private Piques no
Public Precedents; being an Answer to a late scurrilous Pamphlet, " Ever)-Body's Business," &c.
By Catherine Comb-Brush. ib. 1725. 8ro.

Eee Lire, vol. L p. 264 ; Prom Works, vol. Iv. pp. 228-296.

Ward's (Edward) Miscellaneous Works. 6 vols. 8ro. containing,

1. London Spy. 5th edit. ....... Lond. 1718

2. Miscellaneous Prose and Verse. 5th edit. . ib. 1717

3. Poetical Satires and Prose Letters. 3d edit. . . . . . ib. 1718

4. Characters in Prose, and Miscellanies in Verse.. . ib. 1709 .i. Poetical Miscellanies, and the Tor)- Quaker, in Prose. . . . to. 1717 6. The Wandering Spy, &c. Familiar Poems. With MS. note by Henry Weber. . ib. 1724

Life and Adventures of Don Quixote de la Mancha. rse. 2 vols. 8vo. ....

Merrily translated into Hudibrastic «i. 1711-12

Friendly Correspondences, or Epistolary Satyrs upon Virtue and Vice, &c. Svo. ib. 1707

Nuptial Dialogues and Debates, or, a Useful Prospect of the Felicities and Discomforts

of a Married Life. Mh edit. 2 vols. 12mo. .... ib. 1759

True and exact Account of the Lives of Burnworth, Blewett, Berry, &c. with the several

Robberies committed by them, Sec. Svo. .... ib. 1726

Verstegan, (R.) Theatrum Crudelitatum Haereticorum nostri temporis. ito. Antverp. 1592 Mackintosh's (Sawney) Travels through Ireland, &c. 12jno. . . Lond.

Page, (William) Narrative of the Life and Surprising Robberies of. 2d edit. With MS.

note by Sir W. S. \2mo. . . . . . . ib. 1758

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