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Boaistuau, (P.) Histoires Prodigieuses, extraictes de plusieurs fameux Autheurs, Grees et

Latins, sacrez et profanes. sm. 8vo. ..... Pari», 1566

Mémoires pour servir à l' Histoire du Marquis de Fresne. 12mo. . ib. 1702

Cervantes, (Miguel de) Diverting Works of, now first translated from the Spanish. With an

Introduction, by Edward Ward. 8vo. .... ib. 1709

Wight's (J.) Mornings at Bow Street; a Selection of the most humorous aud entertaining

Reports which have appeared in the Morning Herald. 8vo. . . Lond. 1824

Œxmelin, (A. Olivier) Histoire des Avanturiers qui se sont signalez dans les Indes, &c.

depuis vingt années, &c. 2 tom. en 1. 12mo. . . . Paris, 1688

Singular Life, Adventures, and Depredations of David Haggart, the Murderer, &c. related by

himself while under Sentence of Death. 12wo. . . . Lond. 1821


Torquemade, (Antoine de) Hexameron, ou Six Journées, contenans plusieurs doctes Discours

&c. avec maintes Histoires notables, &c. Fait en Espagnol, et mis en François par Gab.

Chappuys. 12/no. ....... Rouen, 1610

Bayle, (F.) et Grangeron, (H. Docteurs en Médecine,) Relation de l' état de quelques personnes

pretendues possedées; faite d'autorité du Parlement de Toulouse, expliq. par les ver. prin.

de la physique des éfets regardés comme prodigieux. \2mo. . . Toulouse, 1682

Dresseri (M.) De Festis Diebus Christianorum, Judaeorum, et Ethnicorum Liber. Lubecae,

1601.—Hieronimi de Sancta Fide, De Judaicis Erroribus, ex Talmuth, Libellus, &c. Primo

impressus Tiguri, A. D. 1552, denuo excusus Hamburgi. 12mo. Rantzovii (Henrici) Catalogus Imperatorum, Regum, ac Principum qui Astrologicam Artem

amarunt, &c. Additae sunt Astrologicae quaedam Predictiones, &c. Adjectus est Tractatus

de annis Climactericis, &c. \2mo. ..... Antwerp, 1580

Les Sorceleries de Henry de Valois, et les Oblations qu' il faisoit au Diable dans le Bois de

Vincennes. 12mo. ........ 1589

Boguet, (Henry) Discours Execrable des Sorciers; ensemble leur Procez, faits depuis deux ans,

&c. en France. Avec un Instruction pour un Juge. 2de édit. sm. 8vo. Par. 1603

Discours des Sorciérs; avec Six Advis en faict de Sorcelerie, &c. 3me édit. sm. 8co.

Lyon, 1610

Dictionnaire Hermétique; contenant l' Explication des Termes, Fables, Enigmes, &c. des vrais Philosophes, &c. Par un Amateur de la Science. 12mo. . . Par. 1695

L' Astrologo Grottesco, Lunario Nuovo per l' anno Bissestile 1712. sm. 8vo. Venez. 1712 Geberis philos. perspic. Summa Perfectionis Magisterii in sua natura, &c. Librique Investigationis Magisterii, et Testamenti ejusdem, &c. sm. 8vo. . ib. P. Schœffer, 1542

Indagine, (Jean) La Chiromancee et Physionomie par le regard des membres de l' Homme.

Mises en François par A. du Moulin. 12mo. . . . Par. 1662

Goodall's (William) Adventures of Capt. Greenland. 4 vols. \ïmo. . Lond. 1752

History of Jack Connor, a Novel. 2 vols. 12wo. . . . ib. 1752

Ward's (Edward) Vulgus Britannicus, or the British Hudibras; in 15 Cantos, &c.; being a Continuation of the late ingenious Mr. Butler's Hudibras. 2d edit. 8co. Loud. 1710

The Hermit; or the Unparallel'd Sufferings and Surprising Adventures of Mr. Philip Quarll, an Englishman, lately discovered upon an uninhabited island in the South Sea, Sec. first edition. 8vo. ...... Westminster, 1727

Dun ton's (John) Ladies'Dictionary; a General Entertainment for the Fair Sex. Svo. Lond. 1694

Life and Errors; written by himself in solitude. With an Idea of a New Life. sm. 8vo.

See Prose Works, vol. ii. p. 26. {(,. 1705

Athenian Oracle; being an entire Collection of all the valuable Questions and Answers

in the old Athenian Mercuries, Sec. 3d edit. 4 vols. 8vo. . . ib. 1706-10

Athenian Sport; or, 2000 Paradoxes merrily argued, to amuse and divert the age, &c.

8vo. . . . . . . . . . a. 1707

Athenianism; or New Projects of Mr. J. D.; being 600 distinct Treatises in prose and

verse, &c. To which is added Dunton's Farewell to Printing, &c. 8vo. . ib. 1710 See Poetical Works, vol. ix. p. 317.

The British Apollo; containing about 2000 Answers to curious Questions in most Arts and Sciences, serious and comical. (By Marshal Smith.) 3d edit. 8vo. . . ib. 1718

Behn's (Mrs. Aphra) Poems upon several occasions, with a Voyage to and from the Island of Love. And a Miscellany of new Poems. 2d edit. 8vo. . . . ib. 1697

Histories and Novels, entire in 1 vol. With her Life and Memoirs, &c. Edited by

Charles Gildon. 3d edit. 8vo. . . . ti. 1698

See Prosk Works, vol. ii. p. 343, note; Life, vol. v. p. 136.

Aleman's (Matteo) Life of Guzman d' Alfarache ; with the Tragi-Comedy of Celestina. Done into English from the new French version, by several hands. 3 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1708

Graves's (Rev. Richard) Spiritual Quixote: or Summer's Ramble of Geoffry Wildgoose, a Comic Romance. With MS. key. 2d edit. 3 vols. 12mo. . . . ib. 1774

Pilkington's (Mrs. Laetitia) Memoirs. Written by herself. 2 vols. \2mo. . ib. 1748

(J. C, son of the Rev. Matthew and Mrs. Loetitia P.) Memoirs. Written by himself,

&c. 2 vols. 12wo. ........ ib. 1761

Phillips's (Mrs. T. Constantia) Apology for her Conduct, more particularly that part of it which relates to an eminent Dutch Merchant, (Mr. Muilman.) 3 vols. 8vo. ib. 1748-9

Memoirs of a Social Monster; or the History of Charles Price, &c. commonly called Old Patch. Containing an Account of his fraud and forgeries on the bank of England. \2mo. ib. 1786

Adventures of an Actor, in the Characters of a Merry-Andrew, a Methodist Preacher, and a Fortune-Teller. 12mo. . . . . . . ib.

Hermetis Trismcgisti Tractatus, &c. de Lapidis philosophici Seereto, &c. opera et studio Dom. Gnosii, Belgae. 12»w. ...... Lips. 1710

Free-Masonry the Highway to Hell; a Sermon. 8co. . . . Lond. 1768

Heaton's (James) Extraordinary Affliction and gracious Relief of a little Boy, &c. With observations on Demoniac possession and Superstition. 2d edit. \2mo. Plymouth, 1822 SHELF XII.

Hau-Kiou-Choaan, or the Pleasing History; a translation from the Chinese, &c. With notes

by Bishop Percy. 4 vols. 12 wo. ..... Lond. 1761

See Poevical Works, vol. ix. p. 12.

Smollett's (Dr. Tobias) Adventures of Peregrine Pickle, first edit. 4 vols. 12mo.

Lond. printed for the Author, 1751 See Prose Works, Vol . iii. pp. 1 30-134.

Haywood's (Mrs.) Select Collection of Novels and Histories. Written by the most celebrated Authors, in several languages. All new translated from the originals, by several hands. 6 vols. 12wo. . . . . . . . . ib. 1729

Corrozet, (F. D., Lyonnois,) Histoire Generale des Larrons. sm. 8vo. . Rouen, 1657 Salkeld's (John) Treatise of Angels. Of the nature, essence, &c. &c. and all other properties of Angels. Collected out of the Holy Scriptures, Fathers, &c. 8vo. . Lond. 1613

Fuller's (Thomas) Comment on Ruth. With two Sermons, &c. sm. 8vo. . ib. 1654

Centellas, (Don Diego de) Deceptio Vistis, or Seeing and Believing are two things. From the Spanish, sm. 8vo. . . . . . . ib. 1671

Berkeley's (Bishop) Adventures of Signor Gaudentio di Lucca. \2mo. . . ib. 1803

Erasmus's (Desiderius) Colloquies, or Familiar Discourses. Rendered into English by H. M. 8vo. ......... ib. 1671

Burnet's (Bp.) Passages of the Life and Death of John Earl of Rochester. 12wo. Dub. 1727 Gemmae (Cornel.) De Naturae divinis Charactismis, seu raris et admirandis Spectaculis, &c. in partibus singulis universi, Libri ii. 8vo. .... Antwerp. 1575

Dunton's (John) England's Vanity, or, the Voice of God against the monstrous sin of Pride in Dress and Apparel, &c. Lond. 1683.—Five Sermons preached to the Societies for Reformation of Manners in London and Westminster. By Shower, How, Chadwick, Alsop, and Oldfield. ib. 1687, 1688, 1689. sm. 8vo.


John Bon and Mast Person, (a Satire, temp. Henry VIII.) B. L. with MS. note. i1o.

reprinted, Lond.

Kirk's (Rev. Robert, of Aberfoyle,) Essay of the Nature and Actions of the Subterranean (and for the most part) Invisible People, heretofoir going under the name of Elves, Faunes, and Fairies, or the lyke, among the Low Country Scots, &c. first printed 1691. With MS. note by Sir W, S. Mo. .... reprint. Edin. Iiallantyne, 1815

See Noki to Rob Roy; fitters on Demonology.

Reprinted Tracts. Lond. Triphook, 1815, §c. 1 vol. 4to. containing,

1. Old Meg of Herefordshire for a Mayd Marian, &c. .... Lond. I(iO!i

2. The Cold Yeare, 1614, &c. Written Dialogue-wise. . . . A. 1615

3. Life of Long Meg of Westminster. ...... ib.

4. Famous Historie of Fryer Bacon. With Live*, &c. of the Conjurors, Bungye .md Vandermast ih.

5. Hall's (Arthur, M.P.) Account of a Quarrel between him and Melchisedeck Mallerie, Cent. &c. ih.

Harman's (Thomas) Caveat, or, Warning for Common Cursitors, vulgarly called Vagabonds, &c. 1573. 4to. repr. Land. Triphook, 1814

Caraboo. Narrative of the Singular Imposition practised on the Benevolence of a Lady, Sec. by Mary Willeocks, alius Baker, &c. alias Caraboo, Princess of Javasu. royal 8ro. ib. 1817

Esquemebng's (John) Bucaniers of America, or, a True Account of the most remarkable Assaults committed of late years upon the Coasts of the West Indies by the Bucaniers of Jamaica and Tortuga, both English and French, &c. Written originally in Dutch. 3 parts in 1 vol. 4to. ...... ib. 1684

Maimbourg, (Louis) Histoire de 1' Hérésie des Iconoclastes, et de la Translation de 1' Empire aux François. 4to. . . . . . . Par. 1674

Delrii (Martini) Disquisitionum Magicarum Libri vi. 4to. . . Mogunt, 1617

See Poktical Works, vol. ii. pp. 276-278; vol. iii. p. 245; vol. vi. note 2 A. ; Lettm on Demonology, Lett. 6.

Torreblanca (Francisci) Epitome Delictorum, sive de Magia: in qua aperta vcl occulta

Invocatio Daemonis intervenit, &e. iv. Libris. 4to. . . . Lugd. 1678

Kcmigii (Nicol.) Daemonolatreiae Libri m.: ex Judiciis capitalibus 90 plus minus hominum

qui Sortilegii crimen intra annos 15 in Lotharingia capitc luerunt. sm.fol. ib. 1595

See Letters on Demonologt), p. 200.

Loyer, (Pierre de) Discours et Histoires des Spectres, Visions, et Apparitions des Esprits,

Anges, Demons, et Ames, se monstrans visibles aux hommes, &c. 4to. Par. 1605

Calendarium Naturale Magicurn Perpetuum, profundiss imam Rerum Seeretissimarum con

templationem totiusque Philosophiae cognitionem compîectent. MS. oblong Mo. Edmundes's (Clement) Observations upon Cœsnr's Commentaries. sm.fol. Lond. 1609 Fuller's (Thomas) Holy State, and Profane State. 2d edit. Camb. 1648.—Historie of the

Holie Warre. ib. 1639. fol. Harington's (James) Commonwealth of Oceana, sm.fol. . . . ib. 1656

Ascham's (Roger) English Works; containing, 1. Affaire of Germany; 2. Toxophilus; 3. The

Schoolmaster; 4. Letters. With Notes and Observations, and the Author's Life, (by Dr.

Samuel Johnson.) Edited by Jnmes Bennet. ito. . . . ib. 1767

See Portical Works, vol. v. p. 436; vol. x. 252; vol. xi. p. 68; Prose Works, vol. vi. p. 187.


Lenglet Dufresnoy, Histoire de la Philosophie Hermetique, accompagné d' un Catalogue raisonné des Eerivains de cette Science, &c. 3 tom. \2mo. . . Paris, 1742

Boissier, ( ) Recueil de Lettres au sujet des Malefices et du Sortilège, &c. avec la Remonstrance du Pari, de Rouen au Roy Louis XIV. sm. 8vo. . . ib. 1731

Le Normant, (J.) Histoire Véritable et Mémorable de ce qui e' est passé sous 1' exorcisme des trois filles possédées és pais de Flandres, &c. Extr. des Mémoires de Comte Destarre, Fr. Sebast. Michaelis, et Fr. Donsieux, &c. sm. 8ro. ... ib. 1623

Faleoner's (John) Cryptomenysis Patefacta: or, the Art of Seeret Information disclosed without a Key; cont. Rules for decyphering all manner of seeret writing, &c. 8vo. Lond. 1685

Ciceron, (M. T.) Traité de la Divination, trad, par Regnier Desmarais. nouv edit, augmentée d'un Discours d'Isoerate. Mmo. ..... Amst. 1711

Eynatten, (Maxirn. ab) Manuale Exorcismorum; continens Instructiones et Exorcismos ad cjiciendos e corporibus obsessis spiritus malignos, &c. sm. Svo. . Antv. 1635

Neuhous, (Henry, de Dantzie,) Advertissement pieux et très utile des Frères de la Rosée Croix. 12mo. ....... Par. 1623

Naudé, (Gabriel) Instruction à la France sur la vérité de 1' Histoire des Frères de la RoseCroix, sm. 8co. ....... ib. 1623

Joubert, (Laur.) Les Erreurs Populaires et Propos Vulgaires touchant la Medicine et le regime de Santé, refutés ou expliqués, &c. 2d edit. sm. 8ro. . ib. 1580

Nostradamus, (M. Michel) Les Vrayes Centuries de, où se void représenté tout ce qui s' est passé, tant en France, Espagne, Italie, Alemagne, Angleterre, qu' autres parties du Monde. Reveuës et corrigées suyvant les premières éditions de 1556 et 1558. 8vo. Rouen, 1649

Pavillon, (Seigneur de) Contredicts du, aux faulses et abusifves Prophéties de Nostradamus, &c. Adjousté quelques Œuvres de Michel Marot, fils de Clément Marot. sm. 8co.

ib. 1560

Guynaud, ( ) La Concordance des Prophéties de Nostradamus avec l'histoire, depuis Heury II. jusqu'â Louis le Grand. 12mo. ...... ib. 1693

Colombière, (Wulson de la) Les Oracles DiveTtissans, où 1' on trouve la décision des Questions les plus curieuses, pour se rejouir dans les compagnies. 12mo. . Goude, 1649

Traité des Songes et Visions nocturnes, avec leur signification, &c.—Le Palais de la Fortune, ouvert aux Amateurs de la Loterie Royale de France, &c. 12/no. Paris,

Wither's (Geo.) Fragmenta Prophetica, &c. a Collection of the several Predictions dispersed throughout his works, &c. 12mo. ..... Lond. 1669

Boaistuau, (P.) Histoires Prodigieuses, &c. augmentées de Six Histoires advenues de nostre temps, adjoustées par F. de Belle Forest, Comingeois. sm. 8vo. . Paris, 1575

Villanova, (Arnoldi de) Tractatus Chemicus. Germanice, 1611.—Philosophi Anonymi Tractatus de Seeretissimo Antiquorum Philosophorum Arcano.—Lasniori (Joannis) Tractatus il. de Lapide Philosophico.—Trithemii (Joannis) Tractatulus m. Chemicus, &c. sm. 8co. . . . . . . . .1611

llanzovii (Henrici) Tractatus Astrologicus de Genethliacorum Thematum Judiciis, pro singulis nati accidentibus. Svo. ...... Francof. 1602

Elich, (Phil. Ludw.) Daemonomagia, sive Libellus Egwi-yianxoj, de Daemonis Cacurgia, Cacomogorum et Lamiarum energia. Franco/. 1607.—Pici Mirandulae (J. F.) Strix; sive de Ludificatione Daemonum, Dialogi Très. Itemque Epistola de quaestione, Utrum in non maritatis et castis mola possit gigni? op. et stud. C. Weinrichii. Argent. 1612. 8vo.

WendeUui (M. F.) Contemplationum Physicarum Sectio III. de Corporibus Cœlestibus, continens Uranologiam et Astrologiam, &c. 8ro. .... Hanov. 1652

Cal met, (Dom Augustin) Traité sur les Apparitions des Esprits, &c. nouv. édit. augmenté e 2 tom. 12wo. ....... Paris, 1751

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