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Collection of State Songs, Poems, &c. published since the Rebellion, &c. 12mo. Lond. 1716 Benson's (Joseph) Battle of Flodden Field, &c. an Heroic Poem, in nine fits or parts, collected from ancient MSS. With David Herd's autograph. 12mo.

. ib. 1774 A copy of the first printed edition of this Poem, (Lond. 1664, 12mo.) supposed to be unique, was presented by

Sir W. S. to the Marquis of Stafford. See Bridgewater Catalogue, by J.P. Collier. Lond. 1837. 4to. p. 123. Lettische Gedichte. Ite u. 2te Sammlung, von Gustav von Bergman, Pastor von Ruien in

Livonia. 2 vols. 12mo. Printed by the Editor. Ruien, 1807.–Palzmareeschu Dseesmu Krahjums, von. T. D. Wahr von Palzmarien in Livonia. 1 vol. 12mo. (1807.) With MS. English translations of many of the Poems, by Dr. John Bowring, whose Account of the Collection (derived from this copy) was given in the Foreign Quarterly Review, vol. viii. p. 61.

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ib. 1810

Percy's (Dr. Thomas, Bishop of Dromore,) Reliques of Ancient English Poetry; consisting of

Old Heroic Ballads, Songs, and other pieces of our earlier poets, &c. 4th edit. 3 vols.

cr. 8vo. . . . . . . . . . . Lond. 1794 See POETICAL Works, vol. i. pp. 44–48, et passim ; PROSE WORKs, vol. xvii. pp. 119-22; LIFE, vol. i. pp. 38-9. Evans's (Thomas) Old Ballads, Historical and Narrative, with some of modern date; now first collected and reprinted from rare copies and MSS. with notes. 4 vols. cr. 800. ib. 1784

See POETICAL Works, vol. i. p. 68; Introduction to Kenilworth. - new edit. Revised and considerably enlarged by the Editor's son, R. H. Evans. 4 vols. cr. 8vo.

See Review of this Collection in Prose Works, vol. xvii. p. 119. Cunningham's (Allan) Songs, chiefly in the rural language of Scotland. 800. . ib. 1813 Blacklock, (Rev. Thomas) Collection of Original Poems by, and other Scotch Gentlemen. 2 vols, 12mo.

: : Edin. 1760 See Introduction to Rob Roy. Note. Collier's (J. P.) Poetical Decameron : or Ten Conversations on English Poets and Poetry, par

ticularly of the Reigns of Elizabeth and James I. 2 vols. sm. 8vo. . Lond. 1820 Hatfield's (Sib. Eliz.) Wanderer of Scandinavia, or Sweden Delivered, in five Cantos, &c. 2 vols. cr. 8vo. .

. Truro, 1826 Mennis (Sir John) and Smith’s (Dr. James) Facetiae. Musarum Deliciae : or the Muses Re

creation, &c. 1656, and Wit Restor’d, &c. 1658.—Also Wit's Recreations, &c. 1640, &c. To which are now added, Memoirs of Sir John Mennis and Dr. James Smith. With Preface. 2 vols. sm. 8vo. . . .

. Lond. 1817 Herder's (J. G. von) Volkslieder. 2 vols. cr. 800.

Leipz, 1778-9 See POETICAL WORKs, vol. iv. p. 65.

SHELF XVII. Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, modernized by several hands, published by Mr. Ogle. (With Life by Urry.) 3 vols. 8vo.

. . . . . Lond. 1741 172

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Pinkerton's (John) Select Scotish Ballads. 2 vols. cr. 8vo. .

Lond. 1783 See POETICAL WORKS, vol. i. pp. 72-75. - Ancient Scottish Poems, never before in print, but now published from the MS. Collec

tions of Maitland and Bannatyne, &c. 1420-1586. With large notes and glossary, &c. (by Gawin Douglas, Dunbar, and others.) 2 vols. cr. 8vo. . . Edin. 1786

See POETICAL WORKS, vol. i.-iv. passim ; PROSE WORKS, vol. vii. p. 85. — The Bruce, or History of King Robert I. by John Barbour. First genuine edition, from a MS. of 1489. With notes and glossary. 3 vols. cr. 8vo. . . . ib. 1790

See POETICAL WORKS, vol. x. p. 350; LIFE, vol. ii. p. 47. - Scotish Poems, reprinted from scarce editions, (by Gawin Douglas, Sir D. Lindsay, &c.

3 vols. cr. 8vo. . . . . . . . . ib. 1792 Lindesay's (Sir David) Pleasant Satyre of the Thrie Estatis, in commendation of virtue, and vituperation of vice, a play. Edited by J. Sibbald. 8vo. . . . ib. 1802

See PROSE WORKS, vol. vi. p. 272, Dalyell's (Sir John G.) Scotish Poems of the 16th Century. (With historical and biographical sketches, and a glossary.) 2 vols. 12mo. .

. . . ib, 1801 See POETICAL WORKs, vol. i. p. 80, et passim ; Note to The Abbot, &c. Sibbald's (J.) Chronicle of Scottish Poetry, from the 13th Century to the Union of the Crowns. With Glossary. 4 vols. 8vo. .

. ib. 1802 See Review of this by Sir W. S. in Edinburgh Review, 1803 ; POETICAL Works, vol. vii. p. 251. Higgins, (John) and Buckhurst, (Lord) Mirour for Magistrates, wherein may bee seene, by

examples passed in this realme, with how greevous plagues Vices are punished in great Princes and Magistrates, and how fraile and unstable worldly prosperity is found, where Fortune seemeth most highly to favour. Newly imprinted, &c. with the addition of divers Tragedies, enlarged. Lond. Henry Marsh, 1587.—Blenerhasset, (Thomas) The Second Part of the Mirrour for Magistrates, &c. ib. R. Webster, 1578. B. L. 4to.

See POETICAL WORKS, vol. vi, note 2 R. The Vision of Pierce Plowman, nowe the seconde tyme imprinted by Roberte Crowlye, &c. B. L. 4to.

Lond. 1550 See Poetical Works, vol. iv. p. 147. Richardson's (G. F.) Poetic Hours ; consisting of Poems, original and translated, &c. sm. 800.

Lond. 1825 Thomson's (W.), Orpheus Caledonius ; or Collection of Scots Songs set to Musick. 2 vols. 8vo.

Lond. 1733

SHELF XVIII. Stanley's (Sir William) Garland; containing his Twenty-one years' Travels through most parts of the world, &c. 800. .

· repr. Leeds, 1814 Jolly Huntsman's Garland. (Written about 1670-80.) Reprinted by Sir Cuthbert Sharp. With MS letter from the editor. 8vo.

. . . . . 1823

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Bee's (Jacob) Diary, 1682-1706. With wood-cuts.-Chronicon Mirabile, &c. (Extracts from

the Parochial Registers of Durham, &c.) With poetical Prologue.“ Cudberte Sharpe, his

Boke.” 800. Ritson's (Joseph) Select Collection of English Songs. 3 vols. cr. 800. . Lond. 1783

See POETICAL WORKs, vol. i. p. 75-6. - Remarks, Critical and Illustrative, on the text and notes of the last Edition of Shakspeare. (With the cancelled leaves.) 800.,

• . . ib. 1783 See PoeticAL WORKS, vol. vii. p. 285. - Ancient Songs, from Henry III. to the Revolution. cr. 8vo. . . ib. 1792

See PoeticaL WORKS, vol. ii. p. 357 ; vol. iii. p. 181 ; vol. vii. p. 269. --- Pieces of Ancient Popular Poetry, from authentic MSS. and old printed Copies. cr. 8vo.

ib. 1791 See POETICAL WORKs, vol. i. pp. 75-9; PROSE Works, vol. vi. pp. 143, 155, &c. - English Anthology. 3 vols. cr. 800. . . . . . ib. 1793

Scotish Songs. (With the Airs, an Historical Essay on Scotish Song, and Notes.) 2 vols. 12mo.

. ib. 1794 See POETICAL WORKS, vol. iii. p. 318; vol. 2. pp. 240, 304-7. - Robin Hood : a Collection of all the Ancient Poems, Songs, and Ballads now extant, relative to that celebrated outlaw, &c. (With Notes and Glossary.) 2 vols. cr. 800.

ib. 1795 See POETICAL WORKS, vol. viii. pp. 341, 244. Minot's (Laurence) Poems on Interesting Events in the Reign of King Edward III. Written in 1352. With Preface, Dissertations, Notes, and Glossary. cr. 8vo. ib. 1795 - Ancient Engleish Metrical Romancës. 3 vols. cr. 8vo. . . . ib. 1802

See Review of this in Prose WORKS, vol. xvii. pp. 17–30 ; LIFE, vol. vi. p. 259. - Bibliographia Poetica : a Catalogue of Engleish Poets of the 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th,

and 16th Centurys, with a short account of their works. cr. 8vo. . . ib. 1804 - Essay on Abstinence from Animal Food as a Moral Duty. 800. . . ib. 1802 - Practical Points, or Maxims in Conveyancings &c. 800. .

. ib. 1804 - Northern Garlands, 4 parts. Select Scotish Poems, part 1. containing Susan by Huchown of the Awle Ryale, and Peblis to the Play. cr. 8vo.

. . ib. 1810 See POETICAL WORK8, vol. ii. p. 101. -- Office of Bailiff of a Liberty. Published by his nephew Joseph Frank. 800. ib. 1811

SHELF XIX. Ritson's (Jos.) Select Collection of English Songs, &c. 2d edit. With additional Songs and occasional Notes by Thomas Park. 3 vols. cr. 800..

See POETICAL WORKS, vol. in 76 ; . . ib. 1813

Aikin's (John, and Anna Laetitia) Miscellanous Pieces in Prose. Lond. 1773.-Poems by Anna Laetitia Aikin, (afterwards Mrs. Barbauld,) 1772. 800. . ib. 1772-3 Aikin's (Dr. John) Vocal Poetry, a Select Collection of English Songs.Prefixed, an Essay

on Song-Writing, entirely re-written by the Author. cr. 800. . Lond. 1810 - Essays on Song-Writing, (reprinted from the Edition of 1774,) with a Collection of English Songs, &c. New edition, with additions, corrections, and Supplement, by R. H. Evans. cr. 800.

. ib. 1810 See Review of these two Editions in Prose WORKs, vol. xvii. pp. 133-136. Scott's (Alexander) Poems. From a MS. written in 1568. (With Introductory Notice and Notes by David Laing.) 800.

.. Edin. 1821 Watson's (James) Choice Collection of Comic and Serious Scots Poems, both ancient and modern. In 3 parts cr. 800. . . . . . ib. 1706-9-11

"ICAL WORKS, vol. i. p. 41; vol. ii. p. 326. Choice Collection of Scots Poems, ancient and modern, &c. 12mo. . . ib. 1766 Finlay's (John) Scottish Historical and Romantic Ballads, chiefly ancient ; with Explanatory Notes and Glossary, &c. 2 vols. cr. 800. . . . . . ib. 1808

See POETICAL Works, vol. i. pp. 82-3 ; vol. viii. p. 242. - Wallace, or the Vale of Ellerslie, and other Poems. 2d edit. cr. 8vo. Glasg. 1804 Bell's (John, jun.) Rhymes of Northern Bards ; being a Curious Collection of old and new

Songs and Poems, peculiar to the Counties of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, and Durham. 800.

Newcastle, J. Bell, 1812 Vocal Miscellany; a Collection of above 400 celebrated Songs, &c. With the names of the

Tunes prefixed to each. 3d edit. 2 vols. 12mo. . . . Lond. 1738 Stanley's (Thomas) Anacreon, Bion, and Moschus, with other Translations, 1651. new edit. With Preface, &c. by Sir E. Brydges. cr. 800. ..

. . ib. 1815 Chapman's (George) Hymns of Homer, the Batrachomyomachia, and two original Poetical

Hymns. With Preface by S. W. Singer. 12mo. . . . Chiswick, 1818 The Gaberlunzieman, an old Scotch Ballad. With Explanatory Notes. 12 mo. Götting. 1775 Symson's (Rev. Andrew) Tripatriarchicon, or, the Lives of the three Patriarchs, Abraham,

Isaac, and Jacob, &c. digested into English Verse. (With the Author's Elegies on Archbishop Sharp, Sir George Mackenzie, &c. bound up at the end.) With MS. note by Sir W. S. 800. .

. Edin. printed by the Author, 1705

See Introduction to Bride of Lammermoor. Bobbin's (Tim) Miscellaneous Works, containing his View of the Lancashire Dialect : Poem of the Flying Dragon, &c. and Amusements, prose and verse. 12mo.

Manchester, printed for the Author, 1775 Ray's (John) Collection of English Proverbs, digested into a convenient Method, &c. Where

unto are added, Local Proverbs, &c. &c. and Scottish Proverbs. 2d edit. 12mo. Camb. 1678 Mackintosh's (Donald) Collection of Gaelic Proverbs, and Familiar Phrases, with an English Translation, &c. 12mo. .

. . Edin. 1785 Montgomery's (Alex.) Poems, with Biographical Notices by Dr. David Irving. 8vo. ib. 1821 Pilgrim of the Hebrides, a Lay of the North Countrie. By the Author of Three Days at Killarney. sm. 8vo.

. . . . . Lond. 1830

enzie, &c. bonnale. (With the tree Patriarche


Sangs of the Lowlands of Scotland, carefully compared with the original editions. With characteristic Designs by the late David Allan. 4to.

Edin. A. Foulis, 1798 Motherwell, (William) Minstrelsy, Ancient and Modern. With an Historical Introduction and Notes. 4to. . .

Glasg. 1827 See POETICAL WORKs, vol. i. p. 5–8. & 88. Maidment, (James) Three Books of Scottish Pasquils. With Prefatory Notices to each. sm. 4to.

. Edin. 1827-8 See Introduction to Bride of Lammermoor. Templaria. Papers relating to the History &c. of the Scotish Knights Templar, and Knights of St. John. (3 parts.) 8m. 4to. . .

. ib. 1828 - Abstract of the Charters and other Papers recorded in the Chartulary of Torphichen,

1581-1596. sm. 4to. . . . . . . . ib. 1830 Gillies's (R. P.) Oswald, a Metrical Tale, in 4 Cantos. 4to. . . . ib. 1817 - Fragment suggested by a bright gleam of Sunshine, Nov. 17, 1817, two days before the

Funeral of the Princess Charlotte of Wales; and Poetical Fragments. 4to. ib. 1817 Atkinson's (Thomas) Sextuple Alliance, and the Dying Wish, Poems. (With MS. Letter

from the Author.) 4to. . . . . . . Glasg. 1823 Colvill's (Rev. Rob.) Occasional Poems. 2d, edit. (Containing the Caledonian Heroine, the

Albion Princess, the Field of Flowdon, the Feast of Holyrood, the Cyrnean Hero, the Fate

of Julia ; all published separately.) 4to. . . . . Lond. 1771 Philanthes, a Monody. Inscribed to Miss D—y H-y, &c. 4to. . . 1752 Edmar and Elwinna, or the Waer Warlock, an old Ballad, &c. 4to. . Edin. 1793 Lockhart's (J. G.) Ancient Spanish Ballads, Historical and Romantic. Translated by -4to..


· ib. 1823 Wilson's (Charles) Tales translated from the Irish. 4to.

wants title. Huband's (W.) Notices on the Art of Etching on Copper. With an Introductory Discourse

on Judgment in the Fine Arts. With Etchings and MS. Letter from the Author. 4to.

privately printed. . . . . . . . Dublin, 1823 Miscellanea Antiqua Anglicana ; or a Select Collection of Curious Tracts illustrative of the

Literature, Manners, and Biography of the English Nation. 4to. Lond. Triphook, 1816-21 containing reprints of the following pieces :

Toccribed to Miss D

ola Ballad, &c. 410.

Translated by

1. Particulars of Life of David Riccio, with portrait. 2. Quarrel between Arthur Hall and Melchisedeck Mallorie, &c. (Duplicate. See Tracts, p. 139.) 3. Account of the Christmas Prince, as exhibited, &c. at Oxford in 1607. 4. Old Meg of Herefordshire, &c. (Duplicate. See Tracts, p. 139.) 5. The Cold Yeare, 1614, &c. (Do.

do.) 6. Long Meg of Westminster, &c. (Do. 7. Famous Historie of Fryer Eacon. (Do. 8. Brathwaite's (Robert) Rules and Orders for the Government of the House of an Earle, with portrait.



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